Hard-won victory! The United States chooses to compromise with China, Russia, you have to hold on

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Translated from the Headlines (Toutiao 头条新闻)

Author: Ming said the world(鸣说天下)

Regardless of living standards, economic development, and military power, when did you realize that our country has become different?

To measure the progress of a country, the most important indicators have never been economic, military, and material levels. Taking the economy as an example, Japan used to be the second-largest economy in the world. Military, Russia’s military power can compete with the United States. In terms of living conditions, The per capita national income of many developed countries is not low, but can these countries win the respect of the world?

To put it bluntly, when these countries are faced with slander and suppression by Western countries headed by the United States, are there more than 80 countries and multiple international organizations supporting them? There are even more than a dozen countries eager to give their voices for China alone; which of these countries dare to start dialogue with the United States on the basis of “strength”? Dare to issue “two lists” to the United States and ask the United States to complete the lists before discussing cooperation? Which country can allow the United States to request talks many times and do everything possible to “manage and control risks” and avoid “conflicts” between the two countries?

There is only one such country, and that is China!

After the meeting between the Chinese and US leaders, Biden and White House officials agreed that the Sino-US dialogue was “frank and sincere” and could effectively manage the competition between China and the United States. Robert Rothstein, an expert on Sino-US relations at Boston College, said: This is a different China. The Chinese seem to be saying: Well, if you want to be tough, then we will wait until you stop.

There is some truth to what the American experts said. This is indeed a “different China.” Our waist to the United States has become even harder. We can confidently warn the United States to “not play with fire and self-immolate”! We can solemnly declare to the world: If certain forces continue to provoke and persecute, or even break through the red line, we will take decisive measures! This is the strongest sound of our time!

But think about it carefully. Compared with before, we seem to have nothing “different”. In the Sino-US “Taiwan Strait confrontation” in the 1990s, our military strength was far inferior to that of the United States, and the total tonnage of all warships was still Less than an aircraft carrier formation in the United States, we even plan to requisition thousands of civilian ships to go to the Taiwan Strait. The most advanced missile is Dongfeng-15, and the Air Force is still F-7 and F-8. But under such circumstances, we use the determination to move forward. And the courage to defend the home and the country forced the two aircraft carrier formations of the United States to retreat.

In terms of the people-centered national strategy, we have nothing “different”. During the war in Libya ten years ago, we dispatched 12 military aircraft, 5 freighters, 1 warship, and even chartered 35 foreign aviation passenger planes. After boarding 11 foreign cruise ships, in just 12 days, 35,860 Chinese compatriots were successfully evacuated, known in history as the “Libya Rescue”. The scene of tens of thousands of Chinese facing the sea and singing the national anthem in unison brought tears to the eyes of many people.

The civil war in Yemen broke out six years ago. We mobilized all parties and even dispatched naval frigates. In the billowing smoke, we brought 449 Chinese compatriots back to the motherland and even helped 225 foreign citizens from 10 countries successfully evacuate. In our eyes No matter Chinese or foreigners, the essence is the same, because we only believe in one point, that is, a community with a shared future for mankind!

This year, our country launched the “Spring Seed Operation”. We donated vaccines to countries around the world free of charge, but there is only one condition: the local Chinese must fight first! As of June this year, we have helped people in more than 150 countries and more than 1.18 million Chinese compatriots drifting overseas to vaccinate. As long as you are Chinese, no matter where you go or what difficulties you encounter, please remember: Behind you, there is a strong motherland!

Up to now, in order to improve the living standards of the people, we have carried out poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, and prosperity for all. We have repaired railways and highways to plateaus, mountains, and even Southeast Asia and Europe. We have not only achieved a well-off life for the whole people but also walked in On the road to a higher level, how are we different from the original?

What the American experts said is different and understandable, because we are no longer the China we used to be. We have an aircraft carrier, a 10,000-ton large drive, a J-20 or even a J-35, and we have Dongfeng-21, Dongfeng-25, Dongfeng 41 ballistic missiles, Longsword cruise missiles, and Eagle Strike series anti-ship missiles. With AWACS, armed helicopters, and Yun-20 large transport aircraft, we also have the “Chinese Aegis”-052C and 052D guided-missile destroyers. We are no longer the China of the South China Sea collision incident, nor the China when the Yugoslav embassy was bombed. From this point of view, we are indeed “different”.

You have to be quietly top the top, and then stunning the world.

We did it. We won the respect of everyone. We saw the “compromise” of the United States. The United States began to claim that it did not seek to “change” China. Biden began to make concessions on the Taiwan Strait issue, saying that it “has no intention of conflict with China.” The U.S. Treasury Department began to consider lowering tariffs on China. Britain, Japan, Australia, and the European Union have adjusted their strategies towards China and can’t wait to show goodwill to us. At this time, do you really realize that we have become different!

We have not only made it amazing the world, we have also achieved a “soldier who defeats others without fighting.”

So who has the goal of Western countries changed to? In the short term, it is Russia.

Recently, under the influence of the European refugee crisis, Western countries have torn off their masks of hypocrisy. The refugee policy has changed from welcoming to containment and deportation, and even aimed at Belarus and Russia, a new round of sanctions against Belarus, the participating countries started from Poland and the Baltic countries, and gradually spread to Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and even the European Union. As soon as it sounded sanctions against Russia, the United States also joined in without surprise.

On November 16, the EU foreign ministers met and reached a consensus: announced sanctions on Belarus, including but not limited to sanctions on Belarusian government officials, combating Belarusian airlines, etc. The United States also announced that it is preparing for “follow-up sanctions.” Belarus announced that it would conduct a three-day “temporary maintenance” on the oil pipeline connecting Poland and many other European countries.

Recently, the situation has further heated up. Countries such as Poland and Lithuania have recently transported military equipment in border areas and deployed more than 10,000 troops; Belarus is Russia’s last barrier, and Putin certainly cannot stand by and watch the actions of Western countries. Recently, two Russian Tu-22M3 bombers are patrolling the sky over Belarus. Russia and Belarus have held several military exercises in the border area to deal with NATO’s “possible invasion”.

In the face of the blow from the Western world, can Russia stand it?

Looking at Russia’s military strength, it can be called the “first echelon”. In terms of air strike force, Russia has more than 4,000 fighters, ranking second in the world. Bombers include Tu-160, Tu-95, and Tu-22M. , There are Su-24, Su-25, and MiG series fighters, airborne early warning aircraft have A-50, IL-80, and IL-76 and other large transport aircraft.

In the navy, Russia has four major fleets: the Northern Fleet, the Pacific Fleet, the Black Sea Fleet, and the Baltic Fleet. It has an aircraft carrier that can carry more than 20 carrier-based aircraft, 12 destroyers, and 9 “Dreadnought-class” anti-submarine ships. The “Kirov-class” cruiser has a displacement of more than 20,000 tons, and there are three Glorious-class cruisers of more than 10,000 tons. In addition, Russia also has 12 strategic nuclear submarines and more than 20 offensive nuclear submarines.

Don’t forget that Russia’s nuclear power also makes the United States very jealous. Judging from this set of military power, the total military power of all European countries can hardly compete with Russia.

But economically, Russia’s economy is highly dependent on exports. At the beginning of this century, Russia’s economic growth rate once exceeded 6%, foreign trade increased from more than 140 billion U.S. dollars to more than 350 billion U.S. dollars, and the inflation rate once fell below 9%. With the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis, after Russia regained the Crimea region strongly, it was subjected to seven consecutive years of economic blockade and sanctions by the United States and other Western countries. Last year, Russia’s GDP was even less than 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars, and the economic downturn also led to Because of the lack of military investment, Russia’s military expenditure last year was only more than 60 billion U.S. dollars, which was not as good as India’s.

Under Putin’s leadership, Russia changed its mindset and tilted its military resources towards supersonic weapons, focusing on the development of strategic missiles, strategic nuclear submarines, and other defense forces to compete with the United States. At the same time, with the help of China, Russia’s energy exports have further increased, the economic relief has increased Russia’s resistance to a certain extent.

In the current international situation, China and Russia can directly threaten the existence of US hegemony. With regard to China, the United States has implemented a series of repressive policies, from trade sanctions to epidemic prevention and control, to military deterrence, but we survived. After that, the United States not only failed to achieve its goals, but its reputation in the international arena was greatly damaged and the domestic situation worsened. The United States realized that conflicts with China were irrational, so it targeted Russia.

But has the US completely abandoned its strategy of suppressing China? Not at all. With regard to the Taiwan issue, the United States is still “not willing” to give up this card, because the essence of the Taiwan issue is still a Sino-U.S. issue. If the United States abandons Taiwan, it may form a “domino” effect, which will inevitably affect U.S. international strategy. At the same time, in arms sales and trade, the United States can obtain huge economic benefits in Taiwan. On the Taiwan issue, what is the “vision” of the United States? It is to maintain the status quo and continue to constrain China with the Taiwan issue. This is an irreconcilable contradiction with our goal.

Under the constant pressure of the United States, China and Russia continue to deepen the relations between the two countries. The relationship between the two countries is at the best stage in history. We are well aware of the truth about the death of the lips and the coldness of the teeth. Faced with the suppression of the United States, Russia you must hold on!

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