North Sentinel Island, India: No murder is guilty, the intruder will surely die if you break into it, the only place outside the law in the world

Translated from the Headlines (Toutiao 头条新闻)

Author: First battlefield dismantling officer(第一战场拆解官)

On October 8, the United Nations Human Rights Council voted and approved a draft resolution on the “death penalty issue” promoted by French President Macron and submitted by European countries. The final vote was 29 votes in favor, 12 votes against, and 5 abstentions. Passed successfully.

It is worth noting that Asian countries such as China, Japan, and India generally voted against it, but it is still difficult to change the absurd practice of Western countries using so-called “legal” means to interfere with other countries’ justice.

You must know that in the traditional culture of Asian countries, especially China, “killing and paying for life, paying debts” is the most basic moral standard. Even India, which is actively aligning with Western systems and judicial systems, opposes the abolition of the death penalty.

As we all know, the application of the death penalty is for those who commit serious crimes, seriously endanger others, or social security. The death penalty is irreplaceable for severely punishing offenders, deterring and educating those who have criminal attempts, pacifying the victim’s bereaved family, maintaining normal social order, and human ethics. The role of.

Even if the European countries abolished the death penalty, they have also established a strict alternative punishment system. For example, some crimes can be sentenced to 100 years in prison, which is no different from the death penalty, but the deterrent effect is obviously not comparable to the death penalty.

Whether it is the abolition of the death penalty or the substitution of other punishments for the death penalty, today in the 21st century, human society has entered a civilized society where human behavior on a legal and moral scale is adopted. Any crime will be sanctioned by the laws of various countries. There is no doubt.

But in this legal society created by mankind, there is a different kind. It is located in the North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal but belongs to India, also called North Sentinel Island.

The reason why North Sentinel Island is a different kind of modern human society is that on this island, all foreign intruders will be brutally killed by the locals, and the killing of foreigners will not be held accountable by India. Said to be the only place outside the law in the world.

North Sentinel Island is located in the Bay of Bengal, far away from the Indian mainland. Although it is nominally Indian territory, because the small island is self-enclosed, the Indian government almost never has substantive jurisdiction over North Sentinel Island. The local residents on the island also hate anything. Outsider.

North Sentinel Island is actually very small. It is about 12 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide. Most of the islands are flat. The highest are the small hills on the island, with an altitude of 98 meters and the total area of ​​the island is about 59.67 square kilometers.

The island is densely forested and shades the sun. The island is surrounded by coral reefs. The scenery is beautiful and it can be called a pure land.

The indigenous inhabitants of North Sentinel Island are called sentinels. They are not tall, dark-skinned, and look similar to Africans, and they live a primitive life of ruining hair and drinking blood.

They have their own simple and unique language, but it is difficult for outsiders to understand, just like a bird’s call.

According to related investigations, the Northern Sentinel have lived on this island for 60,000 years. Their ancestors are likely to come from remote African Homo sapiens. They are significantly different from Asian races. They can be distinguished by their brown-black skin. come out.

And they did not migrate to this island voluntarily. It was probably due to the movement of the earth’s plate. The group of people was brought here by the drifting movement of the island. Then the sea level rose and gradually flooded the surrounding islands.

Since then, the island has gradually been separated from the mainland, and after the long-term development of the sentinel, the sentinel tribe has gradually formed.

It can be said that the North Sentinel is the living fossil of the existing human beings, the reproduction of ancient humans in modern society. If you want to understand the survival of ancient humans, then the North Sentinel is a living model.

However, it should be noted that you can only observe from a distance away from the island, as close to it will be fatal.

Because the indigenous people on this island hate outsiders, outsiders cannot enter the island to investigate the population of the North Sentinel. The Indian government had to use a telescope to observe the North Sentinel from a distance, and the final population was between 50-400. The conclusion.

Because of the large gap in the population magnitude in India’s statistics, it is ironically described as a “crazy guess”.

According to observations, it is gradually understood that the Northern Sentinel is basically still in the “Paleolithic Age”. The male and female natives on the island generally do not wear clothes to cover their bodies. The tools they use are stone hammers and stone knives polished with stones, and their weapons are simple and crude. His bows and arrows are also polished from stones, and he travels on simple rafts.

The North Sentinels are basically still in the era of “grazing and drinking blood”. Because they have been isolated from the world for tens of thousands of years, not to mention any technology and technology in modern society, even the planting and breeding industries have not been able to develop and still maintain Primitive humans rely on hunting for a living lifestyle, and their prey is mainly fish and shrimp caught in the waters around the island.

Fire is an important symbol of human civilization. Making fire from human control, using flint to make fire, or drilling wood for fire marks that primitive humans have entered a new stage of development and separated from the category of animals.

But the sentinel obviously hasn’t mastered the technology of making fire, but at any rate, they can use the lightning fire to retain the fire to heat the food, which is not too badly evolved.

A primitive tribe that has been isolated for so long, retains strong Paleolithic characteristics, and they obviously don’t know anything about modernity.

They only understand that they use stone weapons in their hands to attack all the “prey” except for them. They only understand that they must go fishing when they are hungry. They will be like tigers and leopards, and they will regard the entry of foreign humans as an invasion of their territory.

They don’t know that there are not only birds flying in the sky, but also human-made airplanes, and they don’t understand that besides fish, there are human-made ships that swim in the water. Mobile phones and the Internet are even more incomprehensible “superpowers”. Don’t mention that they would know that there is a continental country called India ruling them, maybe they only have food, ethnic group, and the sea in their eyes.

It is precise because the Sentinels are still in the “Paleolithic Age”, they have strong vigilance and strong resistance to everything in modern civilization, and foreigners are also regarded as “invaders” in their territories. The way to treat the invaders is the most primitive killing and expulsion.

In their eyes, there is no law at all, and they only act with primitive territorial consciousness.

Any outsider who dares to set foot on this island will be attacked by the most violent and ruthless sentry men. Once outsiders come to this island, they have only two options: retreat quickly or be killed.

Because of this, North Sentinel Island is also known as “the most dangerous island in the world” and “one of the most mysterious places in the world.”

The recorded direct contact with the sentinel occurred in 1867.

At that time, with the help of the Industrial Revolution, the British became stronger and stronger. They became the hegemon of the great nautical era and gradually developed into a “sunless empire” that ruled half of the earth. They established the East India Company in Asia to be responsible for the opium trade and plundering of Asia. The wealth of the country.

One day in 1867, the East India Company encountered a strong typhoon when sailing to the waters of Bangladesh with a transport ship carrying the wealth of the Asian people. The strong wind blew the ship off the channel and sailed into the waters close to North Sentinel Island, and finally ended on North Sentinel Island. Of the sea stranded.

More than 100 crew members are rejoicing that when the catastrophe did not die, their doom is slowly approaching.

Due to the damage to the ship, more than 100 crew members disembarked and entered North Sentinel Island in search of food and repairs. Their entry was quickly discovered by the sentinel. The sentinel was holding a bow and arrow and a wooden spear. There was no sign from the jungle on the island. Launched a fierce attack on them.

In the eyes of the sentinels, this group of crew members are invaders in their territory, a species that poses a huge threat to their survival, and must be killed and driven away.

Although the more than 100 crew members were holding modern guys in their hands, they couldn’t hold back the sentinel’s geographic advantage and mysterious whereabouts, and the crew quickly suffered casualties.

In this way, the unexpected battle between the two sides lasted for three days and three nights, hitting the crew of the East India Company into a suspicious life.

When the crew was desperate, a US navy ship found them, and finally took them out of the North Sentinel Island, and left quickly. These crews were finally able to escape the crazy attack of the Sentinel.

But at this time, the British can be said to be the overlords of the world. As long as any land they find is savagely declared to be occupied by them, Sentinel Island is the same. Since the sailors of the East India Company had the encounter described above, Sentinel Island was The British circled the map and became a British colony.

The peculiar primitive culture of North Sentinel Island aroused the desire of the British to explore, but they were far from understanding the dangers of this island.

In 1880, the British sent an armed expedition to forcibly land on the island. They used modern guns and explosives to deter the sentinels living on the island, and savagely kidnapped a couple and The six children were slaves, ready to be sent to Europe in a prison wagon for an exhibition.

But what is strange is that when these sentinel men were forcibly brought into modern society, they all fell into panic and maladaptation, and soon fell seriously ill and died one after another, which made the British greatly puzzled.

In the end, studies have found that the death of the sentinel is because their immune system has been unable to resist all kinds of viruses and bacteria in modern society. Even the flu that people are accustomed to is enough to kill their lives.

The original long-term civilized isolation has made their immune systems very different from modern people, and they are very fragile.

Because of what the British did to the North Sentinel, the Sentinel became more and more convinced that aliens were a very dangerous species, and they were more repellent to aliens, and the methods were more intense, and finally settled on its “world’s most dangerous island.” “The title.

In 1896, three prisoners successfully escaped from prison. In order to avoid the government’s search, they took a small boat to escape and finally drifted aimlessly on the sea. Two prisoners were drowned in the sea, and only one prisoner was lucky enough to escape. North Sentinel Island.

However, waiting for the prisoner’s fate was even more miserable. The sentry quickly found and caught him, and killed him directly like a beast. He was chopped off with many knives, his throat was also slit, and he was almost dismembered.

When the British found him, he was too dead to die.

The British knew that the sentinel killed him, but they could not do anything about it.

In August 1947, the British finally granted freedom to India. The British smashed the Indian continent and forcibly split original India into Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. However, India inherited the largest plate and became independent. Believed to be the son of the British Empire.

As the original British colony in the Indian subcontinent, North Sentinel Island has naturally become Indian territory.

However, because North Sentinel Island is far away from the Indian mainland, it was almost forgotten by the Indians. It was not until around 1967 that the Indian government remembered to contact the Sentinel.

Although the Indian government has shown enough sincerity every time it goes to Sentinel Island with a large number of supplies, every time the Indians land on the island, they are not waiting for flowers and applause, but whizzing flying from their ears. With bows and arrows and spears thrown, Indians have to risk their lives every time they land on the island.

The number of times increased, the Indian government also lost patience, decided to completely abandon communication with the North Sentinel Island, and in 1996 issued a special decree prohibiting anyone from approaching and landing on the North Sentinel Island without authorization, basically equivalent to letting the Sentinel be self-sufficient. Went out.

In December 2004, an earthquake with a magnitude of 9 on the Richter scale occurred in the waters off Sumatra, Indonesia, and caused a strong tsunami. The tsunami had a serious impact on the neighboring countries along the Indian Ocean, and the direct death toll reached 292,000.

Although countries such as India and Bangladesh are a little farther away from the tsunami, they have also been greatly affected. India has directly killed more than 16,000 people, and Bangladesh has also killed several people.

Such a severe tsunami naturally affected North Sentinel Island. The Indian government feared that the sentinels on North Sentinel Island would be directly submerged by the tsunami, so out of humanitarian spirit, it sent a transport helicopter to North Sentinel Island with a large number of living supplies for inspection. Disaster.

As soon as the helicopter finished throwing supplies, there was a clanging percussion on the fuselage. It turned out that the sentry didn’t appreciate it at all. They were shooting arrows at the helicopter madly and “outputting” it, scaring the helicopter pilot to climb to a height and leave. Up the island area.

Although North Sentinel Island is so dangerous that it is listed as a forbidden area by India, but there are people who do not believe in evil, just want to challenge their life and do not hesitate to try the danger.

In 2006, an Indian fishing boat inadvertently crossed the traditional fishing area and arrived at North Sentinel Island. But what makes people feel strange is that instead of leaving right away, they are preparing to spend the night on the island.

The fate of waiting for them is obvious. While the sentry men took advantage of their sleep at night, several sentry men cut their throats with sharp stone knives and buried them directly in the sand while they were still struggling.

After the Indian government knew about it, it couldn’t handle it at all. It just wanted to send a helicopter to retrieve the corpse but was violently “fired” by the sentinel. Close, modern laws are useless to the North Sentinel Island.

There is also an American buddy who does not believe in evil and believes that if the sentinel is uncivilized if he spreads Christianity there, he will be recognized by Christ. This missionary is determined to preach to the sentinel.

He disregarded the warnings of the Indians and only took a copy of the “Bible” to go alone. When he landed on the island, he shouted some slogans that he believed to be peaceful to the sentry, but how could the sentry understand the modern English he spoke? How do you understand Jesus in their Bible?

Several sentry men directly surrounded him, and a few spears puffed him into the hole all over his body. This “brave” missionary fell directly to the ground and died without splashing even a splash on the North Sentinel Island. , His life may not be as valuable to the sentinel as a big fish caught from the sea.

And because no one dared to go to the island, the whereabouts of his body are still unknown.

These cases are still recorded on North Sentinel Island. Those who sneaked up to the North Sentinel Island to engage in expeditions did not know how many of them were killed by the North Sentinel.

Since there is no law to govern, these people die if they die. There is no punishment for sentinels in India, and they are not guilty of murder.

Now that we have entered the 21st century, mankind has initially sailed to the sea of ​​stars. However, in the modern country of India, there are still extra-legal places full of barbarity and backwardness. Killing is like slaughtering animals, and even the responsibility will not be held accountable. It’s really a bit weird.

Perhaps only India, a weird country, has such a weird place.

On the other hand, the reason why Sentinels increasingly repel civilized society when they come into contact with civilized society is largely due to the gangsters, such as the British at the time, who were dressed in civilized cloaks and murdered.

Their use of force to persecute the sentinel and capture the sentinel as a slave has deeply stimulated this group of “primitives” living in the Paleolithic age.

However, the Indian government completely abandoned the modernization of the sentinel because of the resistance of the sentinel. It regarded the sentinel as a stubborn savage and completely listed the sentinel island as a “forbidden zone”. This is extremely irresponsible. Yes, the sentinel loses the only chance to enter a civilized society peacefully. It is not the responsibility of a qualified government.

Having lost the opportunity to enter a civilized society, in this ever-changing society, I am afraid that the only thing waiting for the sentinel is the fate of fate and perish.

As the current earth temperature rises and the sea level rises, the North Sentinel Island cannot escape the fate of being submerged by seawater, which also accelerates the demise of the Sentinel.

But no matter what the future is, the North Sentinel Island and the North Sentinel are an alternative to today’s human society, a group of people living in the primitive Paleolithic modern primitive society, their existence is of great significance for modern people to study the survival and lifestyle of ancient humans.

But while studying, we must remember: This is an extra-legal place without legal constraints, and intruders must die.