As long as you can’t blow it to death, blow it to death

Translated from the Headlines (Toutiao 头条新闻)

Author: Micro Talk d (微言小议d)

A netizen commented on the well-known Japanese character in this way. He said that the well-known traitors touted Japan were simply blowing to death as long as they couldn’t blow them. You should really admire the wisdom of netizens and lick the ugliness of Japan on their knees. In one sentence, the description is vivid and vivid.

It is well known that the purpose of blowing Japan is to black China. Their essence is to hate the country. It is precise because they are blowing up because of hate. Therefore, the Japanese are very paranoid. In their mouths, they put all things related to Japan. , They are all said to be the best of the universe. The Japanese themselves created an ancestor for themselves, the legendary Amaterasu God, and it is known that all the Japanese nowadays have become the two gods of Amaterasu, and they call Japan To be omnipotent, in fact, where is Japan’s omnipotence, it is known to be omnipotent.

It is known that all things in Japan are labeled with the Japanese craftsman spirit. The craftsman spirit means seriousness, rigor, honesty, conscientiousness, and what a beautiful vocabulary. It is all used by the public, and it is precise because the public knowledge has applied this to Japan. This kind of spirit, so, in order to justify their claim, they are ignorant of their conscience to beautify Japan. The water in the Japanese toilet can be drunk, the Japanese toilet lid can be licked, and the Japanese Fukushima nuclear food is not only edible but also rich in nutrients. The wastewater is clean and sweet, and it is more hygienic and healthier than drinking water in China. This calf boasted, probably even the Japanese themselves are embarrassed, but you said that the Fukushima nuclear wastewater in Japan is so clean. Now, those Japanese politicians have no conscience. Why do you want to risk the world’s disgrace and discharge it into the sea? I suggest that they take the Chinese knowledge and get a few ships to Japan, and let them drink it. Such clean and healthy drinking water is known to be in China. You can’t drink it, so it’s okay to let them pay a little fee appropriately. This is a good thing with multiple birds. It is known that everyone uses their talents to the best of their ability. Why not do it.

Knowing people are in China, and they are fascinated by Japan. Under their flicker, many people are confused by them. Some people go to Japan to buy mineral water from Fukushima and rice from nuclear radiation areas. . I bought it back as healthy food. What’s even more outrageous is that someone spent more than 10,000 yuan to buy a toilet lid, but when he took it back, he found that it was made in Hangzhou. He bought a rice cooker with the best quality in Tokyo. The head of Dong Mingzhu is printed on it, so stupid, half of it was burned by money, and half of it was fooled by the well-known. The well-known imagination is too rich. For the sake of the conscience of the Japanese craftsmen of mythology, they even made up specially. Some good Japanese stories, such as making a bowl of rice in a lifetime, brushing a plate seven times, etc. If there is a Nobel Prize, the winner must be known to China.

Known has always regarded rationality, fairness, and objectiveness as his own fig leaf, but these Japanese fans, once they blow up Japan, they throw the fig leaf out of the clouds. In fact, we don’t deny that the Japanese have a stubborn spirit in a certain way. , They do some products very well, but this cannot be generalized. There are many things about hip pulling in Japan, but it is known that they do not care about this set, because they think it is cool to brag, and it is more disgusting to praise Japanese people. It’s cool, but there will always be a day when the cow is blown. The iron facts prove that Japan is the one who falsified the data, Japan is the one who is damaging the world, and the one who is confused is also Japan.

In 2017, Japan’s Hitachi Group built the first modern high-speed rail for the United Kingdom, helping the British Empire and fulfilling its dream of high-speed rail. Who knows, the high-speed rail built in Japan not only cut corners, rough workmanship, but also chaotic operations. On the first day of train operation, The situation is full of problems, the anchor is delayed in the middle, the air-conditioning system is leaking, and the seat is leaking, causing the airbag to eject, etc., this terrible state not only makes the British Empire dull, but Japan itself also loses its face.

Still, in 2017, the fraud incident of Kobe Steel in Japan was exposed. Kobe Steel’s subsidiaries have long-term tampered with the factory data parameters of some aluminum products and copper products, and sold products with shoddy products, tens of thousands of tons of aluminum products, and thousands of tons of copper products. The appearance data has been revised and the greed of Japanese people is so deceived. This is what is known as the conscience of Japanese craftsmen?

Just this year, the craftsman’s Japanese vaccine was exposed to contain foreign metal and was of substandard quality. However, in this case, the Japanese were still placed on the market. The result was not only in Japan but also in Taiwan, causing deaths. This is called Kuosuga’s life. The Japanese are so confused about life matters. Is this the craftsmanship of Japan?

Some netizens ridiculed the Japanese, saying that, in fact, the craftsman spirit of the Japanese is probably the spirit of bowing. The high-speed rail in the United Kingdom is smashing. Let me bow to everyone. The fraudulent enterprise and the exposure of the users are exposed. I bow to everyone. Well, there are stainless steel fragments in the vaccine, and human lives have been lost. Let me bow to everyone and use the Fukushima nuclear wastewater to harm the world. I also bow to everyone. The surface is polite, but in fact, it hides evil intentions. What’s the point of bowing? The Japanese people’s bowing spirit has been learned by Chinese people. Didn’t some people just think about wearing a mask and bowing to the United States?

In addition to the craftsmanship of Japan, there is one of the most classics, that is, Japanese children, all of whom are as powerful as Ultraman, to beautify Japanese education. For this reason, it is known that the Beijing West Second Banner At the subway station, he moved to Japan and claimed that the Chinese children are Japanese children. The well-known tricks and the brain-depleted IQ make people stunned. Also, everyone should remember that a well-known education scholar in our country, Once wrote a cool article on the topic of contests in summer camps. He compared Chinese and Japanese children in summer camps. He said that Japanese children were sick, weighing 20 kilograms, and traveling hundreds of miles a day, leaving Chinese children far behind. This article, once used as an extracurricular reading for elementary and middle school students, deceived many people. A child was ill and traveled hundreds of miles a day under a heavy load. This was simply superhuman. However, this kind of spitting lotus-like rhetoric, many people believed it to be true, so there is a fallacy that the Chinese are not as good as the Japanese. Knowing that this is the purpose, it hits the self-confidence of the Chinese.

However, no matter how Nikkyu knows how to increase lung capacity, it will be difficult to help Japan and strengthen Japan’s declining strength. Just like in the Olympics, the Japanese used all kinds of insidious methods, so shameless and shameless that they don’t even want the face of a country. But it is still China’s defeated general, and its strength is far behind China. From this point, we can see that the powerful country is not created, but like us Chinese, it is done down-to-earth.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan used to lure a large number of public knowledge from China to make them beautify Japan. However, there is probably less and less material that public knowledge can find, and there is nothing to blow up. Rumors are easy to be debunked. Therefore, they have already done their best. , Which caused serious dissatisfaction with the Japanese master, and announced their list angrily, making this group of people embarrassed in front of the Chinese. On the one hand, it was punishment for them. On the other hand, it was probably to threaten those who had not been announced yet. There are no well-known traitors who have surfaced, and quickly start to deify Japan according to the master’s intention. Otherwise, you are also welcome. This is the end of being a traitor. The Japanese imperial army can cross the river and tear down the bridge at any time. For, it will be liquidated by the Chinese people at any time.