Would you rather deploy a 100,000-ton Ford-class that cannot be combated than to develop a new 40,000-ton aircraft carrier?

Translated from the Headlines (Toutiao 头条新闻)

Author: Xiongnu Langshan(匈奴狼山)

Hanhai Langshan and Xiongnu Langshan have to say, perhaps there is nothing in this world faster than the passage of time. Because the superpower navy announced that the Ford, the first ship of the Ford-class aircraft carrier, entered active service, it seems to be yesterday, but in fact, almost five years have passed. And the dignified giant Ford aircraft carrier, which is over 100,000 tons, still stays in the Newport News shipyard’s outfitting wharf for a long time immobile. Perhaps the superpower navy itself felt that such a big guy could not really be used for 5 years after announcing his service. It was too unreasonable, so it announced again that the Ford aircraft carrier would be truly incorporated into the active fleet for sea duty next year. But the additional sentence afterward gave the Ford fans around the world a pot of cold water. That is to say, even if the Ford is finally incorporated into the fleet, it will not directly assume actual combat missions. It is equivalent to a display of over 100,000 tons placed there. This is exactly like the rhetoric that used to be used in the northern rural areas seven or eighty years ago, called: stand in front of the stupid man, don’t work, and look good!

And the Ford, which will be incorporated into the fleet next year, is precisely the world’s largest stupid man today! Because so far, there has not been any other single military machine with a tonnage of more than 103,000 tons. In terms of size and size, it is indeed the absolute world number one in the global single weapon system. But this big guy will not be able to take on actual combat tasks until next year. It is purely there for the outside world to see. So why can’t it be used in service after 5 years of service? In fact, the outside world is basically aware of this. But the superpower navy dare not admit this cruel reality. Speaking of the problems of the Ford-class, it is always said that there are always problems with the 7 ammunition elevators in pure electromagnetic mode. In the past few years, it was said that it was not installed in place, but now it is said that it is not easy to use after installation. But the 7 ammunition elevators are essentially just 7 elevators for cargo. If it is really because these 7 elevators cannot be used, the entire Ford-class aircraft carrier cannot enter active service. In the past, one of them was replaced every year, and finally, it took 7 years to replace it.

The superpower navy always talks about the seven ammunition upgrades on the Ford-class aircraft carrier, but it is actually consciously “taking the left and right for him.” Take the not-so-big problems in the secondary system to find reasons. This phenomenon is actually very common in daily contract labor projects. For example, if a contracting team wants to pay, it will definitely leave some non-critical, but must be completed, process tails deliberately not completed, so as to ask the owner for the project payment. For example, deliberately let the water and electricity not be in place, install a few light bulbs, and so on. Once the engineering funds are in place, the remaining small details can be completely installed in a night assault. The current problem with the Ford is equivalent to using a few light bulbs (ammunition elevators) for a long time. But the special thing about the Ford is that other projects are paid in place, and then all the systems are completely completed. However, even if Ford doubles the engineering model, the major technical obstacles that cannot be solved on the aircraft carrier still cannot be solved. That is, although the methods of delaying the construction period seem to be similar, the final result is very different.

The superpower navy may feel embarrassed that after a few years, still use a few electromagnetic elevators to continue to polish foreign workers. So the Ford can only be completely kicked out of the house; let it report to the Navy Pier instead of continuing to mess around in the shipyard. After all, if you continue to mix things up, budget managers are not happy anymore. After all, the problems on the Ford, including all the technical obstacles on the Ford-class under construction, have not been overcome so far. This is not even the problem of the superpower’s navy, but a common problem within all of the superpower’s military-industrial systems 40 years after the de-industrialization of the superpower as a whole. At present, not only is it difficult to produce super aircraft carriers and super nuclear submarines but also the future 6th-generation aircraft of its air force are not eye-catching. This is what Langshan has repeatedly emphasized in the past. At present, the superpower no longer has the strength in technology and engineering management and then organizes the development and production of any large and systematic military projects. If you still don’t believe this, you can think about the superpowers in the past 20 years, what brand-new, global, and new big projects have been unveiled?

To be honest, there is no such new project! All active systems are based on the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of the Cold War era. Taking a step back, even if you don’t develop a new system, just re-engrave the technology of B2 or Saturn 5, you can’t complete it! This is especially true in the construction of aircraft carriers. Needless to say, the final completion of all Ford grades, even if it were to reproduce the steam catapult version of the Nimitz grade or even the Kitty Hawk grade, would not be possible. Because even the production line for high-pressure boilers no longer exists. Someone once suggested that the superpower navy should stop blindly launching giant aircraft carriers in the future, but mass-produce 40,000-ton-class 30-knot, gas-turbine-driven medium-sized aircraft carriers, equipped with F35B to solve the problem, instead of using the slow Wasp-class. The two attacked with the American aircraft to force a cameo on the medium-sized aircraft carrier. The superpower navy knows that this kind of proposal is the most feasible and the easiest to achieve and continues to maintain the best plan for actual combat capabilities, but it will never follow it! Just because in the future there will be another big country equipped with 100,000-ton or even larger electromagnetic ejection large plates. Under this major premise, no matter how many new 40,000-ton aircraft carriers are built, it is only a shame!