Good news came from C919 and CR929 one after another! Whether China can buy Boeing planes, the US government says it doesn’t count

Translated from the Headlines (Toutiao 头条新闻)

Author: Sun Xuwen

At the end of September this year, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Raymondo tried to use political interference to force Chinese companies to buy passenger planes from the American Boeing Company. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded immediately to the non-discriminatory demands of the United States. The reason why China has the confidence to be angry with the United States is that, on the one hand, as the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying said, whether or not Chinese companies can buy Boeing passenger planes is a matter between enterprises, and the US Department of Commerce is not qualified to intervene;

On the other hand, in the past few days, there have been two great news in the field of China’s civil aviation industry. One is that the C919 passenger aircraft is undergoing test flight, and the other is that the gas generator prototype of the CR929 passenger aircraft engine has been assembled. Two great news have been developed and manufactured by the Chinese aviation industry. The determination and confidence in high-quality domestically produced large aircraft have become firmer.

During the 13th China Zhuhai Air Show, which ended shortly before, COMAC revealed to the outside world that there are currently six C919 passenger aircraft undergoing test flights in an orderly manner according to the previous planned nodes, and the airworthiness certification subjects will be completed immediately. Deliverable. As a large-scale civil passenger aircraft with independent intellectual property rights developed by China, the C919 passenger aircraft has attracted great attention from the outside world since its inception.

It carries the Chinese people’s dream of realizing the domestically produced large aircraft and breaking the ardent hope of the US and European companies’ monopoly on the manufacture of large civil airliners. In January 2009, the C919 passenger aircraft project was formally approved. After the efforts of COMAC, the first flight of the C919 passenger aircraft was successful in May 2017. After that, a series of flight and operation tests were carried out. The results showed that the C919 passenger aircraft was in compliance with commercial operation. Standards.

Although the C919 passenger plane has not yet obtained the airworthiness certificate, its order has been softened. According to incomplete statistics, up to now, the C919 passenger aircraft has received more than 800 confirmed orders and about 200 expected orders. COMAC stated that this year and next year will be a breakthrough year for the development of the C919 passenger aircraft. It is expected to obtain an international airworthiness certificate by the end of this year and formally put into commercial operation early next year, becoming China’s first domestically-made trunk airliner to be officially operated.

When Chinese people travel in the future, they will no longer be limited to the airliners of the two giants Boeing and Airbus, but can also choose the domestically-made C919 airliner. COMAC stated that the C919 passenger aircraft equipped with a number of new technologies does not lose to the passenger aircraft of Boeing and Airbus in terms of safety or passenger experience. While successfully operating the C919 passenger aircraft, COMAC will speed up the production schedule and strive to deliver orders to customers as soon as possible.

When the C919 passenger plane is about to be put into operation, the CR929 passenger plane jointly developed by China and Russia has also entered the fast lane of development. On October 12, local time, the Russian National Technology Group website announced that the Group’s United Engine Manufacturing Company has completed the assembly of the PD-35 engine gas generator prototype, and the PD-35 engine will provide power for the CR929 passenger aircraft.

According to experts in the aviation industry, the gas generator is the “heart” of an aero engine and is used to drive the motion of the engine blades. According to the report, the first batch of prototypes have completed preliminary tests, and the structure shows that the components and systems of the product are operating stably. Next, the technicians will also test the operation of the prototypes with pressurized hot air. Professionals said that if the research and development of the gas generator progresses smoothly, the research and development of the entire engine will also go smoothly.

According to Russian media reports, the PD-35 engine is the largest civil aviation engine independently developed by Russia since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, with a thrust of up to 35 tons. At the same time, the PD-35 engine also uses a variety of new materials and new technologies, both in terms of service life and fuel performance, compared with the existing civil aviation engines, it has an extremely significant improvement.

It is worth noting that the PD-35 will also use 3D printing technology in production, which will greatly increase the yield and production speed of the PD-35 engine. According to reports, the PD-35 engine will complete the development and testing of the entire machine around 2025, and mass production will be achieved in 2028, while the CR929 passenger aircraft is expected to be put into operation in 2029, when the two will be seamlessly connected. It is reported that the CR929 passenger aircraft has a higher range and passenger capacity than the C919 passenger aircraft, mainly flying international long-range routes.

The domestically produced large aircraft is of great significance for seizing the Chinese civil aviation market. According to the calculations of COMAC, in the next 20 years, China’s demand for more than 50 civilian passenger aircraft will exceed 9,000, with a total value of US$1.4 trillion. In addition, as the number of people in China choosing to travel by air continues to increase, by around 2040, China is expected to surpass the United States and become the world’s largest single aviation market.

In the past few decades, the two giants, Boeing and Airbus, have eaten up the dividends of the rapid development of China’s civil aviation industry, and they have made a lot of money in the Chinese market. With the arrival of the C919 and CR929 passenger planes, the duopoly situation may be gone forever.

It is foreseeable that the success of domestically produced large aircraft will have unprecedented impact on the two giants, Boeing and Airbus. As the American media is concerned, as the C919 and CR929 passenger aircraft “ride the wind and waves”, Boeing’s dominance in the Chinese civil passenger aircraft market will not be guaranteed.