Gaddafi and his son gave a speech at the 2009 United Nations Conference: playing with a handkerchief for 15 minutes and scolding for more than 100 minutes

Translated from the Headlines (Toutiao 头条新闻)

Author: Nan gong Xin (南宫欣)

On the afternoon of October 24, 2011, on the outskirts of Port Misrata, the third-largest city in Libya on the Mediterranean Sea, a local vegetable market had long been closed, but thousands of people lined up at the door.

At the end of the team, there was cold storage guarded by soldiers, and you could still smell the fishy smell of meat remaining at the door.

Of course, these people are not here to buy food. There are many international journalists with cameras and IDs on the team.

A group of Libyan soldiers armed with weapons watched everyone warily, shouting: “Hurry up! Hurry up! Everyone can only stay for one minute!”

But no one here would have an appetite for the “meat” in the cold storage.

Omar Muammar Gaddafi, and his son Mutasim Bila Gaddafi, the supreme ruler and successor of Libya half a year ago, are now covered by a black and white blanket and a red and yellow blanket. Hastily wrapped up, reduced to a corpse that was left to criticize, onlookers, and confirmed that he was genuine.

Even Saddam, who was sentenced to hanging, did not suffer such humiliation after his death: Gaddafi’s tragic scene of bare shoulders, bloodstained face, and bruises from blunt beatings was captured by thousands of people with mobile phones and cameras, spread all over the world.

If Gaddafi knew about it after his death, he would definitely regret the arrogant speech he gave two years ago.

Mentor’s calculations

Two years ago, on September 22, 2009, a special plane carrying Gaddafi and Mutasim took off from Tripoli, the capital of Libya. The 27-year-old man who took power in a surprise attack on the Libyan palace has been in Libya for 40 years. The “revolutionary mentor and brother leader” of the people.

As the plane flew over the Atlantic, Gaddafi still had a narcissistic look, admiring a booklet in his hand.

This booklet is his speech to be delivered at the United Nations General Assembly the next day, and every symbol on it has been personally reviewed by the head of state.

The reason we say this is because according to subsequent developments, secretaries who are familiar with the rules of international politics never dare to draft such a manuscript-of course, they dare not propose any amendments to this great leader, otherwise, they would not Will be on this luxury plane, but has long been in exile in a prison or overseas.

Such a thick booklet, of course, cannot be finished within the 15-minute time set by the UN General Assembly, but who did Gaddafi care about?

Not to mention that since 1969, all the forces opposed to him in Libya have been wiped out under his hands, that is, he has done such important things as nationalizing all the oil fields in Libya of the two major powers of Britain and France, expelling the United States and the Italian army. Clean and neat, without leaving any sequelae.

In addition to the iconic Egyptian legendary President Nasser, who in the entire Arab world has such a glorious record and prestige?

As for the African continent, let alone.

In September last year, in Benghazi Port, the second-largest city in Libya, more than 200 tribal chiefs with crowns and goldenrods gathered in his palace and respectfully awarded the title of “king of kings”.

Under his leadership of Gaddafi, the future of Libya is the combination of the Arab empire spanning three continents in Asia, Africa, and Europe and the hegemony of the entire African hegemony.

The premise is that the powerful United States and Europe will not hinder itself.

For this, Gaddafi “has a good idea.”

His calculation is like this: Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, he has taken a variety of measures to improve relations with the United States, such as keeping a distance from Saddam in Iraq, acknowledging the “Lockerbie Air crash” terrorist attack many years ago and be the victim. Offer a huge compensation of 10 million U.S. dollars;

For example, for the past benefactors and the United States, Libya not only actively cut off oil cooperation since the Soviet era but also directly used religious excuses to support the rebellious Muslims in Chechnya.

As for China, another rival of the United States, Gaddafi has directly touched the red line: maintaining official contacts with the Taiwan region and receiving its leader to visit Libya in a high-profile manner.

On top of all decisive and no retreat “vouchers”, Gaddafi believes that there are multiple insurances that can protect him and the West from writing off his old accounts.

This trick is also very simple. It is to secretly bribe British Prime Minister Blair, the US heavyweight Senate McCain, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and many other Western political giants to form “good friends.”

McCain flew to Benghazi, the “Holy Land of Coronation” last month, and negotiated a huge arms sales bill with their father and son. Isn’t this ironclad evidence that the United States and itself “relieve their previous suspicions” and “reconcile back to good”?

By the way, U.S. President Barack Obama, who was elected last year, is still of African descent, both of whom are African brothers. Gaddafi looked down at his speech. His address to Obama was: “Our son.”

As long as he targets the white American president, Obama will surely remember his responsibilities to Africa. Regardless of whether Gaddafi thinks like this, every word in this speech has not been changed.

The most arrogant speech in history

On the morning of September 23, 2009, Gaddafi took his son Mutasim into the UN General Assembly debate venue. Amidst suits and shoes, his Arab Bedouin tribe’s traditional robes and explosive hairstyle can be recognized at a glance. out.

It took U.S. President Barack Obama 35 minutes to finish his speech, but this can be regarded as a tradition of the UN General Assembly. U.S. Presidents have always had the privilege of overtime.

After Obama, it was Gaddafi who stepped into the UN General Assembly for the first time in 40 years.

Under the full eyes of the crowd, he ignored the staff who came to invite himself and fiddled with the handkerchief for 15 minutes before he took out the long-prepared pamphlet and walked onto the podium—not the few pages that other leaders had at most. Of lectures.

The first sentence of the opening shocked the leaders of various countries who are accustomed to using diplomatic language: “This is a place for the big talk!”

Although this sentence is straightforward, it is not entirely wrong, so even if the heads of countries listen to him Gaddafi put on an empty talk for 15 minutes, it is nothing.

But everyone miscalculated. If you want to use two words to summarize Gaddafi’s next speech, it is a curse.

And it wasn’t 15 minutes, but someone who had scolded for more than 100 minutes. Who is the one being scolded? Simply put, everyone except Obama.

The United Nations Security Council is a truly powerful institution of the United Nations, with the legal power to wage war against a country, and the representatives of the five permanent members sit behind Gaddafi as the permanent vice-chairmen of the United Nations General Assembly.

Gaddafi scolded: The Security Council is nothing more than a “Terror Council”, and the whole of Africa should get a permanent seat in the name of the African Union.

In 2009, Gaddafi was the rotating chairman of the African Union. Even the Security Council can scold him, and the next step is to enter his free play stage.

——Former US President Bush and former British Prime Minister Blair were the “butchers” who launched the Iraq War;

——The Israelis were the murderers who assassinated Kennedy;

——The new flu is a biological weapon made in the United States;

Climate change, food crisis, economic crisis, and even the reform of the United Nations, Gaddafi seems to want to vent all the grievances he has received from the great powers over the past 40 years.

“Please concentrate. All of you are tired and have jet lag…you are all asleep.” Gaddafi knocked on the table at the Venezuelan President Chavez who was yawning, and his speech had already exceeded one. Hour.

For simultaneous interpreters in the UN General Assembly speech, every second consumes extreme energy. In order to maintain their working conditions, as usual, each interpreter can only work for 40 minutes.

When Gaddafi was speaking for 90 minutes, a roar that was obviously not a translation came from the earphones of the audience in the seat: “I can’t stand it!”

It turned out that the simultaneous interpreter had been tortured by 90 minutes of fast and peculiar Gaddafi-style Arabic to the point of collapse. Fortunately, Rasha Agayakin, the head of the United Nations in charge of Arab affairs, came forward and finished the last 20 minutes of translation for everyone.

The Libyan foreign minister in the audience has been desperately shaking his head, covering his face with both hands.

“The introduction to the Charter says that all countries are equal, no matter how big or small. African countries should have a place in the permanent members of the Security Council.”

Gaddafi ended his speech with the last sentence that was decent, but the following actions woke everyone present:

He turned his head and pointed his finger at the vice-chairman of the five permanent members behind him, and threw the UN Charter directly on the ground.

In the entire speech, the only person who received praise was Obama. Gaddafi said, “Our son… is a ray of light in the dark… He should always be the President of the United States…”

But Obama did not hear these words. After he finished speaking, he walked out of the meeting and went to the meeting hall to rest.

Including Rasa, all the translators who interpret for Gaddafi after the incident were given a year off to heal their serious injuries.

The price of arrogance

Gaddafi thought he could retreat after this unprecedented arrogant performance by flattering Obama and bribes to European and American leaders, but he didn’t know that he had committed an outright fatal mistake.

Leaders of major powers never care about anything in a few words. For these big players who determine the destiny of the world, every point in their minds is a carefully calculated benefit.

Gaddafi intends to use 140 tons of gold as a reserve to issue “non-yuan” to bypass oil exports that rely on U.S. dollars. This has committed the deadly crime of “killing without pardon” in the eyes of the United States.

The Organization of African Unity and the African Union that Gaddafi has tried hard to promote will make France, which has always regarded the French-speaking region of Africa as its “big rear”, lose the most important capital of world power.

As for directly intervening in the internal affairs of China and Russia, it is touching the scales of the two countries. Libya will no longer find a strong and reliable ally like the Soviet Union in the Cold War era.

Just one year and three months after the speech at the UN General Assembly, a sudden nationwide protest was set off on the streets of Libya, which had been quiet for 41 years. The people chanted slogans demanding that Gaddafi step down immediately and carry out political reforms.

From the internal affairs of Libya, Gaddafi has nothing to do with his own people.

After the oil was nationalized, although he personally lived a luxurious life, the whole people also enjoyed free medical care and education, the state implemented price subsidies for food and other necessities, most families had cars, and domestic calls were completely free.

In Tripoli and Benghazi, there are tens of thousands of affordable housing units. These housing units are funded by the government. Libyans who start a family can obtain them at very low or even symbolic prices.

Believing that with his ruling achievements, the Libyans will stand by his side, Gaddafi decided to use force again to resolve the protests.

However, the Security Council, which he called the “Terror Council”, immediately showed him what real power is.

On March 17, 2011, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council unanimously passed “UN Security Council Resolution 1973”, deciding to initiate military intervention in Libya.

France immediately took the lead in dispatching its air force to carry out airstrikes against the Libyan government forces, and the United States and Britain quickly followed up.

When Russian Prime Minister Medvedev was asked about his attitude towards the situation in Libya, he said coldly: “The Gaddafi regime has lost its legitimacy and he must step down.”

And China released the title of Dou Da in the media: “Gaddafi is not an old friend of the Chinese people”;

The Libyan government forces that used to run rampant in North Africa fell apart within half a year. On August 22, Gaddafi and his son fled Tripoli hurriedly and sought refuge in their hometown of Sirte.

At 8 o’clock in the morning on October 20, 2011, Gaddafi’s convoy was spotted by a French plane during the transfer. With the swift bombing and intelligence notification, Gaddafi was surrounded by the opposition legion and could not escape.

Gaddafi could only find a sewer on the side of the road in a panic and hid.

On the endless desert ground of Libya, such a struggle can only be self-deception. The opposition soldier Sanad Sadiq Ulay, like catching a chicken, lifted him out of the sewer.

After enjoying the torture and humiliation of the “king of kings”, Urebi faced the Misrata soldiers who came to grab the credit and fired two shots with Gaddafi’s beloved golden pistol against his head. Another shot was made under the armpit, and Gaddafi’s body was handed over to the opponent.

Mutasim was also executed on the spot. The Misrata people dragged the corpses of Gaddafi and his son to the streets of Sirte to show them off before throwing them into a truck and transporting them back to the vegetable market outside Misrata for refrigeration.

There is an old Chinese saying: Yelang is arrogant. Gaddafi, who had been in power in Libya for 40 years, eventually died of his arrogance.