Create an Affiliate Marketing Website | Complete Beginners Course

Do you want to learn how you can start to make money online with affiliate marketing? Well, if that’s the case, then you’re at the right address. My name is Freddy, and I will show you step by step, how you can start your own affiliate marketing business. Let me show you what we will cover in this tutorial.

First, I will explain what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and then we’ll show you some real life. Examples of how affiliate marketing is done the right way. After that, I will give you 25 ideas of affiliate marketing products that you can promote, and also show you how to find products and services for yourself to promote the way you know, what you want to promote. We will create an affiliate website around it and fill it with available information about the product.

I will show you how we can create a logo for your business and more importantly how to create converting blog posts. We will talk about finding ideas. I want to write how to do market research, to find the best subjects to write about and how you can let other people write blog posts for your website. And since I do not want to skip one step in the process, I will teach you how you can create your own featured images or thumbnails for your blog posts in Photoshop.

We will optimize your blog posts and pages for search results. At social sharing options plays our affiliate link or multiple places in the website and talk about ways to get visitors to your website. And throughout the video, I will motivate you. I will give you great ideas and insights on how to make your fitted marketing a huge success.

Now, maybe you want to skip a certain bar in the video or learn a specific thing. If that’s the case, you can find timestamps in the description of this video. When you click on one of those, you go directly to that spot in the video. And if I go too fast for you, you can slow down the video by clicking here and change the speed of the video.

In this video, I will not sell you a course. I will not ask for the email address. I will give you things for free. I’m not going to give you 50% of the knowledge.

Now I will give you everything. What I’m after are likes and subscribers. So if y’all just support me or want to see more upcoming videos, WordPress-related, or affiliate marketing-related things, I subscribe please like this video. And what I want to tell you before we start is that this is hard work.

It’s not like, okay, just follow the story. I’ll do what I say a little bit. And then you start to make money and you don’t know what to do with it because it’s so much, no it’s hard work. And in the beginning, you will not get paid that much with a normal job.

Your income will probably grow every year, a little bit. It can help you to pay the bills. It can be stable because with affiliate marketing in the beginning, you still put a lot of time and effort into it before he started to see the money. But when you start getting sales and make money, the growth will be exponential as you see in the curve.

So the longer you work on it, the more money you’re going to make, but let’s not get carried away. My goal for you is to get your first sale, a true video. I did my best to, to help you to achieve that the police went, you have done that. Let me know in the comments or send me an email.

I really, really like to hear that I want this video to be a complete course. So you can start to make money too, because I know if I can do it, you can do it. And if I see the life I have right now, it’s so beautiful with everything I can do. And I believe everybody deserves a chance, but it’s hard work.

It’s really hard. So I will just say it upfront. It does not get rid of really easy. It’s hard work.

So if you’re motivated, if you’re willing to go in and I would like to say, let’s continue. I want to start by telling you what affiliate marketing is. So let’s get started. So what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is promoting someone else’s product or service next change for a commission.

Let me say it again. Affiliate marketing is promoting someone else’s product or service in exchange for a commission. So when you promote someone else’s product or service and you use your unique affiliate link, somebody clicks on it and buys a product to promote you, get money. Let me illustrate it to you.

Imagine there’s a WordPress expert and he makes beautiful or press scores where people can learn from scratch, how to create a WordPress website. The course costs $100. So when people buy it, of course, they pay $100. And at the same time, they get the login details to that course.

So the course is happy because he just earned $100. And the buyer’s happy because he got X’s through the WordPress scores. But since the WordPress course is digital, everything is profitable. You don’t have to pick something or send it to an address.

No, it’s all digital. So the course maker can sell the course unlimited times. So if he earns $100 per buyer, he gets profit. But when he earns $60 per buyer, he also has a profit $60.

And this is where you’re going into the picture. What can he do? Now? He can get affiliate marketers to promote his scores for him in exchange for a commission. So when somebody buys this WordPress course through an affiliate link, the buyer still pays $100, but instead of $100, going directly to the course owner, $40 goes through the affiliate. $60 goes to the horse owner and the course goes to the buyer.

So the course owner makes less profit. See, instead of 100. But the great thing is now that ton of people and promote his scores. So he will get more sales.

So he will have more sales. He will share the commission with these affiliate marketers and the visits are still get his scores. So what would you rather have selling your own math course by herself and getting one sale per day of $100 or having a whole team promote your course and getting five sales per day and getting $60 per sale? If you promote your course by herself and get one sale, you get $100.

But if you have five sales through affiliates per day, you’re on $60 per seal, which is $300 per day. So the Gore’s maker gets $60. The affiliates are 40, and the buyer gets the scores. So it’s a win, win, win situation.

Everybody’s happy. And the great thing about affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s products, you are another help desk. You have no obligations in a lot of cases, you don’t even know who to a buyer is. So after you make your sale and get your commission, your job is done, and that is an amazing way to make money on the internet.

These days, everyday people on the internet want to learn things and buy new things. Your job is to become the mediator, the affiliate between the buyer and the product. So you can get your commission. How can you do that? Well, I’ll talk about it in-depth in this tutorial.

So how does this work? You can go to any product or service online and find out if they have an affiliate program. When you have one, you can apply to become an affiliate. When your affiliate account is activated, you get a unique affiliate link. Why? Because in that way, the company knows where the visitors come from.

So if somebody clicks on your unique affiliate link and they buy the product or service, you promote the product knows that the sale comes from you and that the commission should go to you. It’s all on autopilot. So what we’re going to do, we’re going to create a website and offer valuable information about the product or service you want to promote. So how will it look in real life? Well, let me go to the internet and show you how it is done.

These days, I made a website and I want to take it to the next level. So I searched for the best or press themes. 2020, there are a few advertisements I scroll down and then I see this website, the best of most popular WordPress themes of 2020 updated. And then you see a text of a blog, best orb as a website.

And the first one is Devi. You see a link over here. She lingo here and you see more links over here. A lot of this, this is an affiliate link.

This one is a link to other blog posts in that way, your whole website will rank better. We’ll talk about that. And there’s a complete review of the Divi theme, but this is a short description. And then you receive a call to action.

Get started with DV today. So if I will go to that website, I go to pricing. I can pay per year, $89 or one times to one that’s 49. And when I buy this through this link, look at what happens.

It closes. I scroll all the way down. I searched for affiliates, affiliates, and look at this. If they sign up, you get 50% of the seal.

So if I go back and somebody buys it through your link, you get, or Walmart, a $24, 50 or $44 50, and this is recurring. So if they pay $89 per year, every year, you will get the $44 50. How, because they have a blog post with the best themes. So, and then there’s the second one.

Ultra, if you click over here, this is in the fitted link to the ultra theme, the third one BeaverBuilder and here you see better. This is an affiliate link affiliate one on a 72. And when people buy it, they get a commission. So that’s how it works.

You offer value to a block post, and when people click on the links and they buy the things you promote, you get your commission. So if I would go to DV, I’m also a promoter of TV. So I log into my affiliate area and what I see, it’s the 14th of September. And in 14 days I made around $850.

And in total, I made over $80, 000 Boyd. It’s true affiliate marketing. I’m not a help desk. If people have a question about the theme, they can go directly to the support.

So that’s the great thing about affiliate marketing. So how can you do this? You can start to learn a product or service and start writing about it. We’re going to talk about writing, how to make your text better, how to become a better writer, how to have outer corrections, and all that stuff. And the great thing about is always, you can learn it and then there’s a title, the best and most popular WordPress themes of 2020 updated.

So, you know, it’s up to date and then here to divvy, big image, and then a small text about the Divi theme. But you see over here are links to different pages. These are affiliate links. These also, and this is one to the same website, but a complete blog post.

What you see over here get 100 divvy theme packs for the price of one thing. So here’s a link to buy something. I say no. So there’s a pop-up that helps to get more sales.

People can share this. The more people share this, the better it will be found, and not many shares over here. And then there’s a blog post about the Divi theme. What I see is a good title, people can share it.

Introduction, images, titles, links, all. This is what we are going to do in this tutorial. I will show you how you create things like these, and the more value you give to your visitor, the higher, the chances to be ranked better and get more sales. So you see a lot of explanation.

And again, it takes a lot of work, but in the end, it will pay off big time. So here see comments. And the more comments you get the better this, because it’s new, fresh content. And it shows to Google that this page is a good page because people are communicating over here.

And then here at the right, we can join our community. We have popular resources in the best of hosting reviews, and also hosting is an affiliate link. So this is a blog post, and then you can click somewhere and then you go through their affiliate link. So that’s what you need to do.

You need great value around the product. I use videos because I’m a video maker for almost since I can remember, I liked to make videos for myself personally. I like to watch videos when I want to learn something or watch to review, but you can also make a website. And the great thing about grading, a block post, you can help people to make your blog posts better.

You can just use Grammarly. It’s up to you to become successful with it. You don’t have to show your face. You just need to type a great text that people like to read, and then they can buy the thing you promote.

And the great thing is by writing, you can become better at it. You can make a screenshot of your screen. When you play around with the thing you want to promote, place it over here, write something about it. Then, what you think, what are the pros? What are the cons? You can make a comparison, BlocPower, stop them.

Block posts, the pros, and the cons block posts. You can do so much and debts how you can make money with affiliate marketing. And again, it is hard work, but if you’re willing to put the effort in and not, everybody’s willing to put any effort in this because they think, yeah, I need to put a lot of work in it. And I don’t see sales yet, but I know if you’re going to make something like this, about the thing you want to promote, and you keep on adding value to your website, people will come and people will buy.

You are in charge. You decide if you become successful, but if it had marketing or not, I decided in 2015, just five years ago, I am going to be successful with and done with not being successful with my own business. I believe I have something to offer. And I decided even if nobody will watch it, I even made a blog post about it.

Verdict corporates hook, no way back, June the third, 2015, my first video, no way back. So here it is, must be the platform where I’ve been dreaming about in the past. I started, but I never persevered. This is my passion.

Working with world presidents, sharing knowledge, or tutored sterols videos and blocks. I want to share my knowledge with the world and I will work on it weekly until it becomes a success. And now it is, and it’s getting better and better. So he needs to persevere.

And I know you can do this. If I can do this, a guy from the Netherlands with no business skills, just a nice guy, wanting to help other people that you can do the same and think about how great it will be. If you will have the best income, it can be $300 from up after a lot of hard work. Well, how great would it be to have $300 extra? Maybe you’re a student.

Maybe you don’t have an income while the $300 is amazing. Maybe you earned 15 on the dollar per month and you can barely pay the bills. And now you’re $300 extra. It can be 3000.

It can be 30, 000. It’s up to you. How much work are you willing to put into it? So now we know what the field of marketing is in there. We’re going to create a website or we’re going to mold something, but what are we going to promote as an important question? What are you going to promote? What I want to do.

I want to give you five ideas on what you can promote. And after that, our Griffin ebook for free, you don’t need to leave your email address. I will just give you a link and you download it at once. This video is all about you achieving your goals with the defeat of marketing and in the next minute, that will also show you how you can find something to promote.

And there are two rules, there are more rules, but the first one is only promoting things that you really like, that you are sure of that will benefit other people. Don’t promote crap. Don’t promote things that make you a lot of money that does not benefit the person that buys those things. And the second one is, um, know what you’re talking about.

So get to know the thing you promote. If you promote something, make sure for instance, if you promote a page builder like Elementor gets to know the page builder, and we just started writing about it, or even to really make a video about it. I’ll also show you how to make videos later in this video. Or I will refer you to a video where I’ll show you how to make videos.

I want to cover as much as possible. So true. In this video, you can become successful. But what I said, make sure he loves the products and make sure you know the product, and then you can start offer value around it.

So how can you find something to promote? Well, let me show you, so in order to give you a few ideas, I will first download the free ebook. You can get it at 30 Corp com for slash Ebook hit enter, and there it promotes the best fit of products in exchange for a commission. I scroll down is me as an introduction. If you want to, you can read it, but here are the top 25 feet of products they are in random order.

Uh, and they’re categorized. So here’s is web hosting. SiteGround’s blue host and WP engine. What you can see over here, you can earn 50 to $500 for every signup.

If you want to know more about it, click over here. And then it tells more about the affiliate program. Kinsa is web hosting, and here you can even make a calculation. If you refer 10 people for the second blend business to than your monthly income, the next February will be $2, 500 per month in C.

It will grow because the people you sign up, you have a recurring commission with Beth. So what could you do? You could make a website and talk about gins to how amazing it is. Of course, try it out yourself, play around with it. See if it’s really good and they can make a blog post about comparisons, but other web hosting platforms teach about SSL blog posts about putting back a back up how to make your websites secure, how to do updates, how to do our updates, write about it like crazy.

So when people search for it, can star get it back up. They can find your website. Let’s go back. What’s the first one web hosting, LinkedIn learning.

I love this. You can teach anything on the internet what’d you can do. You can make a website on how to remove the background in a photo in Photoshop. And then at the end of the blog post, you can say, if you want to learn all about Photoshop, get the scores, and then they can go to LinkedIn learning.

And when they sign up through you, you can earn up to $40 per month subscription or a third of 5% of the sill for an individual course. So if somebody buys a course that costs $100, you can give $35. And the great thing with LinkedIn learning, you can learn about cinema four D about blender, about work, about Photoshop, WordPress, about almost anything there is to know. So what’d, you can do, you can make instruction, block posts.

You can make a website completely focused on Photoshop. And so everything there is to know about Photoshop and then here at the right, have a link to a course about Photoshop, a complete course. Then they go through the course, they have questions. They ask the questions to the course maker, and that has nothing to do with you because you’re just the affiliates.

You get your $40 commission and let’s do the math. If 10 people per day would get this course through you, you will get $400 per day possible. Yes, but again, a lot of hard work and it beginning what else you dummy courses. So courses and vital elements as well.

Also what I like people that want to make their projects better, their WordPress project, or their videos. They can get so many images, professional images, professional videos, plugins extensions for one subscription fee. And when people get this, you get 50% of the commission. So if I would go to Envato elements, I scroll down all the way I can go to become an affiliate.

I can join over here, take less than five minutes. And here you see, you can get $120 spur a new subscriber. So again, the five people per day, we do this $500 per day. The same goes would involve the market.

Those are standalone products. And with the first thing they buy, you get a 30% commission. So it’s around a $20 active campaign, teach people through an amazing website, how they can do email marketing with FTA active campaign, and you’ll get 30% recurring revenue on the amount that people spent on an active campaign. So I paid $500 for the first year.

That will be $150 for you. So again, try it. If you, if you’re really a fan of email marketing and you want to learn more about it, get to know everything there is about it, play around with it and then make a website about it and write about it, how amazing it is, what you can do, how to add new subscribers, manually, how to import it to Excel, how to export your list, how to do all kinds of things. What you also can do is sign up for drip as an affiliate or for convert kits for the best email marketing tools, and then make comparisons of the top five best email marketing tools, and then become an affiliate with all of them and then make a website around it, which when people sign up through you to Twitch, you can make money Fiverr, where you say to people, you don’t want to make your own website.

You want other people to make it for you. Well, go to Fiverr and let someone else do it for you, or get an amazing voice-over and send them to five. Or you can get $5 per sign-up. So there are so many things you can do and you can find them all here, like going to Verde Corp com forward slash ebook.

Or you can go to something on YouTube or Google, and let’s say the best thing or press 2020. And then you find something over here and you see the best one is B theme. Okay, let’s click on it. And then how do we become a B theme, affiliates, be theme affiliate.

And I can click over here. There’s nothing found. But what I know is that the beef theme is a theme forest B thing. And then, you know, if you become an affiliate of ThemeForest, you can promote this and you can get money.

And if you want to know what the best themes are, popular themes over here, either flat, some are theme over here, bridge, newspaper, and folds. So in that way, you can search on the internet and see if you can become an affiliate. So there were some ideas I hope, you know, by now, uh, how you can find something you can promote. So feel free to go through the internet, find something you like, maybe you’re good at already.

And then start to find an affiliate product that you can promote and play around with it, get to know it, get to love it. And then we’re going to create a website about it. What I have chosen already, something I want to promote Envato elements. I talked about it already.

I really love it. And I think it’s a beautiful product that can benefit a lot of people. So what I want to do now, I want to sign up for involving elements that are all to become an affiliate. And then I want to make a website about it.

So make sure you know, what what’s want to promote and then think already about a domain name you would like to get, because we are great a website and that website will be the framework that will earn us money. That will make us money because we’re going to use our website to place our affiliate links, and when they click on it and then they buy things. So that’s how it works. I will sign up and I will show you how to do it really quick.

If you have no idea, you can also promote Vato elements. So the first thing I need to do, I need to get a subscription so I can play around with it, get it. And for sake of this tutorial, I will subscribe again. I can go to Ferdy Corp com forward slash E E.

That will be my affiliate link. And I will show you how you can create your own affiliate link in this tutorial. So here I am, I can have so many images, videos, WordPress plugins. This is amazing.

You pay only one time per year or per month, depending on what you want. And then you can use everything for a limited time. So I get unlimited downloads by clicking here a $14 50 per month. I click on start now and I need to create my first name.

Ferdinand’s Corpus hook, my email, 30th affiliate marketing course, 30 affiliates. I need to create a password. I need to show another row. Welts, send me tips.

If you want to, I click on continue. I need to fill in more details and then I can pay with PayPal. I agree. Then I scroll up and I want to pay one time per year.

So I say 50% and then I need to pay for one year. So does what we want on that 74 euros. I click on pay. Now, then I will be redirected to PayPal.

I can agree with everything and then I can pay. Awesome. It says, hooray, I’m subtracting and volatile elements. I can click on it, get started, or I can go-to elements.

com. I see all these things over here and I can get them. I can download this if I want to, and I can use it. And now I want to show others how they can make use of this amazing subscription.

So I scroll down and over here, I say, become an affiliate, or I say, I see it. And I click on it. I can earn up to one hour $20. I enjoy.

Now it takes less than five minutes. You need to fill in your language, account, display name. How do you want to be shown your website? Uh, you need to know which websites you are going to get, and then you can fill it in over there downstream. And if you don’t have a website yet, and you want to wait, you can also wait for a while.

First, make your websites at a few blog posts already, and they can enter your website or apply to become an affiliate. Virgin can play around with it. Uh, it’s up to you, fill in all these information things and go through steps two, three, four, a five, and then as what we reviewed and you can be edited and then get an affiliate link. I have one.

So if I go to impact. com, I sign in here’s, everything I’ve made. I made this $96 or euros this week. And then here is my Envato elements link.

So if I copied his link, my base is somewhere on Facebook or on my website or on YouTube or wherever I sent it to through WhatsApp, through friends and they click on it and they bite us. Now I get my commission. So that’s how it works. Don’t be overwhelmed.

It can be overwhelming to see, uh, a form like this about, um, about how to apply, just fill in all the details, but most important, uh, work on your website. So you can do this later. You can do this. Now it’s up to you.

So now I am a member of Envato elements. I have access to all the stuff I am and affiliates. So I have an affiliate link. Now it’s time to create a website.

So the first three things we need are a domain name or web hosting. If you have this already, that’s great. Then you can skip this part. If you don’t have it.

Let me tell you what a domain name is and what web hosting is. If I would go to Facebook. com, I hit enter. What I see over here is the website.

Facebook gum, I want to see over here is the domain name, a domain name is an address of a website. If Facebook would not have a domain name, it would look something like this. And this can be hard for people to remember. So a domain name is the address of your website.

So what is web hosting? Web hosting is renting a space on the internet are all your files of your website. The text, the emails, the email accounts are, all those things are stored. So everything you see over here discolored his logo. My image images are friends, videos.

They’re all stored in the web hosting. So where you have a domain name and web hosting, people can find you on the internet. And that is what do we want with our domain name and with web hosting. So in order to get a domain name and web hosting, let’s go to web hosting one to five, that gum, it enters, and then we will be redirected to say grounds.

I love SiteGround SiteGround is in my opinion, the best web hosting provider there is. It’s not only my opinion. There’s a Facebook group about the best web hosting providers. And SiteGrounds is number one.

Every year, the websites are super fast. The interface is really easy to work with. What I also really love about the route. This is support.

You can open a chat session, 24 seven, sometimes want to do get stuck. I opened the chat session and almost always, they help you within a few minutes, or they want to even solve a problem for you. So you don’t have to do it yourself because they’re so sure about their own service. So if you scroll down, there are three packages to start up back at the grow big package and the goat geek batch of business.

If you really have a big business, things are going great. Then an upgrade to go geek. I have to go geek account. I want to focus on startup and grow BIC.

The startup package is for one domain, so it can only have one domain. One website I see over here, 10 gigabytes of webspace, which is more than enough, 10, 000 visits, meter traffic, free SSL at someplace to discuss money with sacrament that is free daily backups. So if you mess up your website, somehow you can go to the backup of the day before or two days before, or five days before there’s free email. So you can have your info at, and then your domain email address, which looks more professional than the GMO accounts.

And for all packages, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you saw out, do not like it, you can get your money back. Oh, what’s the big difference between the startup land and the grow big plan with the grow big Ben, if more webspace, you can have more visitors per month bots. You can have limited domain names.

So here again, I have only one website in here. It can have a limited website, so you can buy like 20 domains and get them all within the grow big plant. So I love this plan. So if you’re really sure you only want to have one website, then again, choose a startup package.

And if you know, you want to have more websites, you can have to grow big Bakitch and there are more options over here you can have on the Mon backups so he can push a button and a new backup will be created. So you can do the writing for your site to edit the site or update things. You will have a faster site. You can have staged.

That means again, you can change things on your website and they will not be seen in life until you push a button. So you can change a lot of things on your website. And when people entered the website at that moment, they will not see to change us. So as something will go wrong, it will not be on the live website.

Unless you decide to bring the changes to the live website, those are just really handy and you can add collaborators. So if you make websites for clients, we can have them all on the, to grow big batch, and you can have collaborators out of people, clients that can enter their information in their website and edit their website, and you can charge them money for web hosting. So that’s an option. I will go with a grow big plan.

So I click here, I’ll get a plan. And now we can register a new domain. And if you have a domain name already, you can click over here, fill in the domain name. I will create a new domain name and here he can choose an extension.

So I say, let’s come, that’s the best one or the Mets, but the best one is. com. And if you’re from a specific bouncer, you can have something like this over here, I’m from the Netherlands. So I can have an L over here.

So I will go for this gum. And I choose an oven tutorial because of Envato and tutorial and that is gum. So I click on proceed to see if it’s there yet. It says, congratulations, domain info.

The tutorial is available for registration, which are hosting accounts. So people see us about tutorials and people can see if I see the information, my website is about Envato. So I want to promote Envato products. So in here, I need to leave my email address, which is 30 or verse hook at Gmail with gum.

I need to create a password and I need to confirm the password. I scroll down client information. I’m from the Netherlands, my first name, my last name, my company name. And if you have a company, you can use your vets, techs ID.

And then the total amount of Texas you have to pay will be subtracted from the amount you have to pay. So I will use mine. I’m from the Netherlands. I have a new address.

So when I fill in these details, I can scroll down. I can choose my payment methods. And the great thing about SiteGround is that they also make use of local payment methods. So I’m from a melon so I can choose a Dutch payment provider.

I prefer to use my credit card details. And then I scroll down and here is the purchase information who have chosen the grow big plan data center, doesn’t matter, they’re all really fast. And then this is really important, the period 12 months, while your domain name is for 12 months. So I suggest you also do 12 months of our posting.

And it says that it’s the best deal. After 12 months, you still can get the 30% discount on renewal. So this is the best way, 12 months, and in one year of doing affiliate marketing, you should be able to make back this money easily. When you really take action.

How I think for myself, my whole business is revolved around my website. So I gladly have my website every year. I pay for it later, because of thanks for that website. I can make thousands of dollars per month through affiliate marketing.

So your website is a really important asset in your affiliate marketing business. So I scroll down, I have the domain registration. I use domain privacy, otherwise, a lot of spam companies spam you with, Hey, buy this, buy that, and you don’t want that. Okay? Then I scroll down.

I confirm everything. If you want to, you can receive SiteGround news and special offers. The total amount is one 45 and yours. In my case, it me, a bit different for you.

If you got this through a web hosting, one to five with gum, you don’t pay more, but you get a 60% off discount and I get credit for it. So it’s a win, win, win situation. And then you can click on pay now. And now ladies and gentlemen, you’ve got a domain name and warehousing, congratulations.

The next thing we need to do, we need to click on proceed to the customer area. And now we’re going to install or press in order to do that. Click on the orange button, set up a site, and now we can start a new website over here. I click on start new websites.

I click on select and I choose WordPress. I need to set up some login details. So I do my own email address and a password. You better remember those because you need those to login into your WordPress website.

I click on continue. I don’t need those. So I click on finish. And then it says, it takes less than two minutes to complete your website creation.

And that gives me some time to congratulate you. You are a doer, and I love that. And I hope you are going to learn a lot more from this store and you start to make money, truly internet, which is something amazing. So meanwhile, we are waiting.

I will skip to the point that we can go to the next step. And it says, you’re all set. While sometimes it says something went wrong. Come back later about, in that case, you can go to websites, let me do it in a new step.

And then over here can click on-site tools and then you’re over here. You need to be here. Or in my case, you can log in over here or go to the site tools. What I want to go to the recital.

So I click over here and then I go to this area, what I want to do first. I want to make our website secure. So I go to security, SSL manager. And if I go to this domain, I select that’s encrypted.

I click on get. And if you have that already, that’s okay. Sometimes you have it already. You will see to the over here and below.

I don’t have it yet. So I will choose that the domain name and then let’s encrypt. And we have that. Then your website becomes secure like this.

Otherwise, it says not secure and people do not trust the website. So it’s a good thing to do this first. And I would say is less encrypt it’s installed for the N VAT tutorial. Okay.

Then I go to actions over here and I say, air force H it’s BS. And I enforce it. And that’s it. Also.

Now I go to WordPress, install a manage, and then I scroll down and out of here. I click on actions, log in to the admin panel. I want to skip the starter sites. Are I click on exit and ladies and gentleman, here we are.

And our website, we just got it from SiteGround ends already life, which is amazing. The upside is secure with a thought tutorial. That’s come. And we are here in the backend of our website with a backend and the front desk.

The front end is what the visitors will see that entered the website. The backend is where you can configure our website. So I want to show it to the front dance. How can I go through the front ends? You click over here, my WordPress, and this is the website.

So far, everybody that goes to this domain or through your domain at this moment will enter this website. It looks really ugly. We’re going to make it beautiful, but let me tell you a bit about the front end, the back end, and this bar over here, when you’re logged in, you see it as a bar at the top, we are not locked in. So I go to Safari and I paste the link.

I do not see it bar. I see the website. When you’re logged in, you can go and edit your profile. You can go to the backend.

You can customize the theme depending on the theme you have. There are different customization options. We’re going to talk about it. You can answer comments.

Great, great. And in post media page or user Aiken, purchase sacrum cash. When you have the grow bigger accounts, but I want to go to my backend, and here we can create a beautiful website. We have the dashboards.

If there are updates for themes or plugins, you can click over here and you see them all and you can update them. We can create block posts and categories. We can have media like PDFs, images, documents. We can create pages like the homepage.

The about page, the contact us page. We get another eight comments from people that comment on our tutorials or our blog posts or whatever. Then there’s the appearance here. We can choose a different theme and every theme has its own settings.

So based on the theme, you see more options over here. We have plugins logins, give your website, actually our functionalities, like a Facebook-like box or a page builder, or a social share login. We’re going to talk about that. You can have more users, so other people can write blog posts for you.

If you hired them or whatever we’re going to do itself. In the beginning, there are tools. There are settings of the website and there are some ground optimizers or the third thing I want to do. I want to go to logins hour to clean up the website a bit.

So I click over here. I check both plugins by clicking here, build actions, the activates, or the act faith, both plugins apply. Then I select this again and build actions delete, apply. So there are no plugins.

Then I go to the pages. I select this area. So select all pages, build actions, move through the trash, apply trash, empty the trash. Awesome.

Then I go to the posts. I go through the trash and I emptied it thresh. Then I want to go to the dashboard and click on dismiss by collapse, everything. So it looks a bit more organized.

Then I want to go over here. and I click on edit profile. I want to walk through these options so you can change the look, a few of the backend, like the default one. What I want to do over here.

First name, last name, and then I can have a nickname. I can change it. And then over here, displaying named publicity right now, it says, how do Ferdi corpse or edgy model? So when I write a blog post, it will say written by Furtick dot com. I’d rather have my full name over here.

So display named publicity S Verde Corpus hook. And he fetches this information from this area. My first name, last name, email address. And my email address is linked to a Gravatar account.

What does it mean here? Below my profile picture is linked to fair corpse at Gmail, and you can do it over here. So if you open this, you can create an account over here, upload an image, and then all the time you use your email address, your image will appear. So I think that looks better and we can generate the new balls, or if you want to, and here we can update our profile. So now it says howdy for the corporate hook, instead of that’s com, then we can go to the settings general here.

He can give your site a title I can say, and photo tutorials make your digital project better, something like that, or what you can do. And based here at the tech line. And it says, in a few words, explain what this site is about. So I can also change the title over here.

And remember the title is really important because, uh, Google searches for titles and websites, and those words are extra important. So use a few keywords. If you want to. I want to be found on Envato and tutorials learn how to, and then I can base this text.

So you need to play around with that and video and audio tutorial. So I can say, and the photo explained something like that. I leave it with info tutorials here. I want to change this to an S H P S S.

You can change the time’s Ana you can change the date four months, time, four months. And I leave, Oh, like this. If I say the changes, since I use HPS over here, I need to log in again. So I save the changes and I don’t need to log in with the details I have created over here.

Now I need to log in again, but the details I filled in over here, sorry, I will do that login. And there I am, again, what all to do now. I want to make use of a theme and the page builder and the theme. We can get it over here.

If you go to 30 Corp that’s com forest slash cadence, it enters. And since we’re talking about fitted marketing, this isn’t affiliate marketing links are you see my referral code over here. So when you would buy the pro version, I would get a commission, but in this store, we’re going to focus on the free version. So I click on free download.

Doesn’t say, no, thanks. I just want to download the theme or Italy for details and you get updates and stuff just downloads. So there it is. Then I go to appearance themes.

I click on add new upload theme. And then I direct this over here. I click on install now and I click on activate. So we have a new theme.

So if I would go to the website, you see it looks different, the sale, exactly, but we’re going to make something beautiful. Then I go to the back end and I want to get the element of page builder. So we’re going to use a free theme and the free page builder and create a beautiful website. How can we do that? Oh, you can’t go to Ferdi Corp that’s com forward slash ELA mentor hit enter.

Then you can go and click on, get started. Do you have a WordPress website? Yes, I do. You can check it, but what you also can do, the simpler way is to go to plugins, add new, and search for Allah mentor. You don’t have to hit enter.

It will update automatically in there. This element or page builder, more than 5 million active installations. It’s crazy plus updated. One day ago.

Elementor is taking over the WordPress world. It’s amazing what they’re doing. Really nice people. We’re working really hard to give you the best tool to make a website.

And we’re talking about the free version, but you’ll see it as essential elements that give you even more elements within Elementor and it’s free. So click on install now, also over here, essentially announce for an element or when it’s installed. I click over here on activate. Then I go to plugins and over here I say, activate, awesome.

I say, no, thanks. I don’t want to use pre-made websites. And now there’s an update. So I can go over here to updates or I can click over here.

And I see there’s a new version of the cadence thing. I check it, update the theme. Awesome. I will do it by logo over here.

So if I click on customize and then I go to Heather and there is the logo, but I have a logo that says, I want this tutorial to be as free as possible. I can go to 30 Corp com forward slash logo maker. Like that’s what I was an E. And now we can create a logo.

Well, I have a complete tutorial about it. You can follow that over here. If you want to, I will just show you a simple, automated, simple logo. So I click over here.

I call this and the VA and the FA tutorial. What all to do now with entering, click over here. Let me see, where are you? Duplicated, double-click over here. I call this and the fire and this one tutorial, and I want to remove this area of here.

I remove it by click on the, I double click on empha and I say, double click and the fire. And then I remove this one. I click on the, I bring this back in here. I say to the tutorial, Dettor, we’ll bring this a bit to the right, like this double click, double click on empha, and I can choose something else.

I like a real way. So I leave it with that and I want to make it bolts. Now we’ll do take a look at, and the Vato that’s come. I want to grip the scholar using the color picker, and I have copied the coat.

And I want to base that code over here. Change the color a bit. I don’t want to copy it too much, but I want to keep it in those in the green area because I’m promoting something that has to do with a lot of green colors. So I want to maintain the cell a bit.

I copied a code. Okay. And over here, I want to make this gray-blue with gray. Let me see, go to the right, the darker, not too dark.

And, um, I like it. Maybe I can make this a bit thicker and the other way, you know, I like the way it is just a simple logo to get started over here. I need to crop it Allen, to bring it as close to the logo as possible. Maybe I can do command or control plus not working the enter.

Okay. That’s great. Then I click on the same logo area and I download the lower row, low resolution fell there. That goes, okay.

I want to rename this show in finder, call this logo, and fire tutorial. And then I want to do something else. I want to click over here, make it white and click over here. Also, make it white and then click on, save again, download the root low resolution fell.

And then I say logo and the fire tutorial, white like this. I like this. Then I go here to my logo. I choose one select foul.

And I go to my downloads and my reasons one, which is the colored one I selected. And I skipped the cropping. There it is. I can even make it a bit bigger.

Then over here, I say, I want to only show logo, logo, braids, and the lady we can use the white logo. And now I will leave it as it is. Click on publish, go back, and go back. What I want to do.

I want to grade a few pages right now. We have the homepage over here. So what I want to do, I close this. I want to go to the menus.

I want to create a new menu and you can call this whatever you want to, as long as you can remember which menu it is so we can call this uncle, Jim, nobody will see this uncle came also, but I call this main menu and I want to assign his main menu to the primary area in the theme I click on next. Now I want to add a few items which are pages. So I’ll add a new beach, gold home. Then I want to have a page of gold tutorials.

I can have a page gold block. If you answer, you can have a page called contacts or contact us. You can have a page called about us if you want to buy nuts about it, and they’re all added to the menu and here you can change the menu. So I can bring this up by dragging it like that.

I can even create a sub, get a sub-menu so I can put tutorials on their blog. So if I go to the right a little bit, you see it like that. And if I would publish it, you see does arrow over here. There are the orals.

If I would say contacts also over there, you have those like that. And I can also even bring this somewhere and it would look like that, but you don’t see that anymore. So I’m bringing back all back, but then that way you can have more levels in your menu. I don’t want to show you the homepage.

I take a look@apple. com. If I go to a certain page, I want to go back to the homepage. I click on the logo.

That’s what I want for my website. So I don’t need to homepage all my website to be intuitive and don’t want to have extra unnecessary links. If I go to my affiliate marketing website as a really simple one, two, three, four different links, not like 10, 000. Of course, if you go to tutorials, there are a lot, but I want my website to be simple, not too many links, just enough links to get the job done.

And I want people of course, to go and create amazing websites and go to the links where I can make money when they buy the things I promote this whole goal of affiliate marketing. So I am happy. I go back and go back and I go to the homepage settings. I change it from your latest posts to the aesthetic page.

And the homepage is the homepage. And the posts page is the block base page. Okay. I want to go to the Heather.

I like this story. It is. I go back. I want to go to the general layout.

This all looks fine. I want to get rid of this area. Let me see, where can I do that? Page out turn off. And then I click on publish, close it.

And I will look like this. I want to change a few more things. So I click on customize again, and I go to the page layout. I want a page to be full with.

Awesome. And the content cell to be unboxed like that. Then I want to go to the footer and then there’s the CUPE right area. And I like it could be right over here and photo tutorials, WordPress theme.

I don’t want that. Get rid of that. So right now, copyright 25 in between and Vato tutorials. Awesome.

Then I can go to this whole row, click over here, go to these Islands and let me see, I can change the background color. Now. I want to have something greenish. So let me see like that and maybe a bit darker.

Okay. Then I go to the, let me see to this area again, to design font. I want it to be white like that. I get a bit smaller at a website, so you can see how it looks right now.

I think this looks beautiful. I click on publish. I close this area and this is how our website looks right now. We have a nice logo.

If you take a look at Tony Robbins or Brendon or Ferdie, just simple logos like this, and they have million-dollar industries or businesses, and this guy also has a nice business. That’s making enough money to do nice things and save a little bit of money. So one more thing. I want this to be in capitals.

How can I do that? Customize. I go to the Heather navigation. I go to the design and then let me see navigation font pick over here, stale size. And I want to transform it to the upper case and maybe make it a bit bigger.

You see it’s updating immediately. I like 20 now 18. I like it publishes. That’s how easy this is all with free stuff.

Of course, except for web hosting. But besides that, we’re doing a lot of free things and I re I’m really happy with the results. So what we’re going to do now, we’re going to create a homepage. So I click over here and then I go to the homepage.

I click on the edit page and I want to use an element or to edit the page. So I click on edit with Elementor and now we can edit our home page. So here we have the element or page builder, and this is not an in-depth elemental tutorial. I will just show you how you can create a beautiful website.

I will not go into every detail of the element or I’ve altered orals for that. I just want to show you how we can make a website using Elementor. Well, here, you see a lot of elements, an image, a video posts gallery, and you can drag them all into the biller except the pro versions, which are these ones. So I close that, but the general ones, and we also added a different plugin, which was essential announce.

And we can also drag those over here. So what I want to do, I want to show people that go to my website, what this site is all about. So I want to create a new section. We have sections.

Let me show you real quick. In those sections, we can have columns. So if I click over here, I have one section, which is the blue area. And then the gray area is three columns.

And then in those columns, we can add elements. So three areas, section the section is columns and columns have elements of a button and all those elements can be adjusted. You can change the contents. So here can change the text.

We can change the cell so we can change the background of the button. And then we have advanced options. And also with different elements, we have the content type, your text, then the style. So we can say, let’s have a beautiful red color, make it bigger, make it uppercase, make it thinner, bring it to the center, change that line item and everything is so easy to change.

And that’s, I love about Elementor and if I think, Hey, I want to have fewer columns, not three, but two, five miles, click delete. Then in the section, I can go through the stale and I can give it a background color like that. So maybe I want to make it on dark blue. Then I wanted to go through the text over here.

I want to make the text color white. Since we have dark backgrounds or we can make it a gradient. So I can have one color over here. And the second color over here, I can play around with the angle.

And then that way you can create beautiful websites. So that’s a real short story about the basics of Elementor and me all to create something for real. So I click on the plus. I want to have only one column.

Then I go through the section settings here at the layout, and I want to go to the Heights and say, I want to have a minimum height of 400 pixels. They don’t want to go through the stele and they’re not going to have a background type. I want the gradient, I select the color and I want the same color as a logo. So I base it over here.

This looks really ugly in my opinion. And then the second color I copy and paste from my notes. I can place it over here. I can change the angle to 90.

And that’s what I like. It’s in the same style as the logo. If I want to use certain colors, a lot in the websites, let me click on update. Then I can click over here.

I go to the site settings and global colors. So the accent color, I want it to be this one. And the primary color is this green color. And then the secondary color is okay like that.

I drag it to the left all the way and the text also makes it a bit darker. And if I wanted to add a certain color, let’s say every Heather should have this color. I can do that. And then if I update it and I close this and go back to the section, there’s a stale.

Now I can click over here and I can grab a global color. So here’s a primary one and the accent color, or if I want to, I can use a header color over here. So that’s really nice that helps you to work more efficiently. And now I want to add a header over here and the header is really important.

So if I go to all the elements clicking here, I can drag a Heather over here and let me go to a few websites, apple. com. The header is so important. This area, what people will see when they answer your website is so important because will make people leave your website or take action.

And we want people to take action. So if you say, um, welcome to our website, it’s it says actually nothing. You want people to direct them the right way. If you say something like this and bring it through the center, it’s not in 2000 and it was nice to do this and now it’s not anymore.

So let me see. I go to apple. com. The first thing I see is the iPhone, lots of love lesser spent starting at three 99.

I see an image of an iPhone, and maybe I’m convinced I want to buy, or maybe I’m not convinced I can click on learn more. So there are two options, two big calls to action besides the menu. So this is interesting. You were not to come one line, a sub-line and a call to action, and more information.

So again, call to action. Like I D I definitely want to sign up as a, you were a partner or out of more information. So again, two options. So a text subtext and call to action and learn more.

So let’s follow what these guys are doing. So what I want to say over here, I’m not a good techs writer. I still make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. So even if you’re another good test writer, you can still do that.

I will go to Verde Corp. Let’s come. Fortunately, Envato because there I will DVD or redirected to this page. And I click on get unlimited downloads because I want to learn more about and elements.

What can I say on my website that will motivate people to get F auto elements, millions of creative assets, unlimited downloads? Well, I’m not a fan of copying texts, one on one, but I’m a fan of getting inspiration from certain hair out. So high-quality SS to elevate your product project. And on this website, I want to learn how to implement I quality assets. What does it say to Ella, your projects, something like that, uh, for your, in your case, you can create your own text, but what I like to do, I go to the product.

I want to promote, see what they are saying. They hire people to write the best lines and we can learn from that millions. So I can also say, learn how to mend, implement millions, or limited. I call it the assets to elevate projects.

Okay. Bring it through the center. I go to the stale. So here we can change the content at the Sao style can change the text.

I bring it to white typography. I want to make it a bit bigger. I want to change it to upper case, and I want to change the weight to three hundred. Okay.

Then I want this word to be at the second line. So I go to advanced. Then I want to uncheck this area. Cornell’s I will check it.

And then at the right, I increase the area until yes, it goes like that to the second line, let’s say 45. Then I uncheck this area at the top. I say zero. And at the bottom, I also say zero.

So now we have two lines over here and I like it. Learn how to implement unlimited high-quality assets to elevate your projects. Um, it can be a little bit weird, like, uh, maybe people do not understand exactly what you’re saying, but, um, it’s up to you. What kind of text do you want to have over here? And then I want to have a call to action.

So I go back to the elements by clicking here, and I want to add a button. So I drag it over here. And then I want to have a default button with a text, learn more, and the link will follow later. I’ll bring it to the center.

I can have, I can, if I want to, I don’t do that. I go to Stell. And then for the background color, I want to use a global color, which is the primary one, or, you know, I don’t want to use it because it’s interfering with the backgrounds. I want to have my own color, which should be transparent.

So this bar below will make your background transparent that should see over here. So now you see don’t, don’t see any backgrounds. So I want to add a border type, which we solids, and then you get something like this. I like that.

Then I go to the topography. I want to make the text a little bit bigger, learn more. And now we have a button. I click on updates.

I go to the advanced area, closes, and then I want to go to the positioning, change the width to inline. And that was what looked like that. Right? Mouse click duplicate. If I want to have editing handles over here, I click over here and go through the user preferences.

And I turn this on. So now I can just hover overthink to that can duplicate them. So if I would hover over here and I click here at duplicated, or I hover over here and I can remove it, then I click on the duplicated button and I changed the text to block. Then I go to the link and I hit a block on the keyboards.

And then I find the block page. Okay. What I don’t like is that this is not in the center. So I click on this area of the column.

And then, and the column style, I say, the horizontal aligned should be in the center. Then I go to this area, I go to advanced and F margin. I uncheck this area and at the left, I want to increase it with then pixels, and that you see it stays in the center. So that’s what I like.

Now, when I hover over it, you see nothing. So I go back over here to Stell. Then there’s hover. What I can do when people hover over it, I can have the background color like this.

So when you hover over it, you see the color or you can just make it black and then more transparent. Yup. And then you can have a hover animation and make it grow. I like to still here.

I don’t see that. How can I copy this tail? Right. Mouse click copy. Right? Mouse, click paste the cell.

Now I need to at the margin again at the left. So I say Dan again. Perfect. What I know is that there is a big gap over here, so I can click over here.

I can go to advanced. And then I, the margin at the bottom, I decrease the value. My wife always says I say the word value, the wrong way. It’s just the way it avails you.

I do my best, but I guess, you know what I mean? And then I want to go do Stel topography that wants to increase the line item. And since we’re talking about the field marketing, I got an email that somebody bought Elementor pro and I made $24 50 by adding value to this visitor, by creating a tutorial or a blog post about elementary pro. So this is how you make money with affiliate marketing. And the more people you reach, the more money you’ll make, if you will reach millions, you’ll make millions is a nice saying.

I believe in it. I want to reach more people. That’s why I create all those tutorials. And I want to help other people together where they want to be.

If I help them, somehow I will come nothing short. So, okay. What else do they say over here? High-quality SSO elevator product. And there are more than 51 million photos you can choose from.

So what I want to do, I go back over here. I searched for a counter and it’s available over here. And I drag it here below in this blue area, which highlights when you hover over it. And that is a counter.

So what I’ll do is say 51 and then over here. Oh, I’m sorry. Starting with zero ending with 51. And then the number suffix will be M million and then over here to title photos.

Okay. Then let me see how to duplicate is a column. So here I say, I don’t have to do them all. I just want to have the most important ones like a video.

So I can say I’m on 0. 1, sorry. Again, 1. 1 million videos and I can lower the animation duration.

So what I like to do over here, it’s two seconds over here. It’s 30 seconds then at applicated. Again, what else can I say over here? I say 470 Gaye, audio fouls. And one more graphic, for instance.

Yeah, I say 36 K gets four seconds or five. And here four and here three and here two audio files. No, I was talking about graphics updates. So if I click on the eye over here, I can preview the changes and it all looks nice.

What I want to do, I want to click on the section, go to advanced and increase the margin a bit. Let’s say 2020 on the top 20 at the bottom. Then I click over here. I want to make it, um, less black.

So a text color. I click on default and I go for the text area. So there’ll be a little bit more gray. Then I go to typography.

I want to make it a little bit smaller. Let’s say 50. And I want to change the order or the JC color to green. So I can also say that primary color.

And then the second color title, that one will be this right mouse, click copy basis. They’ll a stele and base the stale. So we have something nice. But how does it look on a different device? I click over here and I click on tablets.

And now it’s three lines. Well, actually I like it, but I also can do a click over here and click on topography. And over here, I see the tablet size. I can change it.

So there’ll be two lines. And then I go to the mobile version. And again, I can click over here and I can make it look like that. That’s the way how we can optimize your website.

So this is how it looks. And what I see over here is that the edges around here, but here are the edges totally at the left. So how can I fix that? Well, we can do two things here in the element, or I click over here. I go to the site settings and I go to the layout and then I go again to the desktop version and here it says 1140.

Okay. Let’s make it 10 20 updates. Then I want to go to the website, take a look over here. So now it’s smaller as you see over here, but still wide, how can you fix that? Go through your theme settings in our case or my case that Gayden’s theme.

I go to the general layout and there it is 1290. So let’s, uh, there’s a small bark. If I would say one zero, that’s something where it’s the best thing you can do is just play around with it over here and let’s make it 11, 20 publish. Close it.

Go back to Elementor. And there also go through the settings, sorry, site settings layout, make it 1120. Awesome. So this is what we have made so far.

What I want to do. I want this page, a home page to be an overview of our latest blog posts, but we have no blog posts yet. So if I take a look at my website 30 or so, it looks simple. My name over here, web hosting, tutorials, templates, and resources, then hi, I’ve heard of your WordPress tutor begin here.

And when I click on begin here as a call to action, and then what kind of website do we want to make? Well here below you see my recent tutorials. So when people arrive at this website, they immediately see recent tutorials and also here, so they can learn things. And when they learn things true, me, maybe do my things through my affiliate links. And that’s how you can make money through affiliate marketing.

So that’s it. And then here is an affiliate disclaimer and people can subscribe to my Reese tutorial. So not a lot of information, just enough to get people going to the right place. So that’s what I want to do over here about us because, in the beginning, people maybe want to know who you are.

I, um, I have not anymore because people know who I am through YouTube and through YouTube. A lot of people go to my website and I don’t want to distract them with who I am. I just want to help them to grow here and follow tutorials, learn things through blog posts, but it’s an option, but I don’t want to distract them with too many links over here. So block tutorials, contact.

I like it. Now. It’s time to grade our first blog post because we’re going to create a lot of blog posts where we’ll learn people, how they can work with, and photo elements. And there are so many assets and about all those assets, we can make tutorials if we want to.

But, um, I closed this. What we can do talking about a Vato. We can make a lot of different blog posts about us to give you an example. We can make a blog post called the best-unlimited footage subscription.

Then there are a few ads. And if you scroll down top eight best stock, video subscriptions, stark, all those stuff, all those things over here, and we’ll do people. They create a blog post 10 best stock video sites for royalty-free footage. You click out over here, reading time, story blocks, art grid.

And what’d you see over here, this is an affiliate link. So if I would click over here, you see all those things over here, affiliate. And when I buy this, now this guy from this website can say commission. So they offer value.

They give the top 10 best things you can get. And then all those things are affiliate links. And again, if I go to I stock photo, for instance, this is where I get my professional images. I searched for affiliate what you see affiliate partners.

You can click over here and you get 20% on every purchase. So if I see a nice image, let’s say Amsterdam, and I want to get this image. It costs nine euros. You get two euros.

If you sent me to this website, abide it. But some images are like 100 euros. And then you get 20 euros for that or dollars depending on the currency. So you can sign up for it.

And that’s how it works. So what you can do, you can make a blog post with the best online stock images, stock image, or stock footage, websites. What you also can do. I get images from AXA Bay that’s com and those are free.

So what you also can do best or resources for free stock footage or stock photos, say again, a few ads and then top 10 sites with free stock footage. So let’s see on splash and you see all those. So what you can do, you can write a blog post about it. And when they see your free things, they go through, they come through your website and now I can think, Hey, I like this.

You know, maybe he has more, um, content that I like. So what you will do, you will write a lot of blog posts. So people will go through your website. And the more blog posts you create.

The longer people will stay on your website because the quality of your website is really good. Of course, the better you will rank in Google. So in the beginning, it can take a while before it starts to make money. But when you keep persevering, you will become more successful.

The hardest thing in affiliate marketing is the first sale away and get the first sale. The second sale will be easier. And these days I have a lot of sales per day. Hi, even, uh, turn off the email notifications because I’m getting emails all day long and that’s what can happen in a few years.

When you persevere, I worked really hard. Now I’m taking it a bit more easy because I was moving and all that stuff. And that’s how it can be in five years. Your life can be completely different when you decide to put a lot of effort in it and you can do this besides your work, you don’t have to give up your work, just do it an hour, a day.

Writing blog posts, make it a fun process, you know, uh, go to these websites, see how they write things. See, take a look at websites and how many likes you have, and also let people reply to your blog posts when they do that, it’s good for the Google search results. And what else do they do? They use images. They use links.

They use a certain color, this color on their website and here at the top. Or do you see reasons posts get a glories link, a faded link affiliate link, or this is an at links? So when I click on this, they get money. Even if I buy something or not Vimeo.

So that’s how he can make money. By the way, we have not talked about, uh, at sands, but you can make so much money with AdSense. We have a successful blog post. So this the best is still to come.

We’re going to great, our first block posts and how can we do that? But I just talked about how we can get some ideas for blog posts. What I like to use for things, just information about a certain project. So you can talk, create a blog post about Envato elements or about sound effects. So we can dive deep into every subject.

So you can talk about photos would evolve elements. You can talk about music, sound effects, video templates, and just talk about its benefits, uh, what does it cost? How can you use it? How can you implement it? How do you sign up? Then you can compare with others like the top 10 best free stock footage or the top 10 best music websites. If I click here, you can use it for any project when you have a subscription over here. So again, really make a happy block post about that.

Learn people, show people what they can make, and you can even show examples. And then your websites where you can have an audio failure, your website. I will talk about it later. Then you can make a pro and con video, like what is great about info elements or what’s great about the music and Envato elements.

What’s not great. You can say what I don’t like is that I don’t know whatever you want to say about it. As long as you write about it and the viewer or the reader gets value from it. And then the fourth one is, should you get an info element subscription, something like that.

Should you buy this? Should you get that? What they did not tell you about fr elements make compelling titles and then really good content. Don’t, don’t create crappy content, make every blog post, like it’s a masterpiece like, wow, this is such a beautiful blog post. That’s what I tried to do with my videos. I focus more on videos in my, in my affiliate marketing journey.

So if I take a look at my videos, if I click over here, the first thing I wanted to do, I want to show people that I have a lot of subscribers. I would show people that the uterus recognizes me. I want to show that I’m a family, man. I want to give people good quality, good audio.

So the first impression is immediately like, okay, awesome. So 82 people liked it. Two people, my competitors disliked it probably neither know if they’re my competitors, but that’s what I want to do. So let’s say gluc at WP beginner.

That’s gum. I think he’s a great example. He makes millions, as far as I know how to password protect your WordPress forms. Okay.

And then here at the right, you see useful WordPress guys, seven best WordPress backup plugins. And then over here again, the first one, if I click on it, there’s an affiliate link over here. So a lot of information after, plus it’s the most popular, free WordPress backup, blah, blah, blah pricing. It’s free and you can have a premium of $70.

So let’s take a look. People click over here because a lot of people visit this website. And now I go to updraft plus, and I scroll down and I want to see what is this guy making when I buy this so I can search for the affiliate. I don’t see it.

So what can I do? I can search for up thrift plus the affiliate. And then Google will help me here. It is. Okay.

Well, that’s it says 30%. So calculations calculator, $70 times 0. 3, you get $21 when you promote updraft plus, and you write a blog post about the seven best ones. And it’s the rule of numbers.

When a thousand people will watch his website or what’s his page blog posts, and 10% buys it. That means that 100 people will buy it anyway, $2, 000. Uh, I don’t know if it’s 10%, maybe it’s one, let’s say 1% while they have $200 and it’s only one blog post or only one item in the blog posts. So you better start writing and talking about writing.

I’m from the Netherlands. My writing is not the best. So what I have done, I use Grammarly. I have a tutorial about it.

So if you search for grammar, the tutorial here’s mine four months ago, not that much fuse 30 minutes in that tutorial. And then that way I can also learn how to write. So now I know where to put commas and stuff. So we are not native English.

You could, or when you are, you could watch this adorable older outworks. And of course, I have an affiliate link over here. So I also make money when people get Grammarly through my affiliate link. So that’s how it works, offer value, help other people, and then you will make money.

So let’s create our first book post I have over new and I click on posts. And I know that this is the moment where you can get stuck. You made a website, it looks nice. And they were like, okay, now I need to write something.

I don’t know how now it gets stuck. And I know that feeling, I, for my YouTube channel, I had the idea already for a long time, but finally, as a few years I started doing it and now I’m reading, reaping the benefits. So make yourself do it. What you can do.

You can go to YouTube and watch Jim Rone, Jim Rome videos. He’s a great motivational speaker. This is the best video. Yeah, it’s amazing.

Or you search for a motivational video or speech and then juice get started. So what I will do, I have not prepared this. I will just show you what I do. I would like to say Envato elements review 2020, or if it’s later 20, 21.

And then I searched for and auto elements review 2020 and let’s see what comes up, not the ads open, open, and again, do not copy, but you can read it, see the pros and cons, see how they set it up, make sure later on that people will share it or they can share it. I will show you how we can do that. See images, text headers. So this is how we can create a blog post.

But I also personally like this when there is, um, when the blog post is with a white background and then there’s a space over here. So we’re going to do something like that. a little bit the same. I really don’t like this website.

This scrolling is really weird. So I would, I would, I would not go to this website. Look, this, this is too overwhelming. I don’t like it.

I didn’t like this first offer available. Then ask for my email address. So here there will be blog posts with images, titles, links, links, links, a lot of information. And, uh, what ha what helps is when you are passionate about the project.

So play around with the project, use things in the project, uh, in using elements or whatever you promote and then write about it, but also get help. Uh, I know making videos is harder than writing and blog posts, but if you shoot to make a live video, record yourself, you can do that using QuickTime and then just, uh, play around with it and start talking about what you’re doing. And when you do that, you find out that you can talk a lot about everything that you can do it and follow elements. So what I could do, I could make a blog post, how to sign up for an of elements and then record it and then let somebody type it out or type it out yourself.

It’s a time challenging over it’s it’s time-consuming. So you can do the true fiber. You pay a few dollars and then people can write it out for you. And you can use that as the basis for your blog posts, but I want to write for myself.

So the first question is what are Envato elements? So I searched for what is enviro elements are. If elements is an element of subscription service, where digital asset status to the needs of agencies, these, okay, I do not copy this like copy, but I can say, and father elements is a subscription service that enables you to create high-end products like videos, websites, sites, presentations, eBooks, and other digital products. The great thing is that you pay one amount per month or a year, and you can, and you will have a go have unlimited access to millions of digital assets. And then what you can do is go to Envato dot elements or elements of that photo.

Um, and again, show something like this. So I can say shift command four. I say another, that means I will give it go to a new block on a new paragraph. And there, I can say every week, this library, this huge library of digital assets is growing with tens of thousands of, can we move it over here? This library is growing with tens of thousands of digital assets.

We are talking about stock videos, stock photos, WordPress themes, and plugins. And I can take a look over here. Sounds effects, fonts, music, maybe I should after sound effects, music, fans, and video templates, and more. And then I can edit the image.

How can I do that? I hit enter. I click on the plus and I search for an image. I can upload an image. I rather rename it first.

So I say, you don’t see it in the screen, but I say, and the photo elements growing library, BNG, I can grab it, open it. I can use it like this, or I can bring it to the right then make it smaller. I can bring it on top like that. This is what I want.

And if I want to, I can pick over here and I go to impact signing this an affiliate program of info elements. So last week I made hundred euros with Invado and have auto elements. Uh, let me see. And then photo markets in that photo elements, I grabbed the link copy.

Oh, it’s copied already. And then I can use it over here. So my face is, I can go to the link settings, open a new tab, publish, publish. Well, do not expect too much from it right now.

If I view the posts, it looks like this. Okay. I’ll categorize the things we are going to talk about yet. And if I click over here, nothing happens.

Why I click on edit the posts? I did not have anti when I paste the link. So I click here again. I base it and now I say, enter over here. And now it’s a link.

And now I can go to the settings and open it in a new tab, update, view, the post. We’ll talk about all the things later, sidebar and stuff. And I click over here and now I go to info elements. When somebody buys it right now, I get a commission.

If I take a look at the commissions, let me see the impact, where are you? I go to the settings and follow the elements. Let’s see, how much did I make you take a look at September 16, euros, August 16, July one on the 36. And why did I make this? I do not use blog posts, but what I did, I made a video, one video, and photo elements, 30 look at this eight months ago, 24, 000 views. And there, I explained what it is in a video of 27 minutes.

I did not make blog posts about it, but right now I want to do this for you, our users, as a real website, and I will drive traffic to it that will make money with it. So the whole idea is to build value around this product, whatever product you’re promoting. And then when people buy this based on your information, you get a commission and that’s the whole idea of affiliate marketing. People want to buy things on the internet and you need to become the affiliate between them because they want to buy.

They’re searching for things like, Hey, it’s involved with elements, helping something I should use for my business. Then they search for it. And when you come up in the researcher’s, it’ll say, click on your review. And based on your review, if they like it, they can click on your link.

And that’s how you make money. It’s hard work at the beginning. I keep on telling that it’s not easy, but it’s doable. If you’re motivated, you can do it.

I was motivated. I was really motivated. And now sometimes when I’m less motivated because I have a child, I have a family, I have been moved last two months. Then still the money keeps on going to my accounts.

That’s my son that he’s working. Yeah. Yeah. They’re Opus.

That’s also my son. He’s downstairs again. So I will continue. I click on edit posts and I can work with the title.

So right now I can hit enter. Then I go to a new block. I see over here, it can be any blog. It can be a paragraph, a heading, a quilt, a list or browse.

All it can be code. And we offer over. Just see how it can look. So the table verse.

So you can do quite a lot over here. I keep it simple. I only use styles, paragraphs images, and sometimes videos. So I’ll integrate a title.

What it can do. I can just start typing over here. I click over here now. And I changed this over here to a heading age to age.

One can use only one time on a page, and that is the title. So I’ll do view the post in the new tip. This Hone inspect. It is linked to the age one class.

So it’s age one and can be used only one time. So over here I use age to age two. So the first pro anther limited use, I can say pro one unlimited juice. I want over here.

I make it a heading borough too. So there is peace of mind. Okay. I use Grammarly and I see I have an arrow over here or a few.

So I click over there and just take them. I like it. I update it. Let’s see how it looks refreshing.

Okay. What I like to do is use images, but only limited juice. I would like to buy something. So I will log in.

And when I want to add something, I can say the new project, I rename it. And then over here I hit enter. Plus image upload. Bring it again to the, all right.

Make it smaller, bring it up. Or I can bring it to the left or I can place it below. Yeah, let’s bring it there. So that’s what you can do.

There is an amazing video. So all I also can do is the photo elements explained, let’s say 60 or 90 seconds, click on the plus video, YouTube. And I found something. So let me search for what is Envato elements.

I finally found it. So right. Mouse click, copy, link address. I go to my post.

I paste it here. And Beth, and that’s it. Now we have a video. So I click on update, refresh, text, text image, and photo elements explained in 64 seconds, change it to a heading.

And our blog post is getting better now like this. So what I can do is really simple play around with it. Yeah. Great video.

And there still is a faded link over here, and we can also place a link. So let me see and thought of elements. I can make this a link selected link and then paste and then paste the affiliate link. So let me grab this one, copy, select this area, enter.

Okay. You can see it becomes a link. And now Dan, you can place a link where, where you say Envato elements or get it here. So no copyright problems.

And then in that way, I can finish these block posts. So, you know, let’s, let’s keep it with this right now. Updates. I think, you know, by now how to create a blog post.

Now I want to take a look at other information around this because if I would go to the blog page right now, it looks like this, or we can make it look different. How can we do it? Let’s go to the posts. And I click over here at the right top and there I see document settings. What first I want to have an image over here.

How can I do that? I scroll down and here I see the featured image. We need to create one. You can go to Google and search for Envato elements, images, and can grab something over here or it can create something yourself. And that’s what I’ve done on my YouTube channel.

But Photoshop all the time, videos create a symbol logo in Photoshop, global color Springback air tour. So he can do it in Photoshop. If you want to, or you can just grab something simple or with your face on it’s all up to you. Let me do it again.

And follow elements. Go to images. What I like to do, I like to go to tools size large, and then this one by most click save image. As I override this one, say 21.

There it goes. Jay Beck. Let’s see if I can replace it. Yes, I can update refresh.

Well, take a look at the aspect ratio later. If I go to the blog post, you see it over here. I don’t like this at all. The quality is bad and it just does not look great.

So I want the reader’s experience to be great. I don’t want people to go to my page and see weird, bad-quality images. I want people to see this. I fixed this background later, and then we’re going to talk about all the things like the categories right now.

It’s on categorized. You sit over here and categorized, and I want to give this a category. I click on add new. That is called reviews, edits you also going to have a sub-category.

So you can say video reviews. And then the bank letter grades reviews. If I’ll check this and I would say updates, you see two categories, reviews and video reviews, oaf. A lot of them, you can click on them and you see an overview with older video or reviews or, and click on reviews.

Everything that has the category review is really nice. I uncheck this Walnut. It just reviews. So in this, and that’s how we can add categories and subcategories.

You can also use stacks. So again, review coma and the photo elements, stock footage, stock, video, stock photo, just keywords that you can add over here. I scroll down. I can have an excerpt.

That is the text you see over here right now. We see the first paragraph. But what I can say at the excerpt is what is Envato elements? And is it worth, worth buying a sub description? Give you mine. English is not my first language.

So it can be that there are flaw arrows over here. And I can copy. I think go to Grammarly and fix it. Find out the pros and cons.

Then there’s discussion. Turn it on. Allow comments, allow pingback, and Trek max. And this is all fine with me.

Update refresh. Now see, detects over here is shorter. These are the excerpts. So we see the image, the category to the title.

That’s only information about me. They call the Meda data, the excerpt and the read more button. If I click over here, it looks like this, but I want to use a sidebar. What I can do.

I can click on customize those, all these things over here. I like to keep things clean network. I can work better. And now I see this.

That means that my screen is so small that it switches to the tablet version. Sorry. Say commands control minus one time. Now I see my website.

That’s on the desktop. So I go to block posts and to single posts, layouts. Do I want to show to post idle? You see it over here. I can turn it off.

And then this area will be gone. Or I turn it on how they’re on to show us like this in a wide area or full width. I like this one, especially in combination with a sidebar, both sides. I can bring it to the left-center.

Right? I like left. I mean, I mean, yeah, I like left so I can show the breadth grump so people can see where they are to Homebase reviews. And then Novato elements reviewed through 20. I turned this off, but what I also can do, I can direct things around.

So I drag this on top. First, the title, then the category. And then over here, I can change a few things so I can change the divider. If there are more categories and I can change this to the bill, bill bell, and MFS blue area around it.

I like that. I want to show the Meda information and what do I want to show there? The author, and then this divider I can show to date. I can show the last updated date, show categories, show comments. So if I turn this on, it will be shown over here.

When you start out your blog, I would not do it. But if I go to my blog, I have a lot of Collins and I can turn it on. And then people see immediately, Hey, this guy’s getting a lot of comments. So it must be a blog post that has been read a lot.

So that way you can show people that you’re serious. Okay. Excerpts. No, I don’t want that.

So I like it closes post layouts for, with, I like it to have a cyber at the right. So I click over here and there’s no cyber yet. And there’s one, but we need to configure this, how it will be shown. And then I want to turn off that featured image.

I will do it later. Okay. Content style like this, this white area or like this, but I prefer to wide area and showed a featured image. I turn it off.

There are all the showed-up post decks. Let me see. Let’s hear me lo I like that author box. Yes.

So I see something about myself and I can say something about myself. I will show you the minutes, how you can do that. I bring this to the center, you as author archive link. So if you click over here, you go to all my blog posts, an overview of that show post navigation.

So we can navigate to different blog posts. You can go to related posts, but we have none yet. So you don’t see that. We want to show comments and we want to show that they offer comments.

Okay. Then we can go through the design and we can change color as well. First, I want to publish it. And then I want to use these colors over here, back back in general and colors, right? That was some bluish.

I want to change it. So I grabbed the first color. Then I grabbed the second color. This becomes green.

The link becomes a screen and it gets the stele of the branding I have in mind, publish that. I want to go back, go back, let me see. Block posts, single pose, layouts design. And if I want the style to be green, I can go to the post title font and select this green color.

And then it becomes green. But I like it the way it is. So I bring it back. I can also pick over here, change the cell or to fonts.

And then I can say extra lights like that can make it bigger. I can make it uppercase. So there’s a lot. You can do that.

The spacing line Heights by letter spacing. I wasn’t bringing back 1. 6. So that’s what I like about reviews by 40 corpses.

When they follow up to make this bigger or different color, I can do it all here. The category funds the breadth prompt. If we have them, the colors of that, the Meda color. So those are just the Meda information.

I can change the colors. So if I will make it, the rats you see in becoming shred over here, I can have a second color, but, um, I like it the way it is near. I can make it bigger if I want to. And again, I can bring it back.

Excerpt colors. If you have an extra over here, Bose loud, you can change the background, but I’ll leave it as it is published and close. So this is how our block goes loose. What I want to do, I want to scroll down.

I don’t want to change or add a text over here. So I go to edit profile, scroll down. I can say something about myself. I am huge, I am a web designer, videographer, and photographer.

I love to use the best tools and gear to create the best possible projects. Since I am learning what the best tools are. I want to teach others how they can increase their increase, the quality of their and results. Something like that.

I don’t know. So change that let’s see. Okay. So if I updated and I go through websites to the block over here, you see something about myself.

And then again, we can go to customize the post layouts, single posts, and then we can look at what looks better? Let me see. Where is it? Show the author box. Normal. Maybe this is better.

So I will use that. Okay. So far so good. If I take a look at the blog page, I want to click on customize.

So I go to block posts, archive, layouts, filter, removes the archive title. If people click on the blog page, I assume they know they’re on the blog page. I do another to show that. And then over here, I don’t like the way it is a show.

It’s scouting off the texts over here so I can scroll down and here as a feature, I can bring this to 16 by nine. That’s what I prefer. So let’s go back on top. So what I want to show, well, this is not applicable anymore because I turned this off.

If I turn it on, I can turn this also on the software. I don’t use it. You can play around with it. Scroll down the archive layout right now.

We see we’ll see three blog posts in a row, normal or narrow. Then there’s a space over here at the left in the earth, right? I, I can say full width. I say normal again. You’re going to have a right sidebar.

And which sidebar do you want? He wants to be boxed like this or unboxed. I like it to be boxed out of three columns. One, two, three. And then here I can say showed a large image show to quality.

It looks better. It will increase your loading time. So it’s up to you. Medium.

Large is fine. Get a grease too. I’ll just show them. Yes.

I want to again, make this look like that title. You can turn it off, made information. Use this sign again. Excerpt.

Yes. And the read more. Okay. Polish close it.

So now we have block posts, which look like this with, uh, titles, links, images, videos, or this area over here about the author. People can leave a reply. You can reply to that. So if I would say, wow, I never knew this was so easy.

I can post the comments. And since I am the owner of the website is what we publish immediately. But if I would go over here, copy it and go to Safari. Face it over here.

I will see the comments and I can leave a reply. What up John though, John at the 30, 30 k. com, you can save it posted Collins. And then they’ll say, you come on this wedding in moderation.

So then I can go over here. I can say approve its reply, quick, edit, edit spam or trash. I approve it. I can reply.

Hi there. Reply. And then you see John Dow and then the reply of me now when their email address is linked to the Gravatar accounts, you’ll see an image over here, three gallons. And if I go to the block, you don’t see that.

If you want that to go to customize, go to the block, posts, archive layout, and over here, Meda show comments. There you are. So again, in the beginning, I will not do it because you won’t have that many comments. You can ask your friends to leave a comment, which is, should be honest because if I would leave this as it is, um, well, never knew this was so easy.

It screams spam. It screams fake. It’s too good to be true. So I would not use it, but I want to show you how we can leave comments.

So since we have done that, I will create a few more blog posts. You’ll see how we’re gonna look over here. And then we will go back to the homepage and Anthony, these blog posts over here. So what I want to do now, I did not prepare this.

I want to find 10 subjects about the thing I want to promote. Uh, I did not prepare this because I want to show you how you can learn how to do this. So I have my beautiful and follow elements review. I did not finish it, but if I would, it will be an amazing blog post.

And then I need to create a new one and a new one. Because if you take a look at the WP, beginner. com, he is not leaving off one blog post. There are so many blog posts over here.

Let me see if I can find an overview block. Well, the 7th of December is the fourth, third, second. So almost every day, maybe except for some days he is supposing something. You look at this one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

He has 2200 block posts. So, and if you take a look at one text image, text headaches, links. So just learn from others. Look at this, look at this.

It’s hard to write a blog post like this every day. So there’s also a way to outsource it. I will talk about it later, but if you need ideas, this is what I will do. And Vato elements or I would go to Google, maybe better.

And then this and Nevado elements, people are searching for this and they get IDs over here, like free. Well, I do not do that. I wouldn’t want to do illegal stuff review. I have that one already pricing so I can create a blog post and the photo elements, blog posts, sub-subjects.

I can say photo elements, pricing is it worth it’s or even better is and photo elements worth it. And if you search on Google for is, and the photo elements are the first thing. So that’s a good goal for me because it suggests that the first it’s not alphabetical order. It’s the w which is at the end of the alphabet.

So M is Envato elements safe. Okay. Let’s talk about is Envato elements safe and then talk about, um, copyright Sarah, how does, and the photo elements copyright work. So all the questions you could have about his program, I assume you use the program.

You promote, what question does it appear? And then answer those questions for all the people that are interested. So again, let’s go back to, and the photo elements, is there a free trial, no bots, you can scroll through everything. Is there a free trial and Vato elements? Thank you. See no bots.

You can scroll through everything because if you’re not logged in and okay, right now, I’m not logged in, but I can go to music. I can listen to it. So this is what you can give us an answer. The fifth one.

Why is and photo elements, or if it’s legit free, safe, or you can just say, and photo elements it ends there. Scroll down, go to the second page and follow elements. Okay. So the next subject I would like is to get unlimited digital assets for your projects.

Can we block posts zero six reviews? You can also go to one of the subjects. So the best stock footage, what a stock video library, the best or press login bundle, and then talk about the amazing plugins that come with it with eight tired of being bur digital asset, check out the photo elements. Next one. Yeah.

What I like to do, how to create a motivational video for just 14 $50. That’s, uh, people are interested. Maybe they don’t want to do it, but they want to read it or watch it just because that’s what I want to make as a video. I’ve got the latest one.

I already of course have the review, but let’s see, Oh, what can you make with the end photo elements subscription? And then just let me see if there’s a question like that. What can you make with the photo elements? Of course, it can also take a look at YouTube and what are people making videos about and follow elements. You’ll get this purpose theme, download free funds, unlimited after effects, video editing examples. Maybe that’s a good one.

So you can show, look at this minus on top. You can make it a blog post about and the photo elements, examples, and then get every category video, next one websites. So all that stuff, you can also get more ideas through a website. So we can go to 30 core.

Let’s come for refs. Like that’s hit enters. It will be redirected. And when you scroll down all the way, there is the being keyword tool.

We click on it and then we choose Google instead of being, and I can search for Envato elements. I choose the United States to find keywords on the robots, and then we get keyword IDs. So it has been searched almost 200, 000 times per month, and then involves elements, login, review coupon, free trial, free subscription, worth it. Promo.

You also can get a, if you go to pricing a seven day trial for one of the packages and they can get much more information that for me, this is doing just fine. And we really start to make a lot of money. I think it’s worded to update so you can know better what people are searching for and add more value to your website. I need to create a lot of blog posts.

I want you also can do go to Ferdi Corp com slash Fiverr and then search for content writers, article blog posts, writing SEO. I’ll do content writing with my fabulous team of pro blog writers. It doesn’t sound too professional so you can browse over here while only one review. So don’t do that seven reviews, five one.

So let me see if I can get a gory website, content or articles and blog posts. Let me see it serves options. I want it to be in English. Let’s say level two is only one.

I will write engaging SEO, friendly article content, writing blog posts, write biters. This is weird. Probably is using it to be found better with let’s say glucagon, take a look at the reviews, what they are doing. All right, to please.

All right. To love. I write with passion, quite some reviews, average response time. You can read about her.

So what you can do now, you can say I’m one SEO article up to 300 words or to 1500 words and they pay more. She will do topic research, use a folk skewer. It’s two proficients delivery time four days. So you can select that.

And then you say, Hey, I want to, uh, I want to write about first, you go through the checkouts and then you can fill in some information. I want to talk more. I want to learn more about it now. I want you to write about auto elements or about evolve elements in combination with video.

But what I prefer when you start out is to start yourself. You need to grind a bit of work for it. That makes it also feel better. When you, when you start to make money with it.

I created this video eight months ago, it took me maybe two days to create it. And now I’m making money with it. Not that’s Martin that much about 160, $36 and or euros in July of two months ago, with something I created eight months ago is not bad. So if I would have a YouTube channel or a website all around that subject, man, eventually you can make a lot of money with it.

So that’s what you can do. I want to create a few blog posts and then I will be back with you since I want this tutorial to be as complete as possible. I will show you how I put, create thumbnails for my blog posts and YouTube videos in Photoshop. So open Photoshop.

Normally I encrypt something like this. I save it again and change it. But how to start from scratch. I click on create new 1920, my thousand 80.

Okay. Then I want to grab the colors of my branding here. I find the first one. Let me see.

I grab gradient to then over here, I click on the color and I paste the color code. Then I go to the second color in my notes. Are your notes. Here it is.

I click over here, base it. Now I want to click on it and drag it from the left up to the right bottom or from left to right. All shifts. So it cannot go anywhere except horizontal.

I’m not that happy with the color. So what I can do, I can make it bigger. So like that, then command O or even better. I go to my Dropbox.

I searched for 30. There it is. You know, that will go for the P and G. Those are smaller images.

Hold space. I use this one. So I drag it over here. That goes maybe a bit bigger.

I think it can be a little bit lighter. I hit enter. I want to go to the adjustment layers over here. You can find them here at the window adjustments.

And I go order a level. I can go over here. The shelter only changes the layer below it. And then I drag this to the left.

And when I released the mouse see, becomes lighter. Okay. So like that, then I go to the text tool I use Avenir. I really like it and say, create a motivational, multi Fational video for $15.

Okay, come on. I want to make it a bigger, bold shift here. And then up, up, up, up, up, up, create space, command a click over here and make it blight. Create a motivational video for, okay.

Command a window, character, and change the height here. Increase created a whole shift, increase it, arrow up. Mode, patient video, making bigger. Let me see how I can play around with the text window character.

Okay. I can see how can I do this? Okay. I grew up myself here showing shift. Maybe I can say no.

The thing is I want to see myself. Maybe I should put myself over here below and then maybe edit, transform, rotate, create a motivational video for just, okay. Let me see if I can make it bigger, but I can do select something around motivational and around a video. Then I clicked on backgrounds.

Plus I bring this to wipe. I go over here to the paint buckets. That is not white. Okay.

Maybe because the screen doesn’t look right. What is denial control? Click on the text or commands. Then I select the layer again and press backspace. Then I click on the text.

I click on this icon to make a mosque. I’m doing a lot. I know you can watch it back. And then I start stuffing.

It needs to be black over here and I can stuff out. I click over here. I hold shift, click here, hold shift, click here. And the same over here, I can do option and scroll.

And they’re like zoom in to make it smaller with the left bracket, key click shift, click shift, click shift, click, or something like that. Of course, I should. Even this hour, there’s more space in here. So I, I should fix that.

Create a motivational video for just $15. What I can do now, maybe I can search for the, and photo elements, logo. Go to images. I grabbed this right mouse, click the safe image.

When I open them, I automatically open them in Photoshop as zoom in. I grabbed this tool. Prime record key copy. Command C goes over here.

They sit. And then here, right? Mouse, click, blending options, color overlay like that’s. So that’s how I can create something really quick. Fowl export, save for weapon.

Save it and give this also the same title as a blog, post creates a motivational video or 15 bucks. Okay. Dan, I go to tiny P and G to make it smaller. Right now, 670 kilobytes.

I want to bring it back to one other 48, edit the post and drag it over here. Update, take a look at the website, go to the blog page. And then it looks like that. So that is what I want to do for all the images over here.

And then I will be back with you. So what I’ve done, I edit images at all the blog posts, but what I want to show you, look at this, this text is cut off. I don’t want that. So imagine I go to this blog post, I click on edit posts.

I did not fill in all the, I did not fill the content yet. I have to do that, remove this update right now. When I want to preview this, let me go to the website. I hold command and click on WordPress.

Then I go over here, here and here. What you see over here is 11 and vital elements, examples, videos. So I think it’s an example. Videos, if are updated, it’s updated in the title.

So if I refresh this, the S is gone, but here it’s still examples. When an 11, how can you fix it over here? The PERMA link, I can remove it. I can remove the S. Now when I update it and refresh this, it goes to this link.

If you don’t see a link like this, but you see something like B 31 ID, blah, blah, blah. They need to go to the back, end to settings permalinks, and then put it to post name and save it twice. Why twice? Because I want to have twins one day. And maybe when a lot of people in the world will click twice over here.

My wife will have twins who know I’m going for it. I go back to the block and now it looks like that. So what else can we do? If I would edit the posts, which I’m doing over here, and I change the image to this one and I update it. It’s an image that is not 60, my nine.

So if I would go to the block, it looked like this. So the text is gone. How can I fix that? Well, I click over here. I click on the image and now I see the aspect ratio.

Well, first you need to optimize your images. How can you do that? You scroll down over here and at the title, you remove all the dishes. There is vacuum cleaning below. I hope you don’t hear it.

I know what a shirt is as I’m seven beats a microphone. I use keeps people out. Sounds like these normally. So there’s a test.

I can still work when they’re affecting cleaning downstairs. So copy the title to the all text. You can have a caption, you can have a description and that’s all good for the search results. So you can also base it.

And then what I want to do, I want to edit the image. Why? Because right now I don’t see this text over here. So I want to use a crop so I can drag something over here and I can do anything. The aspect ratio is not there, but if I would say the aspect ratio is 16 by nine because there’s also the size of the thumbnail.

Now I cannot have any size anymore. I only can make it bigger and select an area. So that’s what I will do. I scroll down and I grab this area.

Then over here, I click on crop and I click on safe. And that’s how we can resize images set as a featured images. Now, when I refresh the page, it is back to the original. So again, over here, edit the post, click on the image, edit the image.

I will turn the text over here. So again, I say 16 by nine. I make it as wide as possible. And I want to have that infographic design text in the image.

So I have to cut off something from this area. So we save it. And then what, it also can do edit image. I can change the size to 90, 20 clicks on the scale, see Mac.

Now the image is a lot smaller. Okay, let me see the block. And now the text infographic design is in the thumbnail. What else can we do? Well, I assume I’m the only author here on this website.

So what I can do now, I don’t need this because people will know that this is from me. So I click on customize all to clean up this area a bit more, come on minus. So I see the result as when you see within a normal screen, I go to the block. Posts are guy layouts.

I scroll down and then over here, what do I want to show the feature image? The categories, the title, meta information. Yes, but not all the meta-information. Don’t show the author. So only the date and the comments.

And then of course the excerpt, which is not here. I have not filled it in yet. And then the remora button, it’s up to you. If you want that, if you turned it off, I think that’s better.

People can click on the link of our, on the image, or on the link. So publish close it’s and we have an excerpt. I go to page two, you see this over here. So if you want to have an excerpt click on the link, edit the post, and here at the right, right.

An excerpt, all alright. Some amazing examples. What you can do with the photo alone, make it appealing the text for it. I think this is a little bit too straightforward.

Make it appealing, make it that people want to click on the link, and then of course deliver over-deliver. So make a really good blog post. So now you see the text over here, the image, the title, of course, the category, the dates, the number of comments, and a small theater, text an excerpt. What else? What I see all those blog posts are from September the seventh, 2020.

If you want to change the order, maybe you’re from Europe or you want to change it. You can go to the back end to settings, reading, excuse me, general. And then here dates for months, you can change it. Well, what I can do, I can hire some people that write 10 blog posts for me, but I don’t want to publish them all at once.

I want to schedule them. So maybe I want to schedule this post for next week. I click over here. I edit the post.

Now what I can do, let me see publish right now. It says, if it’s published on the 7th of September, I can say publish it on the 14th. If I click on update, it says, now schedule over here. So that means if I go through the website, it is not here anymore.

As you see, but exactly the 14th of September or September the 14th on the time I assign it, I scheduled it. It will appear over here. And that is amazing. But it also highly suggest is when people go to a website, they can click over here to be updated, getting a notification over here.

When I have a new blog post, I have a tutorial about that. It’s about one signal Verde. In this video, I will show you how to send push notifications to all the people that subscribe to you by clicking over here, when they enter the website for the first time, and when you enter or publish a new blog post manually or scheduled, they get a notification. And that gives you more traffic.

All those extra videos are in the description of this video. So that’s what you can do. What else? You can also change the day. So to September the seventh, look at this.

This is now the second blog post. If I click over here, I edit the post and I’m bringing it through the 1st of September update. It is not saying anymore. It has gone.

So now it is over here. And then there’s a SS September the first 2020. So in that way, you can schedule things. You can also go to the backend, go to users, add a new user.

You can call him James Bryan and others off him. And James, Brian can be your personal copywriter. So he writes text for your blog posts, or he writes out here, write your blog post, and you can give him, um, the roll-off an author or an editor and the author can create their own blog posts. And then they do also all this information that they will not see that, but they only see information that has everything to do with creating blog posts so they can not delete your website by accident.

They only can hover over new, creating new posts, and add new stuff. And what you also can do then over here is give them your own name. So it says, this is created by the corpse. We can set up by James Bryan and what you also can do when somebody that’s great of the blog post, you can change the author over here.

So I am okay. Go click on quick edit. Well, there are no, uh, other authors yet the one that is the case, you can change that. Okay.

Let me see. I really like the blog post. What I want to do now. I want to have an overview of the most recent blog posts over here.

So I click on edit with Elementor. I close all this stuff. I scroll down the new area. I go to the elements I search for posts.

And this is, uh, this is from, which is the free plugin we installed after we insult Elementor. I can drag it over here. Look at this bomb. The source is posted can be pages or a manual selection.

I can say only upload things from 30 Corp Souk or show things from a certain author or a certain category, certain tax or in a format. I like them all. I want to show six orders by dates, descending. So the most recent one is first.

And then the layout settings. I want to have three columns. Something is going wrong over here, but no problem. We will fix it.

No masonry, just the grit and what I like. I like to, I mean, check it. I want to make it look the same as over here. It’s not entirely possible, but we can give it a try.

Show the image, make it large. So to quality looks better. Showed a title. Yes.

Title tax, age to title length is okay. Shown excerpts. Yes. Excerpt words can be an unlimited expansion indicators.

When, when necessary showed a read more button. Nope. Showed post terms. No.

Showed meta information. Yes. Show the avatar. Nope.

Then I’ll show the author’s name only the date or I can do this. Make it look different. Let me see here. It looks like this is all fine.

Still. I think there should be more spacing between the items just like here. Okay. Thumbnail style.

When I hover over that, it looks like this. When I hover over here and nothing happens, but I can do is a slight hover. So let me see. The title color can be green if we want to, but I like the regular one.

How can I bring this back? Well, I thought I knew I cannot see this, you know, change it and then bring it back when you hover over it. Okay. When I hover over it, I can make it green. They don’t, the left topography can be bigger and here can chase more things.

The hover, when you hover over it, it kind of fades a little bit. So you can say primary and then make it look transparent. That’s and then you can have an icon. Can be anything or say, no, I can bring this back to nothing just like this.

Okay. I like its updates that I can take a look really clean blur on how to implement L limited high-quality SSO elevator projects. Learn more or go to the blog. If I go to the block, I go over here.

If I click on, learn more, I should go to a page about fr elements. I should create that. And what I often do is a dark area or a colored area, North colored never call it. So maybe I should make this background’s little bit, little bit gray.

So it pops out a little bit more. And when I click on update, it refreshes automatically. So there’s the distinction. How do you say that you see is a different area? And if you think to look really close, you see there’s less space over here than over here.

It looks like that. So what I can do is click over here, uncheck this and say on top, I won’t have more space. Okay. This is what you can do.

Looks great. So we can create an about page where you can say something about yourself. I think I still have the page. I’m not sure.

I, I removed it from the area higher on top, but if I would go to forge slash about, yeah, I’m born in 1986, Mehretu, NFL of Noah photographer or designer teacher. Our mission is to help people in creating your website. And then a long story. I think belonged to stories.

I don’t know if they’re relevant anymore. I don’t know if people are going to read this these days. People want things quick, something like this. So it’s up to you.

It felt to know more about elementary three-hour tutorials about it. So I just want to show you how to create an affiliate marketing website and not go into detail about how to grade every page. But, um, yeah, I think there’s amazing, uh, stories. So what you can do over here, look at this.

I click on edit with Elementor I say, right? Mouse click copy. I go to a different page. The tutorial page. I edited the beach.

I click on edit with Elementor and I’ll write. Click paste. Look at that. Then I click on the elements and then the source is posted and I can say categories, only tutorials updates, and then ads blocked.

You see all the blog posts or the tutorials, all that stuff. And then at tutorials, you only see the tutorials, then there’s a contact page. Yeah. This is so simple out of the wood element or I can import something so I can search for a contact.

There’s one. I like there a lot. I like it. And then this one, for instance, inserts, I need to connect.

So I need to get an account at Elementor, which is no problem. You can trust them. And the information they get is to help elements, to make better websites. So they will do nothing weird.

Okay. One more thing or a few more things I can click over here, go to Stell, grab the primary color by mouse, click copy, and then I can base it. Okay. Also here it is green by mouse, click, copy, paste out.

They sell. And that way you can save some time here. You can change the colors, Oh, let’s make this white. And then green, you can do whatever you want to do.

You can fill in an address over here. Uh, I like to keep it really simple. So, you know, I just want to make it really simple. Once I have two areas, few free to reach out to me and then updates, click on the plus, go to the backend, go to plugins, add new search for contact form seven.

That’s a plugin and extra functionality winning our website. Activate I I’m getting ahead of myself a little bit. I go, man, I got him going all kinds of places where I actually should stick with creating the block page. But, uh, yeah, it’s the way it is at the end of this video, you will have a tutorial.

So copy disco. Sorry. I’m going way too quick without saying what I’m doing. Okay.

I installed the contact form plugin. That is a contact form plugin that will help you to create a contact form on your website. When you activate the plugin, you click on contact over here. There’s a code.

You can copy that code and you can base it over here. So I go through the text editor, drag it over here, base its updates. And now it is over here. And when people fill this in, you get a message and you can rely on them.

If you want to know more about it, I have a contact form, tutorial contact form seven tutorial. And there’s mine because it’s the best. 98%, 96%, 94, 95 out is also mine. But you see my tutorials are getting better when I create a new one.

And that’s my whole goal. I want to create the best tutorial story for that weird sound. But I have a little bit of pain in my neck. Just want to make sure to move.

It hurts, but I want to make this tutorial, even when it hurts, sometimes you need pain in order to get the results she wants in life. Okay? And enough blah, blah, blah. I go back to the blog page because that’s where we were. And then when I enter a block page, for instance, the one I created, this one you see at the right, I have these areas.

I want to talk about widgets. And if you want to learn about widgets, why not learn from the best from me now, I’m not talking about me. I’m talking about WP beginner at another. Look at this.

I go to random blog posts and you see over here, nice widgets and widgets features or press plugins. If you click on you go, there is probably an affiliate link from WP beginner. Then how to start a block. That’s an internal link.

Internal links are good for the search results. So if all the pages on this website link to this one, then this will be ranked really well. So just probably the reason why they put it over here. As you see also over here on every page.

So this is what you can do, website blueprints. So again, important links over here or shortcut screening and block WordPress SEO, useful WordPress guides deals. So let’s learn from it and let’s create a new widget area. So we have one over here, one, two, three.

So we have the search bar, the reason posts, and the recent comments. So where can we adjust those areas over here? We can go through the widgets or we can go to the dashboards and then appearance, widgets. And then you see sidebar one over here and you see search recent posts and reasons comments. And when we go to the website, holding command, spur control.

So it goes through a new tip and I go to the blog page and I click on the blog posts. I see search reason, posts, and reasons, comments, what I see over here. So if I would change the order, it’ll save automatically. And if I refresh the page, it looks like that I can also search for and photo elements hit enter, and I see the results over here.

Okay. So what I can do, I can also remove them so I can open this here, click on the lead search, the lead in comments delete. So what do I want to show over here? But I want to show my reason posts, but we didn’t, uh, but with a featured image. So I want to go to plugins, add a new search for recent posts with thump nail heritage install.

Now from Martin tail. Hi, sorry. It’s something like that. Okay.

Now when I go to appearance, widgets, look at this. If I scroll down reason posts with thumbnails. So get on cyber one, scroll down, edit. So I can say in the title, recent posts, how much five I scroll down.

I want to go to the width 80 and the hive 45, save it, refresh. And that our recent posts. I like it. What else? Well, I want to make money with Envato elements.

So what I can do, can go to impact the affiliate partner off and follow elements. Then I scroll down. I go to elements and I can grab this link or I can click on view ads. Okay.

I scroll down and I want to take a look at, um, let me see Wanda, this as, as a, as a little bit wider than this one. How about this one? Cyber threat. I can click on, get the code. I copied it to the clipboard.

Then I go over here and I searched for custom HTML, add a widget. Hey, reload. And I can face the code, save it. And once we let’s say refresh these Envato elements, ready to use creative assets.

And when I click over here, I can go to this page is my affiliate link. So when somebody buys it true that area in the cyber of my website, then I get my money in. That’s what we want. So recent posts or I can also say in the title get, and the photo elements.

What else can I place over here? Over here? I can see more things categories so I can add categories through cyber one, or I can drag it over here. I can say, get a grease. And I can say display them as a dropdown show to posts per count or to expose Scouts, show hierarchy refresh. So now you see the category.

So if I click on reviews, I see six blog posts. I want to click on it. I see the cyber area again, where you use email marketing, which I do. You can also pray something like this.

Tutorials subscribe to my newsletter. I have to throw about its search on YouTube for on the vert on the Hertz kids, tutorial Verde, I need to upload a new one is three years ago. The same principles still apply, but Terry will learn how to create something beautiful, but email marketing. And that can make you a lot of money.

I made sometimes $5, 000 in like four days by sending an email to my email list with haters, a discount code for a coupon for a certain, uh, or a certain theme or beige biller. So this can help you in the long run with making a lot of money with affiliate marketing. So I like it. What else can we do? We can also have widgets.

Where did areas here below I click on customize and then I can go to the footer and here I can have a middle row, top row. Let’s take the middle row, click over here. I can change it to an area like this, a bigger area to smaller areas. And then I click, let me see.

I can click over here, go-to design and I can have the background color. I can make it really dark, something like that. Publish click on the plus over here. And I also have, let me see widget one over here, widget two, and here widget.

I cannot even select it. Let me see. Come on minus. Yeah, widget three, zero publish.

So if I take a look at the website now, other you see not much why let’s go to widgets and then you see food or one. I can add something over here so I can have a simple text at food or one at the widget. And here I can have media uploads files. I was at my logo in white.

I need to go to my downloads, I guess over here, this one, I can optimize it here. Copy base. It showed it full-size there is a hit enter and I can type the text I love. And the photo elements through this website, I want to show you what you can achieve with auto elements.

This website can contain affiliate links. You don’t pay more, but I get credit when you purchase subscriptions. True. My affiliate link, thank you or death, something like that.

You need to have a disclaimer in the text about that, but we still will see nothing past the text stark. So what I can do, I can customize it. And then I go to the footer and the whole row, I can go to design, make the text title white. I can do it here.

Also here. Sort of texting becomes white. What else I can do to publish. Let me see if I can find a big advertisement and I’d like it as you don’t see the size of it.

So I wonder if they were, are working, but I could add, um, this one so I can get the code to the same thing again. Here are the widgets new HTML text, edit to the footer. One base it. I can drag this on top and what I want to do the text.

I want it to be at foot or two. So now this is over here and let me see. It seems not to be loading. Okay.

This can happen. I can also use an eye frame. Okay. Let’s do something else over here.

Add footer area one. I can again, show the reasons posts footer. One was her voice crack 80 and 45 refresh. And then I say over here at the customizer footer, which had one that’s okay.

I go to design this row and then the link colors should also be white. Okay. Publish close. What I also can do then I go to widgets over here and then a footer one.

I say reasons posts the posts and about the tutorial. And I can have something else over here. Again, you can let people opt into your email list or a Facebook live box. And um, what else? Uh, practicing just at the new church for the Facebook black box.

Thank you. Look at the one that has a lot of installations, 30 3006 thousand. Well, then this one is probably the best one to activate and let’s see how you can skip this. Copy this link, go to Facebook.

Let’s go to my page. Can print of this area, copy the link. They see your L and they can generate it, copied his link, go to appearance, widgets, and then photo area three. I can have text like us the code refresh, and that’s what you can do.

And then there are more different things you can have, like the latest messages or the number of friends. Those are like this. So you can play around with that. And again, you can have, you can have more areas below each other, so you can drag this one over here like that.

So you can play around with that until you’re satisfied. I can also go to customize, go to the footer and say over here, I want to have an area like this. And then it’s equally divided. I go to the widgets and then bring this one over here.

So let’s say with the widgets and, um, there are a lot of, uh, blog posts over here. So there’s a lot of empty space or I want to get rid of to, how can I do that at the widgets to the settings would one show, three recent blog posts like that’s the reason, post tutorial. And then one more thing, because I think it will look better. I go to widgets and switch those two.

I like it. I want to make this even darker, customize the footer floor-area design and make it really dark. Like that’s Emma tutorial, reason posts like us. So let’s go back to the blog posts, how we can make sure this will be found better.

It’s time to talk about optimizing your website for the Google search results. So I want to close this and this and I search, or I go to further corporate com for slash or rank meth is better than Yoast SEO, and it is free. I click on download for free and there are ghosts. Then I go to my Beck and I go to plugins, add a new upload plugin.

And I drag it over here. I click on install now and I activate the login. I can connect with a free account. So I want to do that.

I want to use an email and a password 92, or just throw it over here. My name, my email, all to register. And I click over here and I can activate rank math on this site. Okay.

That will go to my own website and look at this easily. I want to leave it simple as it is right now. I just want to focus on optimizing your blog posts so I can do the wizards or I can return to the dashboard. I want to return to the dashboards.

Look at this. Now this orang myth. And I want to let me see, leave everything as it is, turn this one on. Okay.

What I want to do now is if I go to a blog post this one and I click on edit the post. I see how good is this ranking? Well, it is not so I can click over here and here we see a preview. What we would see in Google here, we can have a focus keyword. Where do we want to focus? Well, I want to focus on Anvato elements or review or, and you see now my blog post is doing a lot better and here I can see an analysis of my website.

So hooray. You’re using the focus keyword in the SEO title and volatile elements review. Okay. Folks, keyword nuts are found in your SEO meta description.

So if I scroll up, this is my meta description. I can edit this snippet and I can change it right now. By default, it will show the title separator and the site name. If I want to change that, let me do it quickly.

I click on update. I go to the website, I go to rank math and then I go to titles and Meda and a separator. I want it to be this one. Okay.

I click on save the changes. And again, if you want to follow the tutorial about it, you can go to YouTube to search for rank myth. The tutorial and mine should appear on number one, you can watch that one. That’s an hour.

I will not say another hour of video in this tutorial, but I want to show you how to get ranked better. So, okay. Since we’ve saved it, I can go to the posts and how they all do show the posts while I won’t have a title. And that’s enough for me.

I don’t need a separator. That’s it? Save it. So if I go to a blog post and I edit the post by default, the title is Envato elements reviewed 2020, because it will directly fetch this title. I showed it on Google.

Then we see the URL and thought tutorial. Let’s call it four slashes and then the whole thing. And here is the, and this has been fetched by the excerpts. So my excerpt, if I go over here to settings, I scroll down excerpt, what are Envato elements? And is it worth buying a subscription? So if I click over here, what does involve elements? So it’s getting the excerpt over there.

I can edit it over here. I can change the title. So I can also say, copy this and then say, update it to get some attention. Burma links.

Perfect. And then description. What is the info elements? I can start typing in a way that will give more checkmarks. So right now it says I close this folks.

The keyword is not found in your SEO, made a description so I can edit this. Let me copy this. Let me copy the descriptions. Right? Click over here.

The excerpts. Copy it. Pick up here, edit the snippets basically here. And now is it the word buying a subscription? Find out the pros and cons in this and the Vato elements preview.

So now I have the keyword in the description. This is in the green area and that means that’s good. This is also okay. Okay.

Okay. Update. And now it’s 67. So we’re getting there.

Folks Gira doesn’t appear at the beginning of your content. And farro elements is a subscription service. That’s what name you have to create high-end products like videos, websites, blah, blah, blah. And this and the Vato elements review.

I will show you the pros and guts. So now, and photo elements review is in the first area of the tech. So again, another check Mark content is 362 words called Cedar using at least 600 words. Well, that’s good because his blog post is not finished yet, but since I show you how we can create something like that, I will fix it later.

But in that way, we can optimize our blog posts as well. There are additional or errors. Focus. The keyword is not found in the subheadings.

So what I can do, I can hit enter over here and I can say, and the Vato elements review on inclusion. So to summarize it, something like that. So I make this a subheading. So now, and following elements are reviewed.

A keyword is found in the subheadings, add an image of which your focus keyword is an all text. So I have an image, over here. What I could do is click over here. I can write a caption and I can say the photo element and the photo elements review.

So it’s not a 75. And to be honest, don’t make it a robotic text by trying to get all those checkmarks, make it easy to read in 408 words. I need to make it 600 folks keyword doesn’t appear at the beginning of your content. Well, it is.

So maybe it’s a lot of reading this correctly, but the additionals, uh, okay. Internal links, internal links are so important. So what I can do, I can say over here, want to know more about copy, but in the end, the photo elements, soup scription, find out more in this blog post. Okay, what I will do, I will update it.

I’ll go to the website and a new tab, holding command or control on a PC that I searched over here. Let me see. I don’t know anything about copyright. So copyrights, I go over here.

I want to view it in the notes app. Get rid of this area, this link. I want to copy it and paste it over here. Find out in this blog post, or just when I talk about copyright problems, I can link it to different blog post entries that I can edit it.

Make sure it opens a new tab if I want to. And also here. So if I have internal linking, that means that w people can go within my website from one page to another patient. If you do that, it becomes like beautiful spaghetti.

I don’t know how to say it a different way. Everything is connected to each other. And when you have that within your website, your website will rank better. Keep in mind that the biggest goal for Google is to make money and how can they make more money when people stay on your website and you have advertisements.

So the longer you stay on the website or the visitor stays on the website, the more money they can make. So while you have blog posts and at the end of reading a blog post, they can go to a different page and stay on your website. And then at the word scan or Google can show their ads is better for them. So when you have internal links is my way of thinking, then that’s interesting for Google because people will stay longer on your website.

And that’s why is happy with you and will rank you better. So title readability, folks, skewered is used at the beginning of the SEO title, your title doesn’t contain a positive or a negative, sent him in the word. So these are things to make people want to read your blog posts based on the title. So I can say, is it death? Good question, Mark updates.

And then I can see, let me see title readability, positive or negative, or I can take a look if I don’t get it. And then there’s a blog post. So-net where you can learn more. So it’s, it’s orange.

I want everything to be green content readable. Readability is okay. So what I need to do now, I need to have more texts. I think when I reach 600 words, I should be good to go.

So, so let me trick that for a moment. I think now I have 600 words, 621 words as long. Good job update. I don’t know what this is.

The basic SEO is good. The additional add an image, which is folks keyword as an old text. Oh, sorry. I click over here.

What I need to do. Um, okay. I won’t have a new image, click on the plus image upload. Let me see if I ran them.

Okay. I grabbed this one. Okay. So why the image, this maybe not be the best ID.

So you know what? I will go back, go to the blog, post media. Let me see. Where’s the blog post. I use this one.

So now I can go to the Altecs and I can say Avanto elements a review. So this is the alternative text. I can also use it as a caption description. Okay.

So there it is. Now, if I go to my website, to my blog post, they asked for an image what the all text that says the keyword. And now that should be the case. So now, so 80, this no errors, add an image with your folks, keyword as all textual.

I did that over here. So it’s not fetching it or it’s not getting it yet. Maybe it takes a little bit of time, but this is how you can make your blog post look better. And again, again, again, take a look at people that are successful and model it.

Do not copy it. So again, I go to WP beginner, and then I think, look at how they do it. Title, okay. People are sharing things and share things.

A lot of images mean hover over it. You see, you see the alts, WordPress installation requirements, so requirements. So you need to give all the images, alt texts, Heather’s links, external, uh, um, bold words, a link blue host offer. So in the middle of nothing, what you can do again, I go to impact signing, scroll down, view the ads.

I can get this code, copy it to the clipboard. And then over here, click on the plus search for HTML, custom HTML based it, and then update. That’s saying gluc block. So I just saw that they use an advertisement in their blog post so we can do the same over here when people click on it and they buy it through your link, you get a commission.

So now we have 81 and now our rank is green. So I’m happy. You need to do this with all your blog posts use a lot of internal linking, and I’ve not talked about it yet, but you can go to the back ends. And if we search for plugins at new, we can search for cadence, Gutenberg blocks by cadence blocks.

A lot of installations have already been updated. Recently, this will give you so much more possibilities to create something beautiful. Using the Gutenberg editor, it’s all different tutorials. So you can watch those tutorials on YouTube search for it, but it gives you so much more freedom to do what you want to do.

So what I will do, I will make sure people can share our blog posts. So I go to block and I want people to be able to share this by clicking over here, I’ll share it on Pinterest or LinkedIn. So how can we do that first? I want to close these so we can go back through the back ends. We go to plugins, add new ones.

I’m going to install a plugin that schools, the Ceci or social Ceci. Let me see Ceci, social or oppressed, social sharing, plugin install. Now a lot of installations and the reasonably updated in. So now five stars.

So that’s good. And again, I have a complete tutorial about this one, but I will only use the necessary things in this tutorial. So what we can do now, we can go to the sassy social share, and then I want to go to the standard interface, scroll down, and here I can select what I want to show. And it’s not about your, uh, social media accounts.

It’s about your visitor. So maybe you don’t have to read it. You still can use it there. What happens? There will be a button.

People click on it. They can share it on their Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest. So let me see. I will get rid of Reddit.

I’ll use Twitter. Don’t use this one. Don’t use LinkedIn. No, what’s up.

No mix. I like to use Instagram, Facebook messenger email. So what do we have so far we can see with here at the theme selection. So, okay.

Then I want to save it. Save the changes that I go back to the theme selection. And now I want to take, look at the shape. I want to make it a rectangle and change the width to one 30, click on the plus Nancy updated version.

Bring this through 40 no border, no different colors. I like to leave it the way it is. This is a sort of floating interface. I don’t need that.

So I click on save the changes. Then I go to the floating notes to the standard interface I enable. It’s a sort of floating one. I unable it.

I go through the standard one target URL. That means which page should be shared. So if I would go to a certain block post here, see it already. Let’s say this one.

Should it share this page? Which seems to be the best thing to do or it should it share it a homepage? Well, of course, the URL of the webpage, where the icons are located, the title, I don’t need a title, Instagram username. You want to, you can say Verde corporate soup. So if somebody shares it, you will be tagged and then I can change the order. But I like it here.

I can select everything. The horizontal alignment in the center top of the contents, or do you want to shoot at the bottom or both? I like to show both this for the, uh, locked pro version. I don’t need that. Where do all the show? It only on all the posts that’s it showed a dull, Sheriff’s wall.

If you have a website with a lot of physics, they’re saying you can turn it on and that can help all the people to share it. If they see it’s shared over a lot of times, then they can also share it and they will. The more I can Nope, save the changes. And now if I go to the homepage, I do not see it.

But if I go to a certain block page, I see on top and at the bottom, what I prefer is to, um, show two more because this looks a little bit weird. So I go to the backend to plugins or over here to the sissy social share, floating note, standard interface. And then I can select a few more WhatsApp and Google Gmail, save them. And then it looks like this here on top and at the bottom, since we have more blog posts, we see here to decks, we see it, something about the author.

We can go through the previous blog posts or the next one we can go to similar posts. All of these are also internal links, which is good for the ranking. So people can leave a comment. You can reply to it here on the right.

We have the reason posts. We have categories. We have the links. So it’s all about providing value in exchange for people clicking on the links so they can buy the things you promote.

So the more value you offer, the more people will come and the more people will come. The better. The content is longer. They will read the longer they read.

The more Google knows that this is a good website, the better you will rank. So it’s all about overdelivering, adding so much value to your website about the thing you want to promote. I have an update. So I click over here.

I can select the thing element or has updates. I update it. And that’s how easy it is to update things within ELA mentors. So if I go to my blog post, I’m talking about this one, I use an affiliate link.

So if I click over here, you see this link over here, right? Mouse, click copy the link address. This is my affiliate link. And when you want to create a video for instance, and you posted on YouTube and you want to have an affiliate link below the video, this just does not look good. So how can we make this better? We go to the backend and I go to plugins, add new ones.

And I search for reading di correction. Then I click on install. Now I want to activate it. What I can do.

Now I can go through the setup if you don’t see that. So you can go to tools, redirection, and I click on, start setting up and I click on, continue, set up, finish it up. That’s it finished. I click on redirection again and I can add a new direction over here, the source URL.

So I can create a URL and the FSA for a slash that means that the link is and the tutorial. com for slash. And then I can say Anvato elements. So E or, and photo elements, whatever you want.

I say, E and photo dash elements. Make sure this link is not already taken by a blog post or a page. I think it is so I can say and follow elements, do something like that. And then when I paste the real link here, people don’t have to click over here, but they can click on this link.

So I click on add redirection. And now when I grabbed this over here, I copy it. And I base it over here. Then this should be in the affiliated link.

So when I click on enter, hit, enter, I go to this link. So now when I would go to YouTube and I go to, and the photo elements 30, I can place a link. I can even say, get a 50% discount. And the photo elements base, link, shift, anther, save it.

I go to the video and now it looks like this. And for slash when people click on it, they go to photo elements. So even when they are searching, so if a tutorial or an auto elements Verde, it has to be refreshed, but they will see the link over here already. So this is amazing and that looks better than the other one.

So let’s go back to the website and tutorial. One more thing, customize the website. We can change our icon over here, and I go to site identity and I can select it. And I can, I’m searched for one, just to show you, it needs to be a square one or fave icon.

This wall, for instance, just use, uh, to, uh, initials FC, if preferred Corp with a C and it needs to be square. I open it. And when I do that, I selected skip. The cropping is it will be seen over here.

So in this way, when you have a lot of steps opened, you can see the Vista can see where my website is. So this is what you can do. So what is next? Well, it is the case is important that you create a lot of high-quality blog posts. Uh, you know how to write a blog, post, how to create it in Gutenberg.

You know how to get ideas for new blog posts. You know how to have images out. You can let people share things out to get more engagements. When people comment on your posts, you know how to share this on Facebook.

So if I have this over here, you can also share it with yourself this way. So make sure you let other people know what you have on the website and then they can visit that, sorry, your website will rank better. And then the most important thing is to add more value through block posts. What I personally like to do is to make videos.

If you want to learn how to do that, then go to flirty Corp that’s com. I have a free course on YouTube on how to do it. It’s already two years old, but it’s still amazing. The principles still apply.

Whereas it’s let me see bio best course building your own business and succeed in the air. I will talk about a lot of things, but let’s go to create an instructional video. If you click over here, I will show you how to create a video with a lot of different tools. And I even made a newer video Verde corporates book equipment is older footage.

If you do, maybe it’s not the right pronunciation. Maybe it’s not the right search word. Let me go. Let me search for 25 thousand now.

Okay, let’s go to my general videos and here just YouTube studio tutorial here. I explained even more on how to create a beautiful studio, how to record yourself while, look at this, how to work with lights and stuff. And then in the other video, this one I’ll show you how to record your own screen. And those two combined will help you to make videos, how to edit videos and how to start a YouTube channel, and then the YouTube channel, those videos.

So can be implemented into your website. As you see over here, and they can combine it and have a blog post and a video. You can post things on Instagram, on Facebook. You can share all the new stuff you have on those websites on all your social media platforms.

And that’s where you can get more traffic to grow your online business, get your first sale. That’s the important thing because if you can have your first Hill, the second one, and the third Longbow will be so much easier. And now I have more than 10 sales per day by doing what I love to do, helping out people through blog posts, through videos, through adding value, and promoting digital things on the internet, in exchange for a commission. When people buy the thing I promote so well done.

You created a website. You found a subject where you can promote something on and you create a few blog posts on it. So congratulations. Now it’s time.

As I said before, to create more blog posts, I’ve shown how we can do that. And then I look for it that you are going to get your first sale. They are second, third, and they can grow. You can add more subjects to your blog post.

You can promote other things. So if you promote a comforting gift, for instance, or another email marketing tool, you can promote the different email marketing tools, comparing them to each other. Some choose overtly gets auto, choose drip. And if you are affiliated with all of them and you create a top five with the best email marketing tools, you can promote them all and you can get permissions when people buy one of them.

So good luck with your journey. I promise you the more effort you put into it, the better it will go. Once you can do this, you can use ConvertKit or email marketing to get more sales, grow your email list, give something for free in exchange for the email address. And then when somebody has a special deal or ConvertKit or something else who promotes, then you can send an email to all those people, and you can get a lot of money.

In a short time, I have $5, 000 a few times in three days or four days just by emailing a group that was interested in page builders, and there was a special deal. So that’s how it can go work hard. And then in a few years months, depending on how you work, how hard you work on it, and how good the qualities of your content are, you will reap the benefits. Unethical, give you more time to work on our online business.

So man, good luck. And I hope to see you in the next video, feel free to like this video subscribe and I hope you have a great day. Bye-bye.