Breaking sales records for five consecutive months, BYD ends the “lying win” situation of joint venture cars

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For more than a hundred years since the birth of fuel vehicles, they have never faced such challenges as they are now. The new energy has become the theme of the times, and the automotive market is facing major changes unseen in a century. Who can seize the outlet of the next era, who can win the future?

At the time of the second industrial revolution, my country was facing a situation of internal and external troubles, causing China’s auto industry to derail from the world, and it still has a big gap with foreign automakers. It is this gap that has allowed joint venture vehicles to dominate in China for decades, and surpassing joint venture vehicles has become the common goal of all independent brands.

Although there is a gap between us in the field of fuel vehicles and joint venture vehicles, in the new energy vehicle market, everyone starts from scratch. No one has technology precipitation, and some are just innovations. BYD is well aware of this. As the earliest domestic car company to deploy in the new energy field, BYD has not only achieved the surpassing of joint venture vehicles in the new energy market but has also become the “boss” in the domestic new energy vehicle market.

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Set sales records for five consecutive months

This year is definitely a year for BYD to become the gods. The sales record of continuous breakthroughs in historical records has allowed the world to see BYD’s king status in the field of new energy.

Recently, BYD officially announced its October sales results. According to BYD’s official data, BYD’s total passenger car sales reached 88,898 in October, a surge of 90.9% year-on-year and a 12.5% ​​month-on-month increase, which once again refreshed the brand. Historical sales records, this is also the fifth consecutive month that BYD has set new sales records this year. This result is higher than the combined sales of these 10 brand new energy vehicles such as Weilai, Nezha, Zero Running, Extreme Krypton, Aeon, Ideal, Volkswagen, Xiaopeng, Weimar, and Lantu. Can be shaken.

Among the sales composition of the 88,898 new vehicles, 80,003 are new energy vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 262.9%. At the same time, the proportion of new energy vehicle sales has also been further increased, reaching 89.99%, becoming the only successful vehicle on the market. A Chinese car brand that transforms traditional car companies into new energy car companies.

Plug and mix pure electricity together

Specifically, in the sales of 80,003 new energy vehicles, 41,232 are pure electric vehicles and 38,771 are plug-in hybrid vehicles.

BYD Han’s performance in pure electric vehicles is still stable. In October, sales broke 10,000 again, reaching 11087 units. Pure electric models increased by 63.9% year on year. Even in the entire medium and large sedan market, BYD Han’s performance is among the best.

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As veterans, BYD Qin PLUS EV and BYD Yuan Pro sold 8,405 and 6,507 units respectively in October. Among them, BYD Yuan Pro achieved year-on-year growth of 485.2%, setting a new record. It is worth mentioning that the Dolphin, the first model born on BYD’s e-platform 3.0, also scored 6,018 vehicles in October, an increase of 100.6% from the previous month, becoming the new sales growth force of BYD’s pure electric matrix.

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In the plug-in hybrid market, BYD’s performance is still outstanding. The main model Qin PLUS DM-i directly hits consumers’ pain points for plug-in hybrid vehicles, and completely impresses the family with the characteristics of “super province, super fast and super long” Users, sales of 17,503 vehicles in a single month, an increase of 15.4% month-on-month, is expected to continue to be the sales champion of hybrid models.

On the Song DM side, sales in October also reached 23,313, a surge of 1897.6% year-on-year, and Song DM’s cumulative sales exceeded 1 million. Among them, the Song PLUS DM-i launched this year is definitely the main sales force of BYD Song DM models. In addition, BYD Tang DM also recorded 6,862 vehicles in October, achieving a year-on-year increase of 81.7%.

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Disruptors of fuel vehicles, there will be new species in the future

In the past, plug-in hybrid vehicles gave consumers the first impression of high price and high fuel consumption in the state of power loss. The price-performance ratio is completely inferior to fuel vehicles or pure electric vehicles. This also makes plug-in hybrid vehicles remain cold in China. Not fire. The emergence of the BYD DM-i super hybrid has completely subverted the entire plug-in hybrid market.

BYD DM-i has changed the status quo of “oil-based” plug-in hybrids, turning it into an electric-based hybrid, and uses more electricity, less fuel, and more efficient fuel use. It has a pure electric version of driving. Texture, of course, the most important point is that the price is close to the people. Driven by BYD, more independent brands have begun to invest in the field of hybrid models, and hybrid models are becoming more and more accepted by consumers.

At the same time, BYD will launch more DM-i super hybrid models in the near future, including Song Pro DM-i, Han DM-i, etc., to provide consumers with more choices. On the side of pure electric vehicles, the first pure electric SUV of BYD’s e-platform 3.0, Yuan PLUS, will also be listed. At the same time, BYD’s new F5 will also be officially launched next year.

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These new cars are all highly competitive in their respective market segments and have expanded BYD’s product matrix. It is expected that BYD’s sales will continue to usher in breakthroughs in the future. The specific heights that can be achieved are also the focus of the outside world. place.

Written at the end:

From the beginning of the deployment of new energy to the present, BYD has become the big brother of the independent new energy brand. In the face of Tesla’s rampant domestic dominance, the independent new energy brand has not been defeated by BYD. Just imagine, if it weren’t for BYD, would the domestic new energy vehicle market be dominated by foreign auto brands, just like fuel vehicles?