How poor is India in the future?

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Author: Behind the historical truth

Many people now believe that India has huge potential, especially the West, which controls the world’s public opinion. It is an even more ulterior motive to exaggerate India’s development and potential. So in many respects, the prospects of India are constantly boasted. There are even the media saying that the future of India will even surpass the United States. This is actually a big mistake. India’s development was actually doomed from the very beginning, and from the perspective of the future, the potential is small and even lonely. So how poor is India in the future? You may not think of it.

Many people will find that, in addition to their own bragging, the development of India is often a digital game. In particular, this country has actually fallen into a huge crisis. This crisis has caused India to decline before it is old. This crisis is the widest gap between the rich and the poor in the Indian world. The gap between the rich and the poor in India is the widest in the world. The wealthiest groups account for 80% of the wealth.

And the poor 1 billion people are desperately poor, and it is difficult to get enough food and clothing. The result of this is that under the dominance of the caste system and unequal religious ideology, one billion people will be content with the status quo, lose their fighting spirit, and cause the deepest crisis in India, that is, the country loses its motivation to flow.

More directly, in the process of India’s independence, the feudal system, religious remnants and superstitions were not resolved, nor were internal divisions and ethnic and religious contradictions resolved. As a result, the rural areas of India are still dominated by landlords, and most of the farmers are tenant farmers. The contradictions between the majority of untouchables and the high caste groups have become more intense.

The Indian government has also deliberately created contradictions between ethnicity and religion, making India’s division and disintegration more and more accelerating… Because of this, the future development of India will become more and more difficult, except for digital games, it is difficult to solve The issue of development. Moreover, internal contradictions have made India’s internal consumption and internal volume more serious. As a result, the internal war has intensified, and the country is more and more inevitably falling into a situation of collapse and disintegration.

From the current point of view, India is still facing the problem of high debt. The country is not solid in basic industries, making the country more and more unable to make ends meet. If there is another crisis, India may go bankrupt directly…So for the future of India, there are only three results. First, the country continues to decline, especially the poor people at the bottom.

The second is that the country is going bankrupt, especially facing the same dilemma as Venezuela, because the country is completely impoverished due to insufficient income and debt pressure. The third is that the country will eventually disintegrate due to ethnic and religious contradictions. The result is that Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, and even the Ottoman Empire back then will inevitably be miserable and impoverished.

Therefore, it is difficult for India to become rich in the future, and poverty will be inevitable. In order to solve these problems, India must have a profound revolution, especially to break feudalism and superstition. But looking at it now, it is impossible for India to solve these problems. So India’s future will be a very poor country, we will wait and see. What do readers think about this? Welcome to leave a message and discuss with the editor!

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