146 million pieces sold annually! Regarding CMOS chips, domestically produced “newcomers” have reached the top in the world in four years

Translated from the Headlines (Toutiao 头条新闻)

Author: Science and technology flute (科技小笛)

Chips are called “industrial food”, as small as Bluetooth headsets, as large as airplanes and ships, they are inseparable from their drive. Its importance is self-evident. my country’s total imports of various types of chips each year exceed 300 billion.

However, the rapid development of Huawei and other Chinese companies has attracted the hatred of the United States. Since its implementation of the cut-off, the process of localization of chips has become the hottest topic in the domestic market, because this is a must for the rise of my country’s information industry. Through the road, and Chinese technology products cannot always be under the roof of others.

To this end, the relevant departments have set a goal of achieving 70% chip autonomy by 2025. It is worth emphasizing that the chips mentioned here are not only mobile phone chips, but also include thousands of automotive chips, PC-side chips, and other fields. Hundreds of chips.

Chips are one of the largest semiconductor industries. The difficulty of achieving self-sufficiency can be imagined. TSMC Zhang Zhongmou has repeatedly issued advice that it is difficult to succeed in our commitment to independent core manufacturing and will only cause unnecessary waste of resources. However, as BYD Wang Chuanfu said, even the most sophisticated technology and equipment are man-made, not god-made.

Moreover, after experiencing this unforgettable pain of “stuck neck”, the rise of China Core carries the expectations of 1.4 billion Chinese. What’s more, under the strict chip technology blockade in the United States, apart from facing difficulties and winning, there is no way out.

The good news is that after nearly two years of precipitation, the domestic market has continued to spread ice-breaking news in various subdivisions of chips, such as lithography machines, photoresists, and etching machines. Moreover, the domestic production capacity of low-end mature chips has reached the production level of 1 billion per day! This is enough to prove that we have the strength to rewrite the backward situation of the chip industry.

Recently, the domestic chip market has once again reported heavy news. The “new” domestic chip giant Si Tewei is one step closer to listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It is reported that Siteway plans to raise 2.8 billion funds through this IPO, and 90% of the funds will be used to upgrade and industrialize the company’s CMOS chip-related projects.

CMOS chip is a kind of low-power memory and is the main component of many electronic products. It is widely used in security monitoring, intelligent vehicle electronics, machine vision, and other fields. However, more than 70% of the global CMOS chip market has been divided by the famous Sony and Samsung, while the self-sufficiency rate of the domestic market is less than 10%.

Nowadays, with the advent of the Internet of Everything era, the market demand for this chip has increased substantially, but under the intervention of the United States, our road to import CMOS chips has become more and more difficult in recent years. Therefore, if we want to meet the huge domestic market demand, we can only do it ourselves to achieve adequate food and clothing.

Siteway has stepped forward in this situation, and its main business is not only the research and development, and design of CMOS chips, but also the sales of the chips. Although it has only been four years since the establishment of Smartway, the achievements of this Chinese enterprise have made people proud of it.

Public information shows that Siteway sold 146 million CMOS image sensor chips in 2020, ranking first in the world in terms of sales! Not only has it reversed the successive losses in the previous two years, but the net profit has reached 120 million yuan, which has greatly reduced the pressure on R&D investment.

In the first three quarters of this year, Siteway’s revenue has reached 541 million, and its rise can be described as rapid. At the same time, Siteway has also received a lot of capital’s favor and settled in, which is enough to prove that it is now Market influence and popularity.

In fact, this is just a microcosm of the rise of the domestic chip industry. In addition to Siteway, BYD has also recently broken the barriers of high-end IGBT chips. Although Apple and other US companies want to buy at high prices, Wang Chuanfu has made it clear that they refuse to sell to foreign countries. In addition, large domestic companies such as Ali and Gree have also cross-border core manufacturing and have achieved good results.

It can be expected that with the unremitting efforts of domestic companies, we will have more and more say in various chip fields in the future. As for those regions that are unwilling to sell our chips, the result of waiting for them may be forever Excluded from our market.