Weird India, the reality is funnier than the jokes, how did India do it?

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India is embarrassed to come out again this time, what have they done?

India has always been an incomprehensible country. They have a strong sense of self-confidence and superiority that are different from other countries.

It is precise because of this excessive complacency

India is known as the modern cow demon, and the cowhide they have blown is too much.

Morning of August 14, 2021

The Indians once again staged a big show in front of the whole world

India’s domestic giant rocket GSLV Mark-II suddenly caught fire and exploded in less than five minutes after liftoff

So why did the Indian rocket explode suddenly?

India, who lifted a rock and smashed itself in the foot, had any jokes that made people laugh?

Where does their confidence come from?

In recent years, with the continuous development of the aerospace industry, the United States, China, and Russia have all put forward their own space strategies.

Especially from the beginning of satellite exploration in my country to the current Tiangong Space Station, the aerospace industry is in full swing.

India couldn’t sit still and immediately said that China can do it, and so we can.

The satellite launched by the rocket is called the Eye of the Sky by India

Before launching, India had a consistent bragging tradition

It claims that this satellite can carry out real-time monitoring and can image the whole of India four to five times a day.

India did everything possible and even bought a professional cryogenic engine from Russia at a high price to build the GSLV Mark-II rocket.

It is bound to launch India’s own satellite in front of the whole world.

In order to maximize the effect, the most sensational

The Indian official also specially made this satellite launch into a live webcast, inviting netizens from all over the world to watch a hearty rocket launch performance.

But it turned out that the rocket exploded less than five minutes after it took off.

It happened so suddenly that the staff in the entire launch command hall were shocked.

The 51.7-meter-high geostationary satellite launch vehicle took off normally at 5:43 am on August 12.

The first stage, the core stage, successfully pushed the rocket to the predetermined orbit

The second stage of ignition is still very smooth

However, shortly after the second-stage engine was shut down, the third-stage low-temperature engine did not ignite.

Then the satellite exploded before it reached orbit

The satellite launch mission also ended in failure

In fact, this satellite is not the first time it was launched. The launch of this satellite can be described as twists and turns.

The first launch is planned for March 5, 2020

However, the countdown of 26 hours before the launch was only a few minutes away, and the launch was temporarily canceled.

Postponed to March 28th, 2021

After that, it was pushed again and again, until April, May, and finally August 14

This day was actually chosen by India, because India’s Independence Day is on August 15. They originally wanted to successfully launch a satellite to add color to Independence Day, but they didn’t expect to blow it up.

You know, rockets are different from ordinary weapons in that they are extremely expensive in terms of construction and launch costs.

Take the Delta rocket of the United States as an example, the cost of each launch is at least about 140 million U.S. dollars, which is equivalent to more than 700 million yuan.

This still eliminates the cost of intermediate links

This time India launched 4 rockets and the cost reached 1 billion. In the end, it only staged a firework show.

So after learning that another rocket had fallen, the ordinary people in India went straight to the streets in anger and asked the government for an explanation.

After days of investigation, some officials in India announced the reasons for the failure of the rocket launch.

The root cause of all blame is the epidemic, which has caused chaos in various industries, and problems with the rocket’s capital chain.

So the rocket broke down halfway, caught fire, and exploded

Do not find the reason from the technical aspect, but attribute the failure to the epidemic

Such a strange reason may only be found in India in the world.

In the face of official arrogance and shirking responsibility, ordinary people will naturally not be stupid enough to pay for such absurd reasons.

Therefore, due to the pressure of public opinion, the official released the real reason why the rocket fell.

The most direct reason for the failure of this rocket launch was the failure of the third-stage cryogenic engine.

As a result, the rocket failed to ignite on time, and the rocket eventually lost power and fell from the sky.

According to the official data released by India, during this launch, the first two engines were working normally.

Only this three-stage engine is malfunctioning, is it possible that someone is making trouble?

For this reason, India conducted a rigorous investigation, and the result was dumbfounded.

It turned out that the third-stage engine in the accident happened to be made in India.

Earlier, Indian rockets used Russian engines

Perhaps it was to show off its aerospace capabilities. Before this launch, India switched to its own engines.

As a result, it failed to show off but became a global laughingstock.

Before the failure of the rocket launch, India also made a fool of herself in military weapons.

Earlier this year, India’s domestically-made aircraft carrier, known as the “Indo-Pacific’s strongest”, announced that it would test the waters.

This aircraft carrier is India’s first domestically-produced aircraft carrier. It took more than ten years of construction before it ushered in its first launch.

Its name is Vikrant, which represents the beautiful dream of the Indian Navy that wants to control the Indian Ocean and aims at the sea of ​​stars.

On this day of the fire, the aircraft carrier smoked as soon as it started and almost burned.

At first, it was the Indian Navy who tossed for a long time but found that the aircraft carrier was still in the port motionless, and the scene was very embarrassing.

After the relevant staff of the Indian Navy carefully observed the scene,

They discovered that only four American-made LM2500 engines were installed on the Vikrant aircraft carrier.

The power of the four engines is completely insufficient

At least two more such engines are required for the aircraft carrier to operate normally

But the situation at the time was that many government personnel, the masses, and the media were watching

If the aircraft carrier continues to remain motionless, the face of the Indian Navy will be completely lost.

Finally, with two fewer engines

The driver bit his scalp to start the only four engines

I want to take the Vikrant aircraft carrier out of the port to demonstrate India’s “made in a big country”

This caused the engine to be overloaded and smoked, and the Vikrant aircraft carrier almost burned.

Finally, the fire was extinguished. This was supposed to be a blazing ceremony that made the whole country of India happy.

Has become an oolong incident that laughs generously

Aerospace and aerospace can’t work, neither can military or military

Under such circumstances, India still dares to challenge my country’s infrastructure power, which has the title of “infrastructure madman”.

The Indian government proposes to build a luxury high-speed rail that surpasses China

But after running for less than three days, this high-speed train ended sadly.

The high-speed rail designer once said without the embarrassment that the high-speed rail fully reflects India’s war strength

But after only three days of operation, he made a fool of himself, and then went on strike.

This running time can be said to be the shortest high-speed rail running time in history

The Indian government claims to introduce high-end Japanese technology in its propaganda, which can reach a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

This speed is far inferior to our country’s 350 km/h high-speed rail.

Although the speed is not fast, India has invested a lot of effort in this high-speed train.

The train has sixteen cars, the body is white overall with blue lines

It was built by a factory in northern India that took 18 months and cost 9.7 billion rupees.

Not only installed in high-end seats, but also installed display screens behind each seat, and each seat is equipped with charging equipment

In addition, the train is also equipped with public wireless networks, LED lighting, etc.

At the same time, it is also equipped with a temperature control system that adjusts the temperature according to the weather and personnel conditions

It can be seen that in order to compete with our country this time, India has also paid a lot of money.

With so much praise in the early stage, people from all over the world have some expectations for India’s high-speed rail.

However, in the first operation, the high-speed rail was forced to return to the factory for repairs because it hit a cow.

According to Indian media, the high-speed rail is suspected of hitting a herd of cattle on the tracks, and one of them got into the train wheels.

Cause the communication system of the last car to fail, which affects the control system of the entire train

After the maintenance, the first day of the Indian high-speed rail officially started operation

The high-speed rail looks like everything is going well

This can make the whole country happy and feel that the country’s high-speed rail dream seems to be realized soon.

But on the second day, when the high-speed rail was only halfway through, the carriages broke down and some carriages began to emit oily smoke.

The passengers were so smoked that they couldn’t open their eyes

Then all the carriages lost power and the high-speed rail stalled

Eventually, everyone on the train had to take another train to return.

After another emergency repair, India’s high-speed rail continues to run

Unexpectedly, on the third day of the Indian high-speed rail, the glass in the carriage was broken and the high-speed rail was on strike.

This time the engineer can’t solve it

The cabin was also damaged. Indian passengers seized all the projectors in the cabin. The scene was terrible.

Obviously, the Indian high-speed rail has become a joke all over the world

In addition, India claims that Indian vaccines are very effective and can save the world

But the fact is that a large number of adverse reactions occurred during the injection process of the Indian vaccine, and there were even serious cases.

So far, the Indian epidemic is one of the most severely affected countries in the world

The most advanced Glorious fighter made in India, even their own air force dare not use it

Like this, India’s boasted cows are really countless.

The reason why Indians are so confident, I think it has a lot to do with the history of their country

India is an ancient civilization with an ancient history. Like my country, it is one of the world’s four major ancient civilizations.

Created a glorious Indian civilization and had a great influence on neighboring countries

India has a great sense of superiority towards its ancient culture and glorious civilization

Therefore, when dealing with neighboring countries, he appears to be superior and very confident

Going back to this satellite launch failure, India is really embarrassed and thrown into the sky.

But the self-confidence of the Indian nation is really real.

Indian netizens said that we will not fail, this is just an accident, we will retrieve the satellite

I wonder if Indians are so confident in their bragging ability?