Without the Kenyan Gunners, how many people in prestigious European and American schools could not get a degree?

Translated from the Headlines (Toutiao 头条新闻)

Author: Pumpkin with poison tongue(毒舌的南瓜)

Some time ago, CBS reported a piece of news that the reporter had discovered an industry chain for writing papers on behalf of others.

If it’s just writing essays, it’s fine. The point is that many people in Western countries criticize that this kind of writing is “colonialism.”

What is it? I just ask someone to write an essay on my behalf, so how come I colonize others? Is the threshold for becoming a colonist now so low?

The University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom also wrote an “anti-generational colonialism” declaration specifically for this purpose:

They said, you scumbags, you even like to make similar volumes when you are looking for a ghostwriter, and you always look for those few.

These gunmen are all from Kenya. You relied on being British, relying on the exchange rate advantage, and bought the results of the ghostwriters for a small amount of money.

Moreover, because this income is quite large for the locals, more and more African college students have joined the writing industry. If you continue to do so, those African college students will all become thesis typewriters for you scumbags.

This letter called for: In order to combat the oppression of the African people and resist the exploitation of capitalism, British universities should strictly investigate this kind of cheating and also academic justice!

Good guy, it’s a bit scary to raise the script to the height of exploitation and colonization.

However, after understanding their insider, you will find that the University of Nottingham said that ghostwriting is an “act of capitalist exploitation and colonialism”, which is really a very accurate description.

Why do you say that?


In the 1980s, when many British and American freshmen had just entered university, old seniors would come and ask you mysteriously: “Classmates, do you want to join the Brotherhood?”

If you refuse, the senior will not only not be angry, but also smile meaningfully: “When you wait for the exam, you will think of me. We have the files you need.”

What file? So attractive?

It turns out that in the final exams of many British and American universities, the teacher produced a total of 3-5 sets of papers, which are used in turn every year. That is to say, as long as you collect enough test papers for many years, see how many years you will repeat them. Can calculate the set of papers for this year’s exam.

Even now, if you go to Google and enter “examination papers of previous years + university name”, you can see that many students are relying on this question.

In that year, to manage these files well, you had to be long-sleeved and good at dancing, and you could make friends with the students in each class, spread the business in the school, and use the money you collected to make more students.

Isn’t this about opening up the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, maintaining sustainable cash flow, and realizing a closed-loop business?

As the saying goes, “Capital knows no borders.” When more and more international students flood into British and American universities, the transnational elements of this closed business loop begin to sprout.

Beginning in the 1990s, basic education in Europe and the United States began to “distribute with money.” The rich spent money to receive aristocratic education, ordinary families depended on self-study, and the children of the poor went to community schools, and classes were like herding sheep.

Anyway, all kinds of professional work and cutting-edge scientific research can be completed by only a few elites, and high salaries can also be used to harvest talents lost in the Soviet Union and China, and poor children can engage in “happy learning”.

Therefore, when the European and American Happy Xiaocaiji went to university and encountered Chinese, Indian and Eastern European students who were educated in hell difficulty, they were immediately shocked and asked to team up with these foreign students to complete their homework.

In their legend, it is a shame for Chinese students to use calculators to do problems. Once discovered, the whole family will immediately have the following expression:

Some Western students are jealous of the strength of their Chinese classmates, and still say bitterly at the forum:

The first way to make friends with Chinese people is to throw all your math homework at them. They are satisfied with the pleasure of showing off your strength, and you have gained a homework machine, and you all have a bright future.

You can smell lemon across the screen.

However, turning “helping foreigners with homework” into an industry originated from a hot pot meal.

In 2019, the BBC mentioned the story of a Chinese scholar’s “writing on behalf of” in its program and introduced the first generation of “international writing outsourcers” that worked for European and American college students.

By chance, Chris Wu, who was studying in the UK, helped his brother’s foreign girlfriend write homework on his behalf, and his score was pretty good.

To express their gratitude, the young couple invited Chris Wu to have a hot pot meal in Chinatown.

But I can’t hold my body when I always eat hot pot. Chris Wu said to his friends with his angry mouth: Otherwise, don’t invite you to dinner and discount the hot pot money!

Due to the reputation of the “Chinese Schoolmaster”, Chris Wu quickly received a lot of orders. He also changed from writing by himself to take a group of Chinese classmates collectively, earning hundreds of thousands each year.

It is a pity that the era of writing essays that belonged to Chinese academic masters did not last long, because fewer and fewer European and American students are willing to study science and engineering, and liberal arts require a strong English level, which is not the strength of Chinese academic masters.

More importantly, the writing company of Chinese Xueba, just like the products we produce, can neither boast the Japanese “bong sauce spirit”, nor wear suits, ties, and combs like the Indians. You head, holding a PPT to give customers a meal operation, relying entirely on word-of-mouth marketing, this has fallen behind in the Internet age.

If you search for “essay factory” (essay factory) on Google, the first few pages are actually the same. Everyone is a professional fill-in-the-blank meter. Just enter the subject, grade, and hope that you want to find an essay factory. To get the score, you need to complete the article and other information within a few days, and the algorithm will give you a quote.

The service hasn’t started yet, at least the feeling this page gives you is just two words: professional!

If you look through it again, the webpage will also tell you the transaction schedule, such as when to place a deposit, how many days after payment, the author will tell you how to write, when to give the first draft, and when to modify the final version based on the customer’s comments.

Further down, even buyer feedback, scoring, and pass rates are all available, and the contact information can also be selected by mainstream Western software such as Facebook and Line.

In contrast, to find a Chinese Xueba to place an order, you have to download a strange app with a penguin profile picture and look at the colorful list for a long time. Even if it is rare to contact Facebook, the other party will definitely ask within three sentences:

“Classmate, can you use WeChat?”

The most awesome thing is that the DMCA certification and registration of these websites are quite complete.

In addition to face-saving efforts, these websites are also extremely skilled in exploiting legal loopholes.

In October of this year, the British government announced that it would be a crime to write essays. The Secretary of Education and the Secretary of the Interior have expressed that they will severely crackdown on the undergraduates, and even the Queen of England has signed it.

As a result, instead of hiding in hiding, the website that was targeted by them strictly bought a push, ranking first in the search engine directly, committing crimes against the wind.

Why are these paper factories so courageous?

First of all, I went through the websites of all the thesis factories. They never said that they were writing articles to help others graduate. They all said that I was writing propositional essays within the specified time and score range according to the customer’s requirements.

Sir, although I haven’t been to school for many years, I just like to write essays. Is it against the law to write essays?

In addition, in order to “cooperate with the government’s ban,” these websites tell their customers both verbally and in writing that the articles they write are not homework, but are “reference materials” to help guests learn the topic of the thesis, and guide them to complete Own thesis.

As for the customer directly handing in the reference materials, who knows? You can control me, and you can also control what customers love to do with articles?

If you find a Chinese student who is studying in the UK to write on his behalf, if the police frighten them, they will take all the actions of the guests. How can these companies play hooligans?

Some friends will ask, is it possible that the university will not check it again?

The paper’s investigation of this kind of thing is only aimed at the scumbag of the student.

But this kind of ghostwriting agency is professional. These ghostwriters really have two brushes. The papers they write are all diligent and original, to ensure that customers are satisfied.

As for what you said when someone asked someone to write them, transfers and conversation records were not available, the scumbag could say that these papers were written by himself, and there is no way at all.

What if the teacher is extremely responsible and has a keen sense of smell?

It doesn’t matter, this is also in the calculation of the thesis factory, they have professional college teachers as consultants.

Many large thesis factories that can survive in the industry have an “expert advisory team”. These people not only have a doctoral degree, but these consultants are even university teachers themselves. They have just finished homework for students during the day and turned around to help another wave at night. Students engage in writing to ensure that their articles will not be discovered, and they also make a lot of consulting fees for themselves.

Just as many officials in Europe and the United States become officials today, and tomorrow they go to companies as consultants to help their bosses fool around with supervision, this revolving door is also turning around in the writing industry.

Because the essay writing factory is so professional that there is a strange phenomenon in the writing of papers by European and American college students:

If you are a scumbag who wants to take shortcuts, you personally get started and work hard to piece together an article, you will be arrested very quickly.

But if you find a gunman from the beginning, it is not easy to get into trouble, because almost no one can get the evidence of your article purchase under the legal framework, and the thesis factory will help you check the duplicates in advance.

There used to be such a scam when your writer suddenly threatened you to increase the price after you handed in your article. If you don’t pay, they will post the article written for you on the Internet, so that your teacher can check it. You will find that there is the same content on the Internet.

But most thesis factories are very professional ethics because a student has many courses, once he starts to find a substitute, he will find that although hard work may not be successful, but lazy will be very happy, come back sooner or later.

Rather than cheating on him, this kind of person might as well turn him into an old friend.

However, just when many Western local writers felt complacent about getting back from the hands of Chinese scholars, a dark horse that rushed out of the African continent crushed the people’s dream of getting rich.


When the American CBS came to interview, the Kenyan gunman, who was aliased “William”, was complaining frantically about his American customers.

“This guy is more than a scumbag, he is simply a scumbag. He can’t write such simple homework. I took the answer and asked him to recite him without understanding. Hey, I’m tired, destroy it.”

When the reporter asked him how he was doing his job, the gunman said, “It’s not difficult to write on behalf of me, because the quality of my homework is very good.”

“The real difficulty is that my customers are too naive. In order to let them understand my operation, I had to reduce the high-end models and algorithms to make the work look closer to the real level of the customer.”

“I can only deliberately leave some mistakes in my homework. Although I look awkward, I can’t help it. Customers are God, and their service experience comes first.”

Writers like William’s are just one of the thousands of Kenyan professional ghostwriters.

The office building in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is different from elsewhere.

It is the most luxurious office building in the city on the street, long-term lease, and a group of local college students works here every day.

These people, dressed in fashionable clothes, strode into the coffee shop that ordinary locals could not afford, took a few large bills at the front desk, and shouted: Warm a cup of coffee and add another cream.

Brother James, who rented this office building, was born as a teacher. Later, when he discovered this business, he opened a “service outsourcing company” to help students from Anglo-American universities write their homework.

Since the end of the nineteenth century, the people of Kenya have been forced by the British colonists to regard English as the official language, so there is no problem with the language.

However, due to the economic downturn, there are a group of local college students who have a relatively high level of education but cannot find their professional counterparts, worrying about their jobs.

The Anglo-American essay writing factories with exquisite pages and professional styles we mentioned earlier started to fail in the 2010s. As the exchange rate of the pound fell, the cost of hiring local writers became higher and higher.

Some bosses have tried to outsource work to Russians and Indians, but the former is highly educated but poor in English; the third brother is good at English but always bragging, asking prices are high, not at all practical, his heart is higher than the sky, his life is more than paper. Thin. Looking around, these Anglo-American companies fell in love with Kenyan university students.

However, in the information age, there is no opportunity for these British and American companies to act as intermediaries and make price differences.

After making a few orders, the Kenyan writers quickly figured out the entire industry chain with their proficient English and understanding of the western set. They began to build their own order-receiving website. The page design was neat, the quotation was clear, and the customers were connected. The feedback is very comprehensive.

Compared with European and American students who have been immersed in rock, hip-hop, and buzzwords for a long time, Kenyan Gunners, who learned English in grammar textbooks since childhood, wrote homework not only with the writing process but also with more sophisticated vocabulary than many British people.

In addition, the level of hard work of these African college students is also very scary. They work 12 hours a day, and the delivery speed is several times faster than that of the British and American writers who have to go to clubs from 9 to 5 from time to time.

As soon as the news came out, local writing companies in Britain and the United States blasted the black brothers and sisters for cheating, sneaking, and stealing their own business in internal forums.

They also created various rumors for friends in Kenya, trying to discredit their opponents, but they still had to watch the other side eat their market share with better services and lower prices.

Talented people come out from generation to generation, writing papers for European and American students is an industry that the Chinese did not develop, but the Africans did.

Among these people, Brother James may not be the first to do this business, but he is definitely the most meticulous and professional in doing this business.

In order to ensure smooth ordering, he did not put two useless vases at the front desk. Instead, he recruited 2 college students to stare at the phone and backstage. Whenever a customer called, they could ask them clearly and write them in a few words. What kind of knowledge structure is needed for the required papers, and then assign them to the most suitable gunners for assembly line operations.

In order to let the writers stay at work with peace of mind, the office is equipped with the most expensive computer, the best network cable equipment, and the best decoration, which is no different from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou Internet.

Behind the scenes, James has a human resources team, which is full of expert teachers in various disciplines. Every writer who comes to apply for the job must accept the knowledge level test of the experts and strictly control the quality of the gunner.

As long as you pass the exam, James can definitely give you a condition that you can’t refuse. You can choose to take orders freely, work part-time, or take classes full-time. If you submit your paper in time, you can even work from home.

The facts have proved that there are indeed some college students in Kenya who need this job.

They rely on working here for James and earn their own tuition. Some support a family, and others simply write on their behalf and use online lessons and PPT provided by customers to teach themselves.

The most amazing thing is that James digs deep into the pain points of users and knows the hearts of customers. After several orders and communication, James found that many customers still have the mentality of being a white master. When he heard that the gunman was black, he refused to place an order.

But James went to the Anglo-American writing website and paid a high price of more than 1,000 pounds to buy the account of another white high-scoring writer to take the order.

After the business expanded, James used photos of whiteheads and fictitious academic qualifications to open a lot of other trumpet accounts, commented on each other on the platform, and created a “matrix account”. Look like this The shooter was white, and he took care of the racism complex of white scholars.

Compared with James, some Kenyan writing companies that pay attention to current affairs realize that more and more students from developing countries such as China and India have begun to pour into European and American universities, and many writers have also appeared in these countries. Orders.

Therefore, some Kenyan companies will find Chinese and Hindi customer service to contact businesses, find ways to expand their business scope, look for the blue ocean of the industry, and develop the international student market.

Thanks to the efforts of the Kenyan gunners, the writing business in the UK alone has a market value of about 100 million pounds. Coupled with the business in the US, Australia, and Canada, there is no pressure to feed the writers in Kenya.

There is a writer named David who dropped out of school because of his poor family when he was in his sophomore year. Fortunately, he was very professional and found a job as a writer at James. The money earned in one month is more than the whole family’s previous year.

Now, their family has hired two people to farm the land, and David’s elderly parents can also retire.

Another Kenyan girl who specializes in writing on behalf of American universities not only completed her studies with the income of writing on behalf of others but also has a good understanding of the various situations of American education and is working hard to apply for doctoral scholarships from American universities.

The scumbags in developed countries are simply benefactors of unemployed college students in Kenya!


However, outside of the seemingly hot work, James sometimes seems very emotional.

James said that after getting off work, he often drove a luxury car back to his big villa, drinking tea in front of the French windows and thinking silently:

“I used to be a teacher, teaching hard, working hard, but in the end, I didn’t train a few college students, and I didn’t make much money.

As a result, now I opened a company that makes money by deceiving people. Instead, it became popular. A large group of high-achieving students from white countries got their degrees through me. I also lived the life of a rich man. My students also earned what they could not earn before. Everyone has a bright future with the money that comes. “

On the surface, my own experience is a comedy in the context of globalization, but when I think about it carefully, the logic seems not so simple.

James wrote in the company’s advertising slogan “Leave your homework to us, spend your time in a more exciting place”, but looking at the slums across the street from him, James can’t help it. There is a sense of injustice:

Why do people in some countries, who have worked so hard for more than 20 years, can’t even find a job to support their families, and can’t even get the money to continue their studies. They have to rely on the courseware and the ones they don’t need. The online lesson video is regarded as a baby to study hard;

People in some countries have been given such good learning opportunities from birth, but they have never cherished them. Instead, they do everything possible to spend the extra money and find someone to help them be lazy?

Regarding the British government’s decree to “maintain the academic quality of British universities” and a crackdown on essay writing, it is estimated that James and the Kenyan writers will laugh at them as naive when they hear it.

Based on the data provided by one company alone, there are more than 10,000 orders for proxy writing in British universities each year, and fewer than one percent of the people are expelled for using proxy writing each year.

Those articles and assignments that made the professors of prestigious British and American schools look at the praises, again and again, may have been written by a black Kenyan dropout.

You can’t even manage to write on behalf of others, and let the fake articles confuse countless degrees from here. Why do you call yourself a “developed education industry”?

The homework that your students couldn’t write was done by Kenyan dropout youths. What face do you have for claiming to be a world-class university?

What’s more absurd is that those who didn’t understand their own studies and graduated with the homework of the old African brothers and sisters are likely to find a job with a degree that does not belong to them, and earn much higher wages than the Kenyan writers.

One day when they saw the news in Africa, the more unconscionable among them might still laugh at them: How stupid people in these countries are to be like this, they are so poor that they are not willing to work hard for the economy.

The one among them is a little bit white, and it is estimated that they will shed sympathetic tears on the TV, and maybe they will spend money to become a volunteer in Africa.

It’s all this, just because they were born in a developed country and the writer was born in Kenya. In a sense, this is indeed a reappearance of colonialism.

After all, there is really nothing new under the sun.