The example of the Virgin, the paradise for criminals

Translated from the Headlines (Toutiao 头条新闻)

Author: Master worry(马斯特烦恼)

Some time ago, French President Macron made a lot of noise, saying that he would be the Virgin of the world, the leader of the white left, and lead the world to abolish the death penalty. This caused the whole world to discuss this topic.

Teacher Ma is very annoyed recently. He was slaughtered in the back by the master and allies, don’t tell me if you can’t find the place, the steps given by the master are still not easy to get down. He symbolically recalled the ambassador to the United States. Biden rushed back to take up the post with a phone call, and after insisting on it, he softened within a week, but there is no way. At least Biden made a phone call, I have to break my face. If you break your face to go down. Otherwise, if the master ignores you at all, you will don’t mention the embarrassment.

Macron said that people are hard to dismantle

Master worry (public account) feels that when such things happen, reputation will inevitably be affected. Originally, this comprehensive business was the bargaining chip for Teacher Ma’s re-election election next year. It could boast of the outstanding performance, but it suddenly disappeared. The hot pot sings, pops, it’s all gone. If you think about it, you will be flustered. If you want to be re-elected next year, I am afraid that you have to hurry up and make a name, create performance, change the topic, and restore the approval rate.

But what should we do to restore our dignity? Epidemic prevention and control? difficult! The epidemic is still raging and has long been lying flat, and there is no effective way to prevent it. Economic recovery? Thanks to God for being able to stabilize and don’t go back under the epidemic, how can you achieve results! Various reforms? The yellow vests are idle and have nothing to do, so how dare to find faults! What to do, Teacher Ma suddenly had a flash of inspiration, and he patted his forehead, there is it! Engaging in human rights, zero cost, zero resistance, just stand up and shout a few times, the topic will definitely be there, the appearance rate will definitely be there, and the embarrassment will definitely be saved!

So there came a leading global abolition. Huh…, have you abolished the death penalty long ago in many European countries? What are you still yelling about? It’s just nothing to look for.

No, no, don’t listen to Xiaobian’s nonsense

Well, let’s talk about the abolition of death seriously. We all know that the greatest human right is the right to life, not only for criminals but for victims, everyone has. If you damage the right of life of others, it means that if you end other people’s lives, then you will no longer be able to enjoy your own right to survive., this is the most basic fairness. If you owe money to pay off, kill and pay for life, has been the principle since ancient times.

But what we often see is that in Europe, especially in the countries of the Virgin in Western Europe, the human rights of criminals are always greater than those of victims! The logic is that the victim is dead, what else can you do? Can killing the criminal make the victim come alive? If you can’t survive, why kill the criminal? The criminal is also a human being. He also has human rights. We are a country of the Virgin, and we must protect the human rights of criminals! It is true to say that protecting the human rights of criminals is right, and it should be necessary. The fault lies in one degree. Excessive protection of criminals is a secondary injury to the victim’s family!

For example, in the country of Notre Dame, Norway, the prison is the standard of a seven-star hotel. You can play games, drink coffee, exercise, a study in class, go to the library, K song, watch movies, massage and sauna, you can think of it. There are services inside. Norwegian law stipulates that the maximum penalty is 21 years of imprisonment. You can enter and leave freely on holidays without any fault after staying for 5 years. It is as free as going to work if you stay in jail. You can be released early if you have performed well for 14 years! Please note that the maximum penalty is 21 years imprisonment, which means that no matter how serious the crime you commit, even if you kill the Norwegian with a dragon knife in your hand, you can only be imprisoned for 21 years. One more day is a violation of the criminal’s human rights. This is the law. According to the regulations, Master Anxiety (Official Account) finds it difficult to understand.

Luxurious interior view of Halden Prison, Norway

Then let’s look at a real case, the tragedy on Ute Island. On July 22, 2011, Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik first detonated a powerful car bomb in front of the Norwegian government office building. Then, they shot and killed people who participated in the summer camp of the Norwegian Labor Party Youth League on Ute Island, 40 kilometers west of the capital Oslo. A total of 77 people were killed and more than 300 were injured.

The scene of the Ute Island tragedy

The last 32-year-old murderer Anders Bellin Breivik was sentenced to 21 years in prison. In September 2013, Anders Bellin Breivik was admitted to the University of Oslo to study political science. On July 17, 2015, according to Norwegian media reports, Breivik obtained the qualification to study for a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Oslo and stayed in prison to study.

It is simply incomprehensible with our thinking that a heinous murderer, an adult with a normal mind and a subjective consciousness, with a clear purpose and motive for the killing, eventually led to 77 deaths, more than 300 injuries, and hundreds of family tragedies. People who enjoy a seven-star treatment in prison, and even got a bachelor’s degree! What kind of logic is this, and is there any reason?

Des Behring Breivik performs a Nazi salute in court

Since the Arab Spring in the Middle East by Western countries, the homes of the people in the Middle East have been destroyed, displaced, and a journey of fleeing has begun. Millions of refugees have entered Western European countries. Most of these refugees have no academic qualifications, no survival skills, and many extreme Islamic extremists. According to the logic of a normal country, in order to protect its own people, it will never be accepted indiscriminately. But Western countries are the country of the Virgin. To be the example of the Virgin on behalf of the world, it must be accepted unconditionally! As a result, terrorist attacks in western countries have been one after another in the past decade, and tragedies abound!

Except for some extremists, the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks had no survival skills, and they did not live well or could not survive. After learning about the treatment in a standard prison in a seven-star hotel, they were shocked. , This TM is much better than if I can’t survive all day long, haha, once I go in, I will never worry about eating and drinking, and the treatment will be excellent, what a great thing! So I just do things. If five years are not enough to enjoy, you have to sentence me to 21 years. If you go in as you wish, you can live for 21 years if you feel comfortable. If you are tired of living, you can enjoy the seven-star service. As long as you don’t mess around, you will be able to enter and exit normally after five years, and after 14 years, you can come and go again. hero. When a refugee hasn’t eaten or drink, he’s still worried all day long. Isn’t a seven-star hotel-standard prison not fragrant? Is it uncomfortable to eat and drink while lying down? Don’t mention this life is more moisturizing!

Things must be reversed. The original role of the law is to deter people who want to commit a crime. Let him think about the serious consequences of the crime and the severe punishments he will face. If the consequences are serious, then he may not dare to start. If there is a seven-star prison Waiting to enjoy, then I’m afraid of a bird! You said that life is too stressful, and you want to lie down if you don’t want to struggle? Simple, just do something…

This is the consequence of the over fighting and abolishing death of the Virgin of the country. Abolishing death is to condone crime, and even encourage it! It is necessary to protect the human rights of criminals, but criminals cannot be treated as fathers. Who will protect the rights and interests of victims?

In addition to the abolition of death in Western Europe, there is another factor that cannot be ignored, that is, Christianity.

People in Western European countries are basically Christians. They believe in the Bible and believe in God. The criminal commits such a heinous crime, God will not forgive him, he must go to hell after death, and suffer in hell! The evil ones have their own punishments, and Jesus will preside over justice, so why should I care so much!

The deceased has entered heaven. This is the best destination. What can be more demanding? Is there a better place than heaven?


Besides, from the perspective of law enforcement, law enforcement should also have the right to enter heaven after death. You can’t let the law enforcement kill the criminal, and then let the law enforcement commit the crime and go to hell after death, right? The rights and interests of law enforcement officials must also be protected. The law enforcers said I would not do it, whoever liked it would do it.

Laws without deterrence, excessive protection of criminals’ human rights, and prisons with seven-star hotel standards have made Western Europe a paradise for criminals, and criminals have enjoyed themselves. This is the true aspect of a human fist and dish cooking advocated by Western countries.

We can’t help asking, how did a good country become like this? Because Western countries are facing huge difficulties in recent years, let’s take a look at the growth of global GDP in the past 10 years:

In 2010, the total global GDP was 66 trillion US dollars;

The total global GDP in 2020 is 84 trillion US dollars;

A total increase of 18 trillion US dollars;

Among them, China’s GDP increased from 590 million to 1.47 billion, an increase of 8.8 trillion;

The United States has grown from 14.5 trillion to 20.9 trillion, an increase of 6 trillion;

Together, China and the United States have grown by 14.8 trillion yuan.

Look at the major European countries:

France’s GDP in 2010 was 2.6 trillion, and its GDP in 2020 is still 2.6 trillion, with zero growth in total GDP! Excluding the CPI factor of rising prices, the actual growth is negative.

Britain’s GDP in 2010 was 2.5 trillion, and in 2020 it was 2.7 trillion, an increase of 0.2 trillion. Excluding the CPI factor, the actual growth is actually negative.

Germany’s GDP was 3.4 trillion in 2010 and 3.8 trillion in 2020, an increase of 0.4 trillion. Excluding the CPI factor, it is also a negative growth!

All in all, the economic development of European countries has stagnated in the past decade, and the overall salary level and national welfare and welfare have basically not increased. However, the rich are getting richer and richer, and the total wealth is only so much. When some people rise, others fall. This is why the French gasoline price rose by 4 cents, which caused the vigorous yellow vest movement.

Speaking of this, I have to mention the family history of Western countries. In the past, Britain and France and other Western European countries carried strong boats and guns, looted and colonized the world, and found a wealth of homes. A good situation of leading technology. But now, the accumulation of human blood that has been plundered for hundreds of years is almost exhausted, and the technological advantages derived from the looted capital are gradually disappearing. Without new economic growth points, the difficulty of direct looting is also increasing, except The United States can still grab it, and it is almost impossible for other countries. The economy has not improved, politics is busy in internal fighting, and the military has stalled. And the leaders of Western countries have to do something in order to create performance and keep a name in history, right? So I fell in love with shouting slogans.

The poor house leaks in the night rain, the boat is late and hits the wind, the originally sluggish economy, there is another new crown epidemic, and they directly took off their underwear!

So Western politicians can’t do anything, and it’s useless to be in a hurry. They have to have some decent performance. I’ve thought about everything, the only thing that can come up with a little bit of political success is all kinds of slogans. If you can’t do it practically, then do something fictitious, such as human boxing, dish cooking, female boxing, animal protection, environmental protection, homosexuality, marijuana, Transgender people, etc. So in recent years, we have always seen various exotic policies introduced by Western countries.

Hungary was besieged by the 17 EU countries because of its opposition to gay marriage and became a target of public criticism. Why besiege Hungary? Because this is also a performance, you say this is ridiculous.

In the past, these Virgin countries must be destroyed by these slogans, friends must stay awake, and don’t follow it!